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  1. Welcome one and all to a place of wonder. Fairy tales brought to life though slightly altered. Please be sure to read everything and be careful, I saw a unicorn fly through, it caused a traffic jam on Imagination Highway.

    • Things did not go the way they were planned to. For a time it did and things did look well for the land of the Fairy Tales as good had prevailed but it wasn't long until it changed. Evil began to overrule the good that was there causing another uproar.

      Good had won again.

      This time though people wanted to make sure that it stayed that way.The fairies, the ones that showed up for the princesses and other fairy tales had taken it upon themselves to punish the evil doers. How so?
      By placing their newborns in a long slumber until the children themselves were ready to wake up.
      This actions had blurred the lines of good and evil in that moment and in retaliation the evil ones destroyed the fairies and placed a similar spell onto the children of the good as well. Now, no child laid awake and the fairies magic which helped the balance of good was gone...

      Or so we thought...

      You are a child of the original fairy tales characters and you wake up to a world that you are unfamiliar with. After being asleep for so long you stumble around for a bit trying to find what is going on. You run into your parents or whoever is around you who helps you by explaining the world around them and how it is their turn to make a story for themselves. Though the only difference is that the magic that the fairies had to help along the characters are now gone as the bi and the whisking of wands has died with them... Well there is a fairy or two left, but they're just as new to the world. So with this new information and a clean slate, you set out to make your own story. How will it happen? Are you good or evil? Who will you fall in love with if you need love at all? Time to make your own story.

      • I am the GM, my Co-Gm is @Lady Lion What we say goes
      • Please, for this rp, USE REAL PICTURES.
      • Under no circumstances are you allowed to post without a GM accepting your character. We have to make sure that each character is up to code.
      • Please be kind to all your other rp friends, be sure to not exclude anyone we don't want people feeling attacked or threatened by other.
      • There is a 3 character limit.
      • Please make ALL your character sheets on a different post.
      • Have fun~

    • Evil:
      Though it says evil doesn't necessarily mean that the kids themselves are.

      Evil Queen
      Daughter 1: @ApelsinYaoi
      She is the only daughter of the Queen.
      Son 1: @MarilynFae
      The eldest of the two children.

      Daughter 1:
      Twin 1: @Kakao
      Twin 2: @Lady Lion
      Son 1:

      Son: @Thingtastic

      Daughter: @Princess Poisoned Rose
      Kind of the forgotten child.

      Captain Hook
      Son: @Yuomi

      Big Bad Wolf
      Daughter 1: @Pasiphae
      Son 1:
      Daughter 2: @Kythera
      Son 2:

      Son 1: @ApelsinYaoi
      Daughter 1: @~Happily.Ever.After~
      Son 2:

      Lefou (Gaston's sidekick)
      Son 1:
      Daughter 1:

      Daughter 1: @Shayla
      Daughter 2:

      Witch (from Rapunzel)

      It might say good but it doesn't mean that the children would be.

      Snow White
      Daughter: @~Happily.Ever.After~

      Twin 1:
      Twin 2: @Pasiphae

      Son 1:
      Daughter 1: @Lady Lion

      Daughter1: @Lady Lion
      Daughter2: @MarilynFae

      Peter Pan/Wendy (based off Hook)
      Daughter 1: @Stargazer
      Son 1: @Kakao

      Red Riding Hood

      Miller's Daughter (Queen from Rumpelstiltskin)
      Daughter 1: @MarilynFae
      Daughter 2:

      Son 1: @Shayla
      Son 2:

      Daughter: @Yuomi

      Twin 1: @Yuomi
      Twin 2:

      Robin Hood/Maid Marion
      Daughter 1: @~Happily.Ever.After~
      Son 1: @Thingtastic

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