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  1. I prefer subs because some terms and expressions can't be expressed in dubs and the intonation and tone is usually the best in subs.
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    ZETSUBOSHITA!! New beginnings has driven me to despair!!
  3. The Phoenix League rules are up for debate if you plan to discuss or vote on a rule, please create a thread with the acronym PLP somewhere in its title so that other league moderators and I know what it is. Ensure your post has a valid reason for wanting a particular rule disbanded or adjusted. You must also have a considerable amount of people vote for you (this is in proportion to the group if we're 100 people, and 60 people vote yes then that would be a considerable amount), before posting polls, questions, or anything along those lines please to be sure you've read this all.

    League Rules & Data (open)

    • All people who plan on entering the league must register at least 12 Pokemon before being allowed to participate. If you choose to change your registered Pokemon a penalty will be given, depending on how heavily it's edited depends on the penalty. It will vary though from having gym badges taken away, or having to fight the gym leader twice before being allowed to earn the badge. So choose wisely! Gym leaders and Elite 4 will have a three-strike penalty for this if they change their team three times they have to battle the champion to reclaim their spot or it's up for grabs.
    • There is a 2 SE STABMON clause. You can't walk into the bug gym with an army of fire behind you. Doing would be an auto loss for you. Players who wish to do a Monotype run would have to speak to a group moderator/owner or the champion.
    • Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and The Champion are not allowed to watch battles between the challenger and the respective participant unless they have already battled them.
    • You must have at least eight badges from eight gyms before you're allowed to challenge the Elite Four
    • Forging badges will result in a permanent ban from the Phoenix League and your name added to the black list.
    • Elite Four is permitted one legendary with a BST of 600 and below.
    • Gym leaders will be allowed three custom rules (within reason), you must follow their rules. Custom rules must be put up BEFORE a battle, if you, for example, are a fighting type gym leader, and they bring a team of ghost type Pokemon you may NOT suddenly add a rule against the typing. Rules must be approved by Champion/Group moderators.
    • Because our league has a gym leader for each typing, the Elite four function a little differently. Our E4 battle with a 'themed' team, for example, Wheather teams, Sound team, Mythology, etc. You must justify WHY you've chosen the Pokemon you did for your team. The ban list is still in place.
    Bans (open)

    • Arceus
    • Darkrai
    • Deoxys
    • Rayquza
    • Groudon
    • Kyogre
    • Dialga
    • Palkia
    • Giratina
    • Genesect
    • Reshiram
    • Zekrom
    • Kyurem
    • Ho-oh
    • Lugia
    • Xerneas
    • Yveltal
    • Shaymin-sky
    • Volcanion
    • Victini
    • Heatran

    Titles with a '*' beside them are free!
    Titles with a '+' beside them are for people who are holding the spot and are waiting to be tested!
    • OPEN
    • [​IMG]
      Gym Leader: @Vivian (Camilla Ambis)
      Showdown Name: Camilla Ambis
      Registered Pokemon:

      • Umbreon
      • Weavile
      • Tyranitar
      • Honchkrow
      • Zoroark
      • Liepard
      • Greninja
      • Crawdaunt
      • Spritomb
      • Sablye
      • Hydreigon
      • Scrafty

      Signature Pokemon: Umbreon

      Badge: Sinister Badge

      Custom Rules: N/A

      Gym Location: The Noxus gym is located within Noxcus town, the town itself has a bit of a dreary appearance, hardly ever getting enough sunlight and is overrun by forest along with dark and ghost type Pokemon, but that's not all. The town is surrounded by thick forests that house bug and grass type Pokemon as well, they tend to be more aggressive towards newcomers but are gentle with the townsfolk, especially the children. Despite the haunted appearance the town gives off, it's very peaceful. Not far from the town is a graveyard for deceased Pokemon. Camilla, the town's gym leader, is often seen there.

      Battle Theme: 【鏡音リン】 ソレイユ -Soleil- 【オリジナル曲】中文字幕

      Win/Loss: 0/0

      Honorable Victors:

      Honorable Mentions:

    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN

    • [​IMG]
      Gym Leader: @Neko_Green (Lyra Soul)
      Registered Pokemon:
      Signature Pokemon: Meganium
      Custom Rules:
      1) 3 v 3 warmup match is required before the real match.
      2) If the challenger won the match , they will receive the Grove Badge.

      Gym Location: Semiatha City is a small port town in a remote part of the Pheonix Region. Many live there despite its hostile area nestled between the overgrown mangrove and a jungle. Lyra moved here after Team Rocket made Johto a dangerous place to live. She helped clear the mangrove and to make a move with her grass type Pokemon. The town praised her and she became the gym leader.
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • [​IMG]
      Name: @Kiwi (Assistant Prof. Petra a.k.a "The Fossil Fanatic)

      Showdown Name:

      Registered Pokemon:
      • Tyrantrum
      • Aerodactyl
      • Cradily
      • Crustle
      • Sudowoodo
      • Shuckle
      • Carbink
      • Pupitar

      Custom Rules:
      1. Classic 3 vs. 3 battle.
      2. A rock terrain is used during battle.

      Do you have a Signature Pokemon:

      Name of the badge:
      The Quarry Badge

      What will you call the town your gym is located in:
      The gym is located in a town called Shaleson City, an industrial city located by many rock quarries. Many ancient fossils have been found in this area, drawing archaeologists and scientists alike to the area. Petra became the new gym leader after the old gym leader stepped down. Seeing her love for fossils, he thought she would be a great fit.
    • Showdown Name:

      Character Name:
      King Mordred, Emperor of the Entire World (A.K.A @Crow)

      Registered Pokemon:

      Custom Rules:

      No copying-based moves or abilities! Mimicry is not flattery, it is foolish! Impostors will be executed!
      Singing and Dancing? This is no ballroom! The only dance I am entertained by is SWORDS DANCE!

      Remember, I am King Mordred, Ruler of the Entire World! My word is law!

      Signature Pokemon:

      Gym Location:
      The Red Spot nearest to Trau Trau's town.
      This little baby is very medieval and has been cut off from the rest of the outside world for eons. You know, communism!
      The Gym is a giant castle.

    • Due to the previous gym leader leaving you do not need to fill out the town if you are applying to be the water type gym leader!
      Aquaviel Town

      Aquaviel Town is a port town on an island. Bustling with trade, many people come here to sell and exchange their goods. Some come to Aquaviel seeking to catch a boat ride to other areas of the region. Others come for the gym, which is housed in a large, circular building built off the coast of the town. There's no roof, to allow for rainfall. In the center is a large body of water littered with small platforms, where battles take place.

    • Theme: Mountains

      Showdown Name: snoopy3000

      Registered Pokemon:

      Custom Rules:
      1.- No legendaries

      2.- 6vs6 battle

      Signature Pokemon:
    • [​IMG]
      Gym Leaders: @Gula Gula (Aqua & Marine)

      Showdown Name:Gula Gula


      Custom Rules:
      1. A 3 v 3 warm up match is required before the official match. Should the challenger win the warm up match, they will be permitted to choose between a single or double official match.

      2. Due to the room's interior being primarily water, with small platforms littered throughout, only flying Pokémon, swimming Pokémon, those capable of levitating, and those weighing under 450 lbs (204 kg) are eligible for battle. (Reference for size: List of Pokémon by weight - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)

      Battle Theme: Etrain Odyssey V - The Ending of Raging Waves
    • OPEN
    • OPEN

    Gym Type you're applying for:
    Showdown Name:
    Registered Pokemon:
    Custom Rules:
    Do you have a Signature Pokemon:
    What will you call the town your gym is located in? Please provide a description of the geography and location:
  5. "Not at the moment, but I but I will think of one."
  6. *Brings in the angry mob*
  7. "She'll come around." He tickled the child as he followed Kunari out.
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  9. (Original Poster: Quiet One)

    AUGUST 14, 2016

    The homeless problem in England was small. Not too many bums in Great Britain. Wouldn't be great if they did. But that wasn't to say they didn't exist. They just knew how to keep their distance. Parking garages were cozy, dark, and spacious enough for sleeping. Alleyways behind restaurants were like an all you can eat buffet - though you had to get used to the idea someone else had bitten into your meal first. And there were whole streets that went completely unused by the masses - a narrow leftover from the days of carriages, where these were side streets to walk without getting horse manure on your shoes. Of course, one still needed to keep an umbrella in case of the errant chamber pot, but no more. There homeless life was...well, not good. Better than was previously thought possible, at least. Stolen cable and WiFi from the comparatively rich neighbors, better clothes, some thrown out couches and slightly moldy mattresses for beds.

    Jewel Thornton yawned and stretched as she awoke. She heard a crack and felt a sudden shift that startled her to be fully alert. The tall, frizzle-topped brunette looked at the back of the couch and saw that the back was broken, bumping against the brick siding. The sudden shift in weight had been caused by the fabric underneath her to tear away upon her regaining consciousness.

    At least that was all. She had little to be grateful for in her life, but Jewel was at least lucky that her curse turned off when she was asleep. Now that she was up, though, it did what it did every morning: ruined her life.

    The newspapers Jewel used as bedding shredded as she pulled her butt free from the hungry couch and stood up. The soles of her shoes flapped with each step, the air tickling her feet. She shrugged her hoodie with her hands and tore a sleeve. She sighed.

    "Breakfast first," she told herself. "Then take care of the wardrobe problem."

    She ducked around a corner and ended up in the city proper. She stepped onto Marylebone Street. There were a couple cafes. Not many out and about this early, but it was summer, so the outside seating was popular. Jewel walked around casually, but would stop and grab a half finished scone or a few muffin crumbs along the way. She had to eat fast so the food didn't disintegrate on her, and she always thought it made her look like a gorging pig, rather than a starving child. She left most unfinished drinks alone, experience telling her that her and glass containers were a bad mix.

    While there Jewel did something else she wasn't proud of; with every spot that had a finished breakfast, not only did she take what was left of the food, but she would steal the change left as a tip. Strictly the change, as money would tear, or the ink would run, or with her luck it may even decide to spontaneously catch fire. That hadn't happened yet, but she wasn't ruling it out. But metal was tough. Jewel came to like things of metal and stone. They eventually broke down too, but they could stand her dangerous touch for a reasonable time. After a while she found herself near the clothing stores. The list of things she needed was endless, but Jewel had to stop herself in front of a mannequin display. Or rather, her reflection stopped her.

    At 5'8", she should weigh more than the barely hundred pounds she was sure she registered as. Her pants were struggling to stay up, the rope tied around her waist minutes from giving up the ghost. Her hoodie was similarly about to fall apart, and there were holes in her shoes. Her hair had always been unmanageable, but now it frayed out everywhere. She had an unhealthy paleness to her from getting the absolute minimum needed to survive. Her eyes had dark circles, showing to all the world the trouble she had sleeping.

    She looked at the change she had amassed. Maybe enough to buy a pair of sunglasses. She looked back at her reflection.

    "I hate you," she said. She raised her balled up fists. "I HATE YOU!"

    She hit her fists at the glass and the entire sheet shattered and came crashing down. She looked around as the noise was starting to attract attention. Thinking fast, she grabbed the nearest clothed mannequin and rushed down an alleyway, footprint-shaped craters dotting the asphalt as she ran.
  10. *Cheers from the assembling angry mob*

  11. "At least I told him why he was and how to be better."
  13. "Some are purer than others."
  15. Clan notifications seem a bit wonky, didn't get a notice for Pen's reply x.x

    Anyways, that idea is really good! My only small critique-- which is more opinion honestly-- is that she wouldn't have to be slender to be elegant, just look at Rose Quartz. And since quartz are designed to be soldiers it would make since for her to be big. Unless she's maybe a special type of soldier designed for speed? I dunno, it's just my two cents, I do like your idea and obviously you're free to do what you want regardless of cannon because this is meant to be fun. Also moss agate is such a pretty stone, and you could play with the moss patterning on her skin or clothing.

    And Recently, that idea is really neat. I'm picturing a broad but short little gem and just, <3. Titanium Quartz would also make for a reeeally cool color scheme.