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  1. Alright, so when my boyfriend Sean and I started dating we wanted something the both of us could do during our time apart from each other (long distance relationship). During his first visit we did a trail of Netflix, and I told him "It would be great if you kept it because then we could get into a Skype call and sort of watch Netflix together."

    So that's what he did, and Netflix became a basis for our relationship because that's all we could do to spend time together when apart. Then our families asked for it as well. His family has a hard time making enough money, so they canceled their TV service. Since they no longer have TV, I decided to be nice and not make a real fuss over it. Then my family started asking for his password. At first the only reason I agreed was because my parents also canceled their TV provider and because I was still living with them. It also kept my siblings quit some days. However, they still receive TV channels despite having canceled the service, so now there's really no need for them to be using Sean and I's Netflix. Of course I don't complain because my family really doesn't watch TV that often.

    Unfortunately, a problem as risen on both sides of our family. Sean's younger sister Sarah, who is around seventeen years old, had signed into our Netflix at her friends house. Okay, no big deal, whatever. That doesn't matter so long as she signs out. What does she do though? Forgets to sign out. I'm a pretty forgiving person to forgetfulness, since I can be a pretty forgetful person, but it's turned out to be quite the pain in my side.

    We end up with a snow storm where I live, so of course all the schools close for three days. I'm stuck at home for three days, so in order to pass time I decide to watch Netflix. At some point, I can't watch Netflix. I thought this was strange because I know Sean and his sister are at therapy, and only Pav (his dad's girlfriend) is at home using Netflix. I'm at home, and I find out no one else at home is using it. At first I wait, thinking maybe Sarah's computer wasn't turned off. I wait an hour or two, enough time for a laptop to go to sleep or run out of battery. I check it again on the third hour and I still can't watch Netflix. At his point I'm irritated, so I text message my boyfriend asking what the deal is.

    Apparently Sarah's friend has been using our Netflix behind our backs like a fucking parasite. Of course, my boyfriend is smart and knows if he doesn't fix the situation he will have to deal with a very grumpy lover. Sarah texts her friend and tells us that her friend signed out. I get back on Netflix and it works out. All is well right?


    I sign in today, and what do I see? The fucking parasite is still signed into our Netflix! I swear this kid must think I'm to fucking stupid to notice that she's still on our Netflix. How do I know she's on our Netflix? Well, the parasite is the only one that watches the Freaks and Geeks: Complete Collection on Netflix, and I looked at our recently watched to find a freaks and geeks episode and then a whole bunch of movies watched on this date. I'm not stupid, I know how to connect the dots.

    So now I'm even more pissed that the fact my intelligence was just insulted, and the fact that Sarah's friend lied to us about signing out. The people who know me, know for a fact that lying to me is a BAD IDEA.

    Needless to say, hell will break loose once my hubby comes home from work. <3
  2. So wait, is he your boyfriend or husband or-- :O OH GOD, IS THIS DAYS OF OUR LIVES?!
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  3. Ah, yeah, that sounds really annoying. I hate it when people try to get one over on me like I'm some kind of blind moron.

    I'd suggest asking your boyfriend to change the account password, then give the new one to family people. For the sister whose friend is being a leech, she should be told that the friend isn't allowed to use the account and if said friend is found to be using the account again, then the password will be changed again and she (sister) will be excluded from it. The permanent solution is the best solution for something like this, because someone who thinks you're dumb enough to not notice their activity on the account probably won't shy away from doing something like apologizing and then just using the account some more.
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  4. I can watch Netflix on my account at the same time as someone else watching it on my account. That's really strange.
  5. There's a limit on concurrent connections. The normal account lets 2 devices access Netflix on a single account. You can upgrade it (for more money per month, I believe) to 4 devices per account though. If your account lets unlimited access, then it's broken in a way that's entirely beneficial to you. :P
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  6. Ok, that explains a bit.
  7. @Seiji

    Hahaha, no we are not married. We both don't wish to be wedded, but that might change in the future. I must confess to how ironically hilarious your comment was, because Sean makes fun of Days of Our Lives all the time.


    Thank you so much! I talked to Sean, and we cleared everything up. Apparently there was a misunderstanding. He never told his sister's friend to sign out, just to get off it. His poor choice of words wasn't taken as "Sign out and don't use it". Thus this time he told the parasite to sign off and not use it. I will keep a careful I on it from now on to ensure they didn't lie about signing out. If it happens again the password will be changed, and Sean and I will be getting an apology. Of course if it happens again I get to parade around his house singing "I told you so".
  8. Personally, I'd just change the password. ;) But, well... That's just me.

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  9. I'd just change the password now just to be safe honestly.
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