A New Age Dawns…

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  1. She was the first there, the gathering had yet to begin. Her heart raced and she had to whip her sweaty palms on the blanket in which she sat. the clearing in the cave was vast and extended for what seemed miles long in either direction. There were two entrances, one from the side and one from what she thought was the front. The front was narrow and small enough to allow a dwarf inside, the side one was larger, enough to let a full sized large man, or even a small giant. It was the side entrance that made her nervous. She’d been assured this meeting was going to be private, that only the ones opposed to the Dark Mage new about it. There was a huge gamble in doing this, before they’d just sent messages from secret places around the forests, woods, plains, deserts, and many others to inform on the Dark Mage’s movements.

    This was not her first battle plan but during others she’d normally been in the healing party, only given the information that was needed to do her job. One of the defining marks of a healer was what they wore, unlike the others she’d always stood. Not quite dressed as a healer but not as a warrior either, she was always somewhere in the middle. Currently she was wearing a green leather formfitting long-sleeved tunic that complemented her deep green eyes. Black leggings and black buckle boots completed her ensemble. Her green shirt was one of her better shirts given to her by her father before he had passed. Her chocolate brown hair hung down to the middle of her back completely unhindered by anything. There was a single braid down the right side of her face the end tied with a green leather tie, she’d braided it to remember her fallen father and brethren

    As she sat with her back to the cave wall in between the two entrances she looked through her stuff and made a mental checklist of what she had and what she possibly would need. Her experience when it came to this sort of thing was good, she knew what she would need and took the time to make sure she had it and that she would be prepared for anything. After a few moments of checking she took an assessment of her clothing. She had the necklace from her father on, along with the corresponding one from her mother. The Necklaces held a red stone on a silver chain one was a circle with a dangling smaller red stone and the other a longer one that reached the neckline of her shirt with an oval red stone.

    Satisfied she put everything back and leaned against the hard, cold stone. This was one of the hardest parts for her, the waiting game. If someone didn’t come soon she might go stir crazy, what good would she be then. Letting out a sigh she looked up and pulled her knees up to her chest, resting her head on the tops of her knees. Closing her eyes she let the surroundings calm her nerves till she was almost completely relaxed. She would give them a little longer, just a little before heading out to look for them.


    He danced in the woods, running as fast as he could chasing his foxfire though he controlled it. To him it was like chasing his tails apparently it didn’t matter because he was fun. In his fox form he was a beautiful white two tailed fox creature, the only thing that stood out from his white fur was a red mark on his forehead, he had no idea what it meant but he was sure it was something important. The mark was of two red lines, almost like they circled around each other but not quite, more like they were thinner at the ends then got a little thicker closer together, hugging practically. Honestly didn’t know, that’s what he was told once but he never could figure out a better explanation for what it looked like so he just went with what the person told him.

    Earlier that day he’d led someone astray, it amused him how confused that being was till he learned it was a demon. By that time the thing had tried to attack him but he’d already vanished into the wooded areas. Now he was hungry, not only from getting away from the demon but from running in general. For the longest time he wondered why he even bothered to look human, it was taxing and most of the time drove him crazy. Pausing near a giant sycamore tree he began to suck the energy from it, leaving it to wither and die quicker than normal.

    Full up he began to change into human form and dusted off his outfit. In his human form he wore black leggings, no shoes of any kind, a long sleeved white cloth jerkin that went down to his knees, that had a single buckle on his shoulder. It was his favorite outfit and he rarely if ever got it dirty. He had a little over shoulder length light brown hair, extremely pale skin that pretty much matched his white fur when in fox form, delicate features, and miss matched eyes. The color of his left eye was a brilliant color blue while his right eye was a beautiful golden. Among his people he was an outsider, someone to avoid if at all possible.

    The memories came back in such a rush he was unable to hold off the tide. It was frustrating and he was irritated at his inability to keep the memories at bay. He let out a sigh and eventually let it all go. He had been about to run off again when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. It was a bird that would be fun to chase. This time he stayed in his human form as he bounded after the bird in an attempt to catch it.
  2. Gerard silently walked through the woods, the vast life like trees and grass calmed himself as if he wasin a new land himself. He leaned against the hollow tree as if not to make a single sound. Peering off to his left he heard a noise but of what he didn't know. He waited silently until he was positive the noise was off into another direction.

    Once the noise was gone he moved himself from the tree and fixed his brown bag across his body. Sighing he ran his hands through his short hair and he walked about to he reached the tall view he always visited. When he looked down he spotted a male figure chasing a bird about as if he was a playful kid. He was intruged and slid into the opeing of a small pit he had once made, it hung in mid air from the ground. Watching quietly from abouve he reached for his small blade that was in the knit of the tree when a twig snaped and he froze.
  3. Laughing he’d almost caught up to the bird a few times, if only he could get a little closer. Bending low in a crouching pounce position he leapt up and missed the thing by a few inches. His feet made a silent thump when he hit the ground laughing like crazy. He was about to chase after it, when a noise caught his attention and he froze. Blue and gold eyes danced around the woods searching for the origin of the noise. Tilting his head to the side he sighed and turned his attention back to the bird which was now completely gone. “Curses.” He muttered and turned to walk away when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. The thing was watching him. Smiling like a child he bounded off again, this time to see who it was that had scared his prey away.


    She’d given up trying to sit down and was now pacing the cave from one end to the other. The time allotted for her to go out searching was drawing to a close. Her fear in looking for the others was their likely hood to be caught before the meeting even started. It was foolish of her to think like that they’d pretty much be in the same boat once they started their quest. Arms folded across her chest she’d made up her mind to start searching. Dousing the flames of the fire she’d started she put up wards over her things so no animals or anyone would be able to steal them without her knowledge or getting hurt.

    Slipping from the front entrance she squeezed and somehow managed to get through. Normally she would have tried for the side entrance but she wanted to give them a little longer to get there, rather than running the risk of bumping into them and making herself seem foolish. Once she was free of the cave she stretched and smiled. The woods always made her feel at home and despite her insecurities about her elven heritage she knew at least she belonged in the woods.
  4. He watched closley and stood still as frozen as a statue. Moving ever so slightly he gripped the blade that he was reaching for not once taking his eyes off the male. He leaned his body backward until he selt the hard dirt and tree behind him. Gerard closed his eyes and let out a silent breath counting in his head before he leaped out his pit and over the ditch.

    Sprinting off he stopped to catch his breath looking around for a moment to get himself comfortable with the sourroundings. He leaned behind a tall dark tree and opened his bag and rumaged through his materials until he found a small veil. Clutching it in his hands he peeked out from behind the tree inly momentarially then he leaned back and waited.
  5. A shadow passed over his head as he ran but the moment he heard the thump of someone or something land he paused and tilted his head to the side. Smiling wide he ran off after whatever it was before stopping again. Maybe chasing the thing in this form wasn’t the greatest idea. It would be better if he were lower to the ground, perhaps then he might be able to sneak up on whatever it was he’d seen. Changing to fox form he crouched low and listened, his ears twitching to catch any form of sound other than what he knew to be part of this forest.

    Sniffing the air he went to the right and appeared to be heading in a different direction from where the thing was. It was his trick to see if the being would be fooled. Smiling as he ran he went up to a tree and took a bit of a rest, not that he needed it. Something caught his eye and he noticed the bird from before. He was extremely tempted to just chase after it again but he really wanted to know what had caused it to run away in the first place. Crouching again he bounded off, keeping as low to the ground as he could, till he caught the things sent.

    It was not from around there that was for sure. Heading toward the tall tree he was sure the thing was hiding behind, he crept up behind the being, from what he could tell possible elf, and sat down behind him. The possible elf was male, that much he could tell and he tilted his head to the side, wondering what that vial in his hand was for. Slowly moving forward he stuck his nose out and began to sniff at it, without getting to close. He wanted to know what it was he didn’t want to be hit with it in case it was dangerous.


    She’d been wondering the woods for what seemed like forever when she took a rest next to a tall tree. It wasn’t close to where the two others were but she was at least in view of them, well they could see her at least. Crossing her arms over her chest she began to ideally play with one of her necklaces. Her sharp green eyes scanned the area but she could see no one. Curse her inability to have perfect elven eyesight. She had the features of an elf but not the pointed ears. It was a bit embarrassing and though she could speak the native tongue of her father’s heritage, she felt out of sorts when she spoke it to others.

    It was irrational of her but that was how she felt. She was a bit ashamed of her half blooded existence and she wished there were a spell to change it. Where she came from she was spat on and called many horrid names. It hurt but she kept up a brave front, for her mother’s sake. Sighing she closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of the forest.
  6. He breathed silently looking only infront of him and then slightly to the left side and the right. Gerard was in no rush to move just yet but he knew he would eventually. Leaning his head against the bark he slowly leaned away from the tree but saw nothing. He closed his eyes once more but heard a slight sound. When he looked down only to see a fox sniffing him. He crouched down and patted its head.
  7. Being patted on the head really wasn’t what he expected to happen and quickly pulled back. One paw whipped the top of his head as he smelled half-breed. Not something he came across that often. It was both intriguing and a little irritating. He hadn’t been able to smell what was the contents of the vial. He shook his head a bit before changing into his human form. “What was that for?” Head tilted he remained sitting in the same position he had as a fox. It was a little more awkward but he did not mind in the least, others might think of it as odd but oh well.
  8. Gerard was tooken back at the sudden change in the foxes appearance. Instead he was looking at a male and not only that, he was the same male he was watching earlier. Putting the veil back in his bag and stood up from his crouched positon and looked down at the male curious. He walked around him twice eyeing him like he was a new species. once done he extended his hand in a friendly manner and smiled " Hello sir"
  9. A violet light flitted through the trees of the forest. It's source was a young fairy, fluttering sluggishly with his arms and legs hanging limp beneath him. Tym listed lazily among the lower branches of the trees, floating along without a definite destination. There was only one subject on his mind, it was the only thing that kept the small creature moving.

    "I'm huuungryyyy!" he moaned, gazing through the trees in search of a meal. Suddenly a bird flew past him, apparently fleeing from something. The sprite's eyes lit up and he let out a cheer, he had found his meal at last! Filled once again with his customary energy, the fairy raced off after the bird, twin flames coming to life in his hands. He let out a wordless battle-cry at he hurled the fires in the direction of the bird. The poor creature never stood a chance. For a moment the forest was filled with a flash of light as the unfortunate bird was consumed in magical fire, before the flames faded and the now-cooked corpse fell to the ground. Diving onto the crispy golden carcass, Tym dug in without any hesitation. An oddly wide mouth opened from his face, which was previously featureless aside from his bright glowing eyes. The fairy ate faster than anyone could expect, reducing the bird to a pile of bones in a little over a minute. Where the little creature put all that meat was anyone's guess.

    Hunger satisfied, Tym sat on the ground and leaned back, heaving a contented sigh. This meal would hold him for quite a while. Of course he normally preferred fruit, but who was he to complain when such an opportunity presented itself? The fairy laid back, closing his eyes and dozing off. He was completely oblivious to the fact that he had taken his meal directly in between three strangers. There were far more important things for the fairy to worry about, such as sleeping off that delicious dinner.
  10. After he was circled for awhile the half human extended his hand which the young Kitsune took with a smile. “Hello, my name’s Max Okamoto.” A smile spread across his face as he stood still shaking the strangers hand. What had him let go was a flash of light. The bird he’d chased earlier had been reduced to nothing in a matter of what seemed no time at all. Switching to fox mode he looked up at the half human and grinned, as best he could. He was indicating he intended to have a look. Creeping silently he crouched low and pounced closed to a fairy, fangs bared he growled for a moment then chuckled.

    It was strange to see such a strange little creature, he wondered where it came from and why it was eating meant. Max caught a whiff of something he didn’t like and sniffed whipping his nose with a paw. Changing to human form he looked at the little fairy and said, “hello.” He really hoped that other person had followed him, he didn’t want to seem rude so he looked up toward the half human and waved him over.


    She’d almost given up when she saw a flash of light nearby. Adjusting her eyes she looked closer and saw this fox thing closing in on something. Seeing another by the fox she quickly went behind the tree she was leaning on and studied the actions going on before her. How could she have missed them? She was mentally kicking herself as she leaned heavily against the tree. The bark felt rough through her long sleeves but she was ignoring it because she had to know what was going on before she did anything. Her eyes went from one thing to another taking everything in.

    Soon she was satisfied there were no demons around, she came out from behind the tree and walked cautiously forward till she too was not that far away from what she could clearly see was a fairy. The fox who’d changed into a young man turned to face her and she paused. She had no idea why, perhaps his eyes? Shaking the feeling away she crouched and soon took a seat in the soft grassy area. It was a safe distance away from all three of the things that were before her.
  11. Gerard nodded and then placed his hand back at his side " The names Gerard". He watched as the man took the shape of the fox and chased and pounced to get something. Walking slightky a few steps up he saw what seemed to be a small bug, but the closer you looked it was like a minie human with wings. He stood amazed as he watched the small creature.

    He turned quickly at a faint noise but only to see nothing. He raised his eyebrow suspiciouslly but then turned his head. The forest was the only place of peace to him and all these things were amazing him today. He watched as a figure came from behind the tree ans watched as the female took a seat in the plush grass. Walking over slowly he looked at her.
  12. Just as he was falling into a comfortable sleep, Tym was woken by a large shadowy figure looming over him. Of course the figure wasn't really that large, or even very shadowy, but the poor little fairy really was very sleepy. Badly startled and still a bit drowsy, Tym jumped into the air, immediately taking flight with a cry and blasting off little sparks of arcane energy in every direction. None of them made contact with any of the three people around him, but they did leave small burns on several nearby trees.

    Hiding in the branches of a tree, Tym shouted down in frustrated confusion. "Who are you?! What do you want?! Go away!" It took the little creature a few moments to calm down before he actually saw the three figures clearly. They didn't seem very threatening, but these days you never knew. Tym had always been of the opinion that anyone who woke a sleeping fairy couldn't be good news. Especially if the fairy in question was him.
  13. As the one she’d seen with the fox boy, walked over to her she tensed. Her hand would have moved to the throwing knives at her leg but she realized to late she didn’t have them. Letting her hand fall to her side she looked right back at him. figuring he wasn’t going to speak first she said, “Hello.” A pause before she asked, “ a member of the shadow people?” It was a code word for demons, if he were a resistance fighter like her he would know what she meant if not he would look at her with complete confusion. Boy she hoped he were resistance, he looked like he would be good in a scrap. He looked elven but there was something off, something that felt similar. Could he possibly be like her?


    Laughing at the little fairies quickened flight the boy caught and ate some of the energy that came from the little thing. “Can’t you recognize me?” Max asked easily climbing the tree to sit next to the little fairy. He and the little fairy were practically cousins, in a way. He was different for sure but that didn’t mean the little thing couldn’t recognize what he was. One thing he hoped, the fairy wouldn’t blurt it out, it was a closely guarded secret, at least for him. Sure his kind were known around different areas but that didn’t mean he wanted an irritated fairy to tell the world.
  14. He stood infront of the female and then he looked down at her with no facial expression. After a moment he smiled and then answered. " The names Gerard and nope im not a member of the shadow people". He took a seat next to her and looked at the fox and the farie " The forest is quite nice today dont you think?". Resting his hand on the ground and leaning up he streached.

    The trees swayed slightly and he knew it would rain later on that night or the next day, he wasn't quite sure. The grass was soothing and the smell of the forest was intoxicating. He closed his eyes and took in all the smells and listened to all the sounds. It was amazing on one could become so close with the forest.
  15. By now Tym had had a chance to wake up a bit, and was just beginning to really take notice of his surroundings again. When the person below the tree addressed him, the fairy only blinked twice in response, large eyes opening and closing as he processed this information. Now that it was mentioned, he did feel a bit of magic radiating from the creature below him, similar to his own. Figuring that the larger creature meant no harm, or if he did it wasn't anything a large fire couldn't fix, Tym left his leafy hiding spot and floated back toward the ground, stopping at the pale one's eye level.

    "It's rude to wake someone from a post-meal nap, you know." The fairy grumbled as he came closer to examine the creature with the mismatched eyes. Tym concluded that whatever he was, he was definitely magical, though the fairy was still a bit too groggy to guess anything else.
  16. “It is.” She said leaning back, “Merenwen, or Selena if you prefer.” The wind blew her hair back some and sighed. So there was at least one member of the resistance here. “Have you come for the meeting?” She asked her eyes closed as she soaked up the sun. She loved the woods, much like Gerard she was sure. He had to be like her, he just had to. Sitting straight up her eyes opened wide as she tilted her head to listen. She thought she heard something. Standing she looked around, her entire body tense as she saw what looked like blackness heading their way.

    Grabbing Gerard by the hand she led him to the cave, she hoped the other two would be fine but she wasn’t sure. No one but those in the resistance, knew of this cave, at least that was what she’d been told. If her informant was wrong, he was going to have to be dealt with. As she’d walked in the cave she’d grabbed a large stick, one that had some heft to it and muttered a spell, the tip of it igniting. Leading Gerard deeper in to the cave she showed him the place where she’d been waiting. “More should be coming but until they arrive we should be safe here.”


    “I know, I know but it was to much fun to pass up the opportunity to run into a cousin.” Max said smiling from ear to ear. “You do not know how long I’ve gone without company.” His smiled had faded to a pouty face when he too noticed the black thing. “What is that?” he wondered tilting his head when he saw that the two human like creatures were fleeing. Wait there were two? He hadn’t noticed the female till now, “I think we should leave.” He said cupping his hands so that the little fairy was safely in them. “Please do not bite me.” He said leaving breathing holes for it. Running in the same direction as the two others had gone he asked, “is there a place to hide somewhere in this forest?”
  17. He nodded and then smiled slightly. " Both names are beautiful i'll call you selena". Gerard looked around and ruffled his hair slightly. Everything seemed to be going so right and he loved the calmness of the forest. It was quiet except for the sounds of animals and the crunching of little twings on the ground, the trees russled slightly by the breeeze and he sighed.

    Just as he was in mid though he was pulled up. When he opened his eyes it was selena pulling him. Following close behind her he watched his sourroudings quickly change and they were in a cave. He looked around slowly and was cautious. " More of what exactly?". The more he looked at her the more she seemed like him. He approached her slowly and brought his hand up to gently carease her cheek " You seem similar too me".
  18. She’d hadn’t had time to hear which name he would call her but she thought she’d heard Selena. Using the torch she’d made for light she went to the fire pit and started a fire there using the already charred and hot embers while putting new twigs and wood on it. While the fire became more than enough light for the cave she stood and frowned at his question. She’d been about to answer when he touched her cheek. Backing away she said, “If you are referring to our similarities I’d have to guess we are very much alike.” She paused feeling like she was being too aggressive. Taking a calming breath she said, “We may have met, either in battle or among the elven kind. My father was a general in the elven army before the dark times, my mother was a human healer.”

    There she said it, she was a half breed. “I was trained in the healing arts and became a mage according to my mother’s wishes. Once the dark times came to the land my father fell to a demon’s blade and since then I’ve been a resistance fighter.” As she’d told the story she’d went to her pack and took a seat. Her hands were ready to grab a throwing knife if need be. “That is why I am here, waiting for other resistance fighters so we can plan out a move to help win our home back. I had thought you were one by knowing of the shadow people. No one else knows that but the resistance.”
  19. The smiley man seemed harmless enough, grinning as he was and going about about a lack of company or some such nonsense. Tym had already mostly lost interest. He was in fact just about to go on his own way when his new acquaintance wrapped his hands around the fairy, trapping him in a fleshy cage. He didn't like that one bit. The fairy quickly made his distaste known, letting out a wordless cry and beating on the man's fingers with his slender arms and legs.
  20. He looked at her with a weak expression, not able to respond he turned awa and sighed. " Im sorry if my touching offended you in any way...im sorry". Gerard looked down at the ground and then he slumped to the floor feeling the cool ground beneth him. " I dot know exactly were we have met before and i,,,i really dont talk about my parents". Closing his eyes the memories of the bloodshed day filled his thoughts and he sat up quickly.

    " How long will we have to stay here?". He stood and dusted off his clothes before pacing back and forth trying to clear his head. The day was changing oh so fast and it was not how he expected it to be.