A New City.

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  1. Lilia's a girl with everything. a great family of three. shes an only child in a rich family. she has everything she wants and more. her hair brown with blonde highlights to the back of her knees.

    shes tall about 5.9 and beautiful with flawless pale skin that makes her beauty glow even more. at 17 you'd think shed be happy. just moving to Rome, Italy in the city of Riano she doesn't have much of a life. she doesn't hang out with anyone much and if she does shes the quiet one. today she wakes up to a new life.
    "honey!!!" my name being called is not what i wanted to wake up to in a new town. i sigh and slowly move out of my bed. "yes mom?" as i yell my reply i walk over to my mirror. my hairs a mess and i past out in my clothes last night. the move was long and hard and we got in around 3 last night. "ughh.." i never wanna move again. "honey come down stairs me and your father have something for you as a coming home gift." coming home gift? this isn't my home. back in Rehoboth was my old home. back with Richard, Cody and Tara, Sarah and all my friends.
    *sigh*..... hold on I'm gonna get dressed OK?" i take nothing as an OK and go to get dressed. walking over to my dresser and opening it i pull out a black low collar shirt. in the bottom draw are my fave part of jeans i think look amazing on me. changing my clothes i walk over now to my jewelry box. i stare at the neck-less my lover back home gave to me before i left. sighing i put it on along with my daringly black cross earrings. doing my hair face i just through it up in a bun and did my makeup. eye-liner, mascara, lip-gloss and cover up.
    "honey does it really take 30 minutes to get dressed come on!!" i groan. "OK OK i'm coming" throw the hall way and down the stairs suddenly i hear whimpering and i cant believe my eyes when i see my mom and dog with a puppy.
    download.jpg download (1).jpg
    (bear the puppy and Sammy the mommy)

    The puppy runs right up to me whimpering and jumps up licking anything he could. i smiled and laughed petting him. "what is this the neighbors dog?" the smiled and some how i knew that this wont be the last time i see this puppy. "you wanna name him?" i looked into the puppies eyes and something screamed "bear.... i think ill name him bear.. " i smiled to myself. "I'm going to take him for a walk around k?" i asked already at the door. dad handed me a leash and some treats and bear barked. "maybe he can start training today hmm?" i smiled and hugged him. "ya come on bear" and i walked out the front door.
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