A Never Ending Party

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  1. The Pink Panther night club. Hottest place in all of Harland, A futuristic city of lights with all races of people, nekos vampires and werewolfs roam with the humans. its year 2179 and the demand for entertainment has never been greater, being a Dj or a bartender has now become the highest paying job out there. The Pink Panther is also known for there exotic dancers. Come in and party your life away.
  2. Angie sat at the bar holding a fruity drink, specificly made to her liking. One part cherry juice, two parts parfait d'amour and one part sprite. She sipped it slowly, the ice clinking against the glass. Angie didn't always get such a weak drink, usually she would have shots with friends but seeing as all her company had abandoned her she had no choice but to find some association and to do that she needed a semi-clear mind. Her eyes gaed around looking for a small group prefferably an odd numbered one or even better someone who too is alone. 'no that group dosnt seem that interesting, no that groups to big, i think they are all paired up in couples, no no too old' she thought. This went on for several minutes.
  3. Fang had been at the club for a couple hours sitting in the corner of the club alone and drinking a bottle of jack daniels. A friend told him that this was a hot stop for party and thought he'd check it out, but he was starting to get bored and thought about leave after finishing his drink.
  4. Angie saw Fang at the conner of the room looking just as lonely and bord as she was. She approuched him, drink in hand and said "Hey, are you here alone tonight?" She smiled asking him and sat across the table from him "im angie by the way and if you are, would you mind some company?"
  5. Fang took a big drink and slammed his glad down. Slowly looking up at Angie with his amber colored eyes.
    Fang was never much for conversation. "I'm BrokeFang, but just call me Fang."
  6. Angie smiled "Nice to meet you Fang," Angie sipped her fruity master piece and said "So what brings you here all alone, most people tend to bring a friend along for the ride so they aren't alone"
  7. Fang took another long drink finishing his drink "not quite sure...just drinking myself away a guess." fang pulled out his phone from his leather jacket, checking the time then put it back. "how bout yourself. Whats a girl like you doing in a place like this?"
  8. Angie shrugged "heh my friends abandonned me tonight, i just got a text from them sying they are sick or met a guy on they way and ditched me." she smiled and took a sip of her drink and said "Part of the reason im drinking lightly, i plan to make semi good judgements when im alone."
  9. Fang smirked slitly showing his fangs "In a club theirs no such thing as good jugdements." he said with a slite laugh. "your either drunk or your not drunk."
  10. Angie nodded "My better judgement should have told me to stay home and read a good book but it seems to have a slow response from comming here so often." she laughed taking another sip of her drink.
  11. Fang looked around the room eyeing different people, then looked back at her. "I'm not entirely impressed with this place" he said with a quiet tone like was was taking to him self.
  12. Angie nodded her head "Its deffinatly much funner when you are dangerously drunk i have to say." With a second of thought she added "Well if your up for it i could escort you around town'
  13. Fang looked down at the table then bent over pulling out his wallet and laid some cash down and a tip "sounds like an adventure....can i pay for your drink?"
  14. angie shook her head "Already paid for it up at the bar when i got it" she said and stood up "Any requests on where to go first?" she asked him
  15. "I'm new in this town so I'm not quite sure." fang lifted his eyebrow in puzzlement. "you decide. I love an adventure."
  16. "Whats with the puzzeled expression?" she asked and Angie thought for a moment, "Hmmm well if your new than you probally never seen Centerel Park at this time of night have you?" She smiled and began heading for the door
  17. Fang usally wouldn't go with some random stranger but she seemed nice so what the heck "no...actually i haven't" fang stood up and followed Angie to the door.
  18. Angie smiled "Well now i feel like a hero, just think of how different you life would be if you never went." she was outside the door and heading in the opposite direction of the line waiting to get into the club.
  19. "it cant be all that great can it" can't said curiously, following her closely behind.
    "I mean it's just a park, right."
  20. Angie pretended to look horrified "Just a park? but its a pretty park, exspecially when you are on the little hill near the center and you can see all the city lights without trees in your way!" she laughed "Well i cant say its the 7th wonder of the world but its beautiful thats all i can say." she smiled and continued walking.