A never-ending trek

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  1. All characters welcome. In This thread we will be going out on an, well the title says it. Yes there will be checkpoints if your character must stop and requip for the next journey. Further more there will only be skips if the group at the time wants to. Say it's fifty miles and we travel by foot. Yeah I'm pretty sure no one is going to want to keep a chitchat going that long. So now we set the points and plot let's get to it!
  2. Dax is leaning against an old wooden shack flipping a coin and catching it. "heads?... Nope." he then sits and takes out a map as he drinks from the water bottle in his pack. He set his water down and looked at his map. It was big, but blank.
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  3. A tall teenage boy with a white shirt and a pair of black cargo pants walked at a slow pace to an old shed he'd seen in the distance. His stomach growled annoyingly as he got closer to an old shed. A figure of a man with a large sheet of paper in front of his face came into view. A small smile grew on the boy's face. "Sir! Hey!" he yelled from about thirty feet away. The boy sped his pace. "Excuse me sir," he said as he got closer.
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  4. He looked up, revealing his fur covered wolf shaped head and long brown black hair. "sir?... I'm only 16 my friend. No need for sir." He folded up the map and stoop up. Dusting off the bottom of his sweat pants he examined the boy. "who are you?"
  5. "Call me Thomas. And I'm assuming you're sixteen in dog years!" he joked. Thomas chuckled uncomfortably as he saw the furry not even crack a smile. He cleared his throat loudly as if to ward off any awkwardness. "And who might you be?" he asked.
  6. "the name is Dax." He stood there emotionless. Then he chuckled and laughed. "Sorry I just had to see what your reaction was going to be, nice to meet you Thomas!"
  7. "Oh!" he chuckled once more. "Nice to meet you Dex...I know this is going to sound quite weird, but I haven't eaten in about two days. I was kicked out of my home, and I've been traveling for about a week now. I was hoping you could help me out. If you can't, then I totally understand."
  8. In a flash Dax had given Thomas three slices of pizza and a water. "starving isn't good man."
  9. "Thanks so much Dax!" Thomas took a bite out of one of the slices of pizza and drank the water right after. "So Dax," he said as he swallowed another bite of his pizza. "What's with that map? Are you on some kind of journey? A quest maybe?" he asked with interest.
  10. "That's exactly right." He takes out the map and unfolds it as to not rip it for how big it is. It shows blank but there are millions of circles and dots, some dark and some light. "these are the locations that rumors were said to be located. Think of it... Dreams and hopes, and danger and despair!" He looked around and noticed a small dot in the middle of a blank gap of the map. "I've always been curious about that one. See how the rest are crowded together or even overlay each other? Why is this one by itself for a good 40 mile radius? It makes no sense as to how nothing could be found in that surrounding area."
  11. Thomas looked along with Dax. "Maybe it's the secret that's hardest to get to. Maybe it's the most important, and because it's the most important you probably have to go through 40 miles of trials and tribulations to get to it...but I'm just rambling." Thomas pondered then took a good hard look at Dax. "Would you mind if I joined you on your journey? I have a select set of skills that I could use to help you. How about it? You simply pay me with food and water. That's not too much to ask I hope."
  12. "pay you with food and water? Heck I'll throw 5 coins of gold if you come with!" (I'll put in a shop kind of thing later) Dax jumped up and folded his map. He then opened the shed doors to reveal a GMC Terrain. "don't ask don't tell" "lets just say I borrowed it from a friend." He hopped into the drivers seat. "We'll only take this to the edge of the danger area, we don't want this to fall in something dangerous like quicksand or a pit."
  13. Thomas smiled. "This...this is a great day!" he said before laughing a little. "When are we heading out Dax?" he asked still keeping a rather large smile on his face.
  14. Dax hands him water and five coins. "soon, one of my friends said they would join but I don't know when so Why don't we start the car and enjoy the A/C while we wait?" turns on the car and revs the engine. (is it bad if I don't have my permit yet and I'm 15?)
  15. Dax drives out of the shack and puts it in park. "we may as well wait for others if it's going to be risky"
  16. (Not that bad lol) "I'll be willing to wait. I'm just really looking forward to this!" Thomas finished the little bit of water he had left then screwed the lid back on before putting in the side cup holder in the door. "I hope this doesn't take long. Even though it is kind of suspicious that we're in the middle of no where in an SUV. I think we should go to a nearby town and advertise the fact that we're on a quest and need help," he said hoping Dax would be up to that idea.
  17. Several dirt clods fell off a hillside just to the south. It seemed to shake again, then there was a thumping, and a large rock rolled out and down the hill. A small pick-axe stuck out of the hole and jammed back into the hill. Two hands followed it out, then something covered in coarse dark hair with a lump of a nose under two dark eyes.

    Kilo coughed as he exited the hillside, picking up the pick on the way down. "Tarnation," the dwarf muttered loudly, "I take one wrong turn and waste three days in 'ere an' where do ah end up? Some ruddy nowhere, an' not a vein ta be found in tha' 'ole bloomin' tunnel." He spit, then spotted the boys and shriveled his mouth judgmentally.
  18. "Where did that that guy come from?!" Uruna leaned forward from the backseat and asked suddenly, making the party jump in their seats. "Oh relax won't you? I thought you wanted someone that's quick and quiet along on your mission, that's all". He smiled at their surprised faces and continued "Urunas the name, burlar by profession, but always keeping a helping hand out for those willing to share the profit". Uruna paused for a moment and leaned back again, removing the bow from around his chest. "I can't wait to get to know you guys better! I've been looking for that particular map for quite some time now, and it seems that is has already chosen my travelling party for me!".
  19. Jumping up at the falling stones and hidden rider, Dax takes a moment to breathe. "jeez! not even ten minutes and im already having to catch my breath!" He sighed. "well welcome Urunas. Glad you could join us."
  20. Kilo shouldered his pick and trodded toward the metallic contraption. It had wheels; perhaps it was a new kind of cart. A mechanized cart? What land was this, and why would they have a mechanized cart way out here with nothing to haul?

    As the boys began to talk inside, a small thudding was heard on the outside of the vehicle as the dwarf tested the SUV's exterior.
    Kilo hit the strange cart with the butt of his pick, denting it. "Not a very stran m'terial, whatever it is," Kilo muttered, "jes' fer show with all that shininess." He kicked a wheel. "Them ain't fer show," he continued, "Ah bet whoever built this thing was a mite confused as t' what 'e were makin."
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