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  1. While this is an OOC thread this will also be a thread about some information on the rp, updates, and locations.
    *EDIT: The connections are not say all, do all. They are just there to open pathways in the rp between the fairytales in a world that almost anything can happen. These are here to help build some stability in the rp, these do not have to be followed through. If you want you're character to fall in love with someone else, then by all means spread your love all over the place.

    • Fun ways to make characters interact. You can do as you like as long as you keep these in mind even love whoever

      • Ursula's daughter and Jafar's son are engaged.
      • Wolf's Son 1 is saved from a trap by Aladdin's and Jasmine's daughter, who brought him home with her.
      • Jafar's Son is in a secret relationship with Aurora's boy twin.
      • Ariel's daughter 1 was captured by Captain Hook's son.
      • Cinderella's daughter and LeFou's son start a drag cabaret show together.
      • Rumpelstiltskin's Son 1 is just like his father, maybe worse, he is what modern day would call a loan shark and he has his eyes set on Red Riding Hood's son.
      • Snow White's daughter is engaged to Belle's Son 1. Yet, Belle's Son 1 is in love with Wolf's daughter 1.
      • Wolf's Son 2 tries to be like dad and has grown into the habit of terrorizing small woodland creatures and humans.
      • Wolf's Daughter 1 and 2 opened up a store that sells fur.
      • Belle's Son 2 is cursed to turn into a woman at night by the Witch's Niece.
      • Aladdin's Son is about to go to war with Evil Queen's Son.
      • Rumpelstiltskin's daughter 1 is trying to find out who her mother is.
      • Red Riding Hood Son is common unwilling recurrence in the drag show.
      • Witch's Son has a thing for Rumpelstiltskin's daughter.
      • Ursula's Son tries to win his mother's approval by trying to destroy a kingdom.
      • Both of Maleficent's twins are amazing drag stars.
      • Maleficent's Son 1 is in love with Cinderella's daughter.
      • Both Miller's Daughters are cousins with Rapunzel's twins.
      • Maleficent's daughter wants to steal power from Neverland so she is nice to Peter Pan's Son and Daughter.
      • Evil Queen's daughter is enemies with Aurora's daughter.
      • Rumpelstiltskin Son 2 has a thing for Drizella's Daughter 1.
      • LeFou's Daughter and Drizella's Daughter 2 are a renown group of criminals together, some people say that they are more than just a group though.
      • Robin Hood's daughter is being pursued by Ursula's son and Aladdin's son.
      • Robin Hood's Son tried to be like his father but it doesn't work out so well.
      • Aurora's Twin Girl finds out about Belle's Son 2's secret and is intrusted to not tell anyone about it, though she holds that secret over him to get him to do her bidding.
      • Evil Queen's Son is traveling around the world while he does so, he does good deeds for the people of his kingdom.
      • The Miller's daughter is a strong and most needed hunter in her village, making her the first people to go to when they need help for food.

    • If you have a place or want a connection let me know what it is and I'll add it

        • Dark Forest 1|2 - Spooky and dangerous. Beware and ente at your own risk
        • Ocean/Beach 1|2|3 - Beautiful blue oceans. It's clear off pollutants so keep it that way lest you face Triton's wrath
        • Avalon Rising 1|2|3 - The Bustling City of Fairy Tale Land. Where these people have come to live. It is neutral ground for all kingdoms. It's pretty big and separates off into different climates at it's outskirts
        • Desert 1 - Dry and of course sandy. Bring lots of water
        • Dahi 1 - Nomadic camp. Moves every few months
        • Exchange Equivalent[Tavern and Playhouse] 1|2|3 - Baelfire's place of business. He uses the VIP room upstairs allowing to use the downstairs for their drag shows and so on

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