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  1. Ever wished you could change youre future by pretending you were someone else? Well you cant without going through illegal activities. Then again im technically dead. Im Jason Todd and i used to be Robin. Yes Batmans sidekick. Until the Joker killed me. Raj Alghul took my body and placed me in the Lazarus pit and brought me back to life. For 6 years i trained under the League Of Shadows. In the last two years ive regained Batmans and Nightwings trust and now instead of operating as a killer warlord by the name of RedHood i operate as Red X. I dont kill but i like beating the shit outta people.
    Now why we are all here, im in need of my own team, of heros who exist but want a new name a fresh start as a new hero. That simply need a new Alias.

    (This is a story of a group of ex sidekicks and other things. Your charcter must already exist but want a new suit , name , and be darker, not mind getting things done Jasons way. )
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  2. Terra was a traitor to the titans and slades sidekick. After Slade disappeared she wandered the world as an assassin. Eventually being thrown into the pit. After climbing to her way out she found raj alghul and trained in the league of shadows. When Jason left she followed him knowing what he was doing. She changed her name from Terra to the assassin known as calamity. And now to her new hero name nova
  3. Slink wandered New York absently. There wasn't much going on now adays and Tony, aka Ironman, or Steve, Captain America, would handle anything that came up.
    Slink was their side kick and was now left with the grunt work, so not cool.
    Her phone buzzed in her pocket as mint green eyes peered at the screen. Tony wanted a latte and Steve was feinding for a burger. Yup, this was the life she had going after Loki and the Chitauri were taken down. New York had bounced back from the damage rather quickly afterwards to Slink's surprise.
    She heaved a heavy sigh as she locked her phone and headed off to grab their lunch. Thirty minutes later and the girl was walking through the halls of Stark Tower. The two men were in the living room as the teen set the orders on the coffee table that Tony had his feet so elegantly perched on.
    "Here." She grumbled, falling into place beside Steve, easily dwarfed by the larger man.
    Her words were ignored as Tony continued on about whatever he was talking about.
    "Have you seen this Red X guy? Crazy right. And he works with that girl Nova." This caught Slink's attention. Tony didn't really speak about much other than himself and maybe something about the Avengers here and there.
    "Oh yeah! They were on the news the other day!" Steve interjected. Slink kept her eyes on her phone as she searched up the names, ears listening intently to the conversation going on around her. Images of the two, candid of course, filled her screen as her search loaded. "...Red X and Nova huh...."
  4. Mindy McCready was almost a hundred percent done with being Hit Girl. Ever since her father died, everyone has treated her like a child! She wanted to be someone else. She didn't want to be Mindy or Hit Girl. One day she approached Jason, grabbed him by the collar and demanded "Make me someone different."
  5. Rose Wilson didn't fit in with the Teen Titans. And she didn't want to stay with her dad which is Deathstroke also know as Slade Wilson, but it was in her blood to be an assassin. Though she knew she could try and be a little different. To do things that would work for her. Things that didn't matter if it was be the good guy who doesn't always kill or be the villain master minds sidekick.

    I want to be good but not completely miss goody two shoes. I had already decided on a name for myself. And that is Phantom. I wear an eye patch on my missing eye which is my left eye. Thanks a lot dad. And a black suit with a black cloak. Which helps hides me in the shadows. Then I over heard one day that Jason who had become Red-X. Wanted a team of his own.

    She had decided to find him. Then when Rose finally had found him she waited for an opportunity to approach itself.
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