A new beginning....yet again...

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  1. I prefer subs because some terms and expressions can't be expressed in dubs and the intonation and tone is usually the best in subs.
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    ZETSUBOSHITA!! New beginnings has driven me to despair!!


  4. Oh yeah, that was real... Nito >.> though that stupid fall damage you inevitably take at the start? Not so much xD
  5. Megane, now'd be a good idea to run, before the angry mob appears.

    And on that note, BRING ON THE ANGRY MOB!!
  6. Go find something to do then.
  7. *Starts handing out pitchforks, shovels, torches and molotov cocktails to the mob.*

    Getcher Angry Mob arsenal here!
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    AUGUST 14, 2016

    The homeless problem in England was small. Not too many bums in Great Britain. Wouldn't be great if they did. But that wasn't to say they didn't exist. They just knew how to keep their distance. Parking garages were cozy, dark, and spacious enough for sleeping. Alleyways behind restaurants were like an all you can eat buffet - though you had to get used to the idea someone else had bitten into your meal first. And there were whole streets that went completely unused by the masses - a narrow leftover from the days of carriages, where these were side streets to walk without getting horse manure on your shoes. Of course, one still needed to keep an umbrella in case of the errant chamber pot, but no more. There homeless life was...well, not good. Better than was previously thought possible, at least. Stolen cable and WiFi from the comparatively rich neighbors, better clothes, some thrown out couches and slightly moldy mattresses for beds.

    Jewel Thornton yawned and stretched as she awoke. She heard a crack and felt a sudden shift that startled her to be fully alert. The tall, frizzle-topped brunette looked at the back of the couch and saw that the back was broken, bumping against the brick siding. The sudden shift in weight had been caused by the fabric underneath her to tear away upon her regaining consciousness.

    At least that was all. She had little to be grateful for in her life, but Jewel was at least lucky that her curse turned off when she was asleep. Now that she was up, though, it did what it did every morning: ruined her life.

    The newspapers Jewel used as bedding shredded as she pulled her butt free from the hungry couch and stood up. The soles of her shoes flapped with each step, the air tickling her feet. She shrugged her hoodie with her hands and tore a sleeve. She sighed.

    "Breakfast first," she told herself. "Then take care of the wardrobe problem."

    She ducked around a corner and ended up in the city proper. She stepped onto Marylebone Street. There were a couple cafes. Not many out and about this early, but it was summer, so the outside seating was popular. Jewel walked around casually, but would stop and grab a half finished scone or a few muffin crumbs along the way. She had to eat fast so the food didn't disintegrate on her, and she always thought it made her look like a gorging pig, rather than a starving child. She left most unfinished drinks alone, experience telling her that her and glass containers were a bad mix.

    While there Jewel did something else she wasn't proud of; with every spot that had a finished breakfast, not only did she take what was left of the food, but she would steal the change left as a tip. Strictly the change, as money would tear, or the ink would run, or with her luck it may even decide to spontaneously catch fire. That hadn't happened yet, but she wasn't ruling it out. But metal was tough. Jewel came to like things of metal and stone. They eventually broke down too, but they could stand her dangerous touch for a reasonable time. After a while she found herself near the clothing stores. The list of things she needed was endless, but Jewel had to stop herself in front of a mannequin display. Or rather, her reflection stopped her.

    At 5'8", she should weigh more than the barely hundred pounds she was sure she registered as. Her pants were struggling to stay up, the rope tied around her waist minutes from giving up the ghost. Her hoodie was similarly about to fall apart, and there were holes in her shoes. Her hair had always been unmanageable, but now it frayed out everywhere. She had an unhealthy paleness to her from getting the absolute minimum needed to survive. Her eyes had dark circles, showing to all the world the trouble she had sleeping.

    She looked at the change she had amassed. Maybe enough to buy a pair of sunglasses. She looked back at her reflection.

    "I hate you," she said. She raised her balled up fists. "I HATE YOU!"

    She hit her fists at the glass and the entire sheet shattered and came crashing down. She looked around as the noise was starting to attract attention. Thinking fast, she grabbed the nearest clothed mannequin and rushed down an alleyway, footprint-shaped craters dotting the asphalt as she ran.
  10. *Cheers from the assembling angry mob*

  13. Oh, you dirty, dirty whore.
  15. Clan notifications seem a bit wonky, didn't get a notice for Pen's reply x.x

    Anyways, that idea is really good! My only small critique-- which is more opinion honestly-- is that she wouldn't have to be slender to be elegant, just look at Rose Quartz. And since quartz are designed to be soldiers it would make since for her to be big. Unless she's maybe a special type of soldier designed for speed? I dunno, it's just my two cents, I do like your idea and obviously you're free to do what you want regardless of cannon because this is meant to be fun. Also moss agate is such a pretty stone, and you could play with the moss patterning on her skin or clothing.

    And Recently, that idea is really neat. I'm picturing a broad but short little gem and just, <3. Titanium Quartz would also make for a reeeally cool color scheme.