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What would you rather play in the Story?

  1. A god and your race of your making

  2. A premade god and corresponding race

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  3. Only a god

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  4. Only a race (nation)

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  5. A single character in one of the nations of the other players

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  1. The world is on the brink of war, the gods and their races are preparing for the biggest conflict the world has ever seen. Where will you stand, what side will you stand with against the carnage of war...?


    Well, a war torn world is fun and all, but to get a look at the bigger picture it takes something more than an individuals point of view. One would have to be the leader of a nation, or even... a God.

    Which is exactly what you will play as in this Story, a God as well as your own race.

    An opportunity to use the powers of a god for your own purpose, and develop that idea for a race you have had in your head for months.


    Anyone interested ?
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  2. Well since you are forcing me to do this i will join in :3
  3. Shhhh, don't say it like that. People will get scared...
    And Ill use this thread to hear any questions there may be before I make the OOC, so ask away.
  4. I am interested in it.
  5. Lovely, I am pleased to hear of your interest @Reno Lam
    Would you like to have a look at the CS for the god/race ?
    Oh, and any and all questions are greatly appreciated.
  6. Sounds interesting! :)
    Though I hope its okay that I use a race with a phanteon of gods, rather than just one, cause then I have a race to add to the war!
  7. Sure, that would be great to understand the focus of the RP. :)
  8. Well then:

    If you want to have a phanteon I wont stop you, though each individual god in the phanteon wont be anywhere close to the power of a god who governs his race alone, (simply because the faith of your subjects will be divided among the phanteon.) I also want you to elaborate on what kind of phanteon you have in mind as to not cause friction with the world itself.

    @Reno Lam
    Im not entirely sure that the CS will make the focus clearer, but hopefully it will give you a taste of it.


    God (open)


    Age: (was your god among those who created the world, was he among those that were born upon the lands to fill it with more races or is she a young god born after her race was formed?)

    Appearance/appearances: (preferably either a picture or a satisfactionary description.) (does your god have one definitive form, or does he have a multidude of appearances ?)

    Real body: (Does your god have one single body that all her power is stored in, or has she split up into pieces corresponding to... maybe the aspects of herself or her power?)

    State of existence:
    1. Is your god but an etheral conciousness that flies across the whole world, seeing all, even the heart of the other gods power. But also only capable of speaking to your race in visions or through signs?
    2. Is your god able to see all that happens within his own realm, to the farthest reaches of your races expansion, but not past the boundaries of the other gods territories. And speaking to your people through chosen apostles, twisting your words to suit their bidding.
    3. You walk among your subjects with your holy grace in plain sight, calling your people to follow you into battle, but shining like a beacon for the other gods.
    4. Unseen even for your race, you thread the lands like a ghost, none noticing but those that understand to see past the facade, your slumbering wrath.

    Personality: how is your god as a person... is she a pearson ?

    Responsibility: what is your gods feelings for their race, their children ?

    Backstory: what has your god been doing all this time ?

    Connections: what other gods are aquainted with your god ?

    Relics: have your god placed objects blessed with grace upon the mortal soil ?

    Powers: How does your god show her wrath and love ? Can your subjects channel parts of your power ?

    Children: if there are any close children of your god, what are they like ?

    Realm: what happens to other gods when they step unto your lands, does something happen to other races ? And does your god have a realm separate from this world, where he can judge others supreme ?

    Race (open)

    Name: does your race have a name? if there are different social classes do they have different names ?

    Appearances: What multitude of different ways does your race come in? (pictures/descriptions)

    Physiology: how does your people work, are they strong, made of glass and able to fly ? How long are they able to live, what kind of climate are they most comfortable in ? Do they have any diseases that we should know of ?

    Reproduction: How does your race reproduce ? how often are they able to do so, and how many children does every birth give ?

    Culture: How does your race live ? What amount of technology do they have, in what way do they treat eachother, and outsiders ? Do they have a leader, a king, a senate ?

    Dresscode: do your people wear clothes ?

    Religion: what is your peoples view of their god, how do they think the world was created ? How do they think of other gods ?

    Infrastructure: What kind of buildings and transportation does your people use ? what do they eat and trade with ? Do they have pets and working animals ? Slaves ?

    Magic: are your people capable of wielding magic, how usual is magical affinity in your race, what kind of magic is used ? Is it trained in schools or learnt in secret ?

    Army: What kind of armies exist in your race ? Footsoldiers, Cavalry, Artillery, Siege-weapons, War-beasts, Mages, special troops ? Titans ? (A single or a few enormous and ridiculously powerfull creatures/constructs)

    Background: what have your race been doing since they appeared on the face of the world ?

    Relations: are your people trading with someone else ? maybe having regular meetings or festivals ?

    Legends/Myths: What kind of stories does your people tell around the campfires ?

    The Lands: Is your land full of mountains, forests, rivers, caves ? What kind of animals live there, what kind of plants ? Are there any special objects, ruins or artifacts scattered around ? Is it dangerous out at night thanks to bandits or other creepers ?

    Location: where is your land?
    Is it a regular piece of land, with borders an whatnot ?
    is it located on the sea, or under the sea?
    is it in a giant cave underneath someone elses land, does it fly in the sky ?
    are you fugitives in someone elses land (do you even have a god?) ?
    or is your race living on the top of a giant walking turtle ?
    maybe even in the land of dreams ?

    Why: what is the reason for your god and his people to go to war against the other races ? or isnt that what you are doing ?

    Now that I think about it; you probably want a general understanding of the world itself, its rules and framework, the order of things. How magic works fundamentally, how life and death are governed, time and space etc?
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  9. I understand the power-problem, and I'm fine with that. But as those gods have things they are gods of, I assume they'll have the same power in their chosen domain as single gods, no?

    As for the phanteon; its split in four, and have a portion of the population as "their's", even though all the people worship them all. Some just worship some more than others.

    I'll also include a link to my blog-post about the race and their gods:
  10. Well, if there are universal laws (namely laws that are in place not just because the god of that land happen to say so) in place, then naturally we would like to know about them, so that we won't write against them. :p If you have any specific overarching-plots in place, it will be better if you tell that as well.
  11. @Dedtoo
    More or less yes. And the race seems nice and scaly so far, I hope you will join them in this glorious story.
    Regarding the gods being the god of a specific concept or occurence, I have debated wether to include that line in the CS, as to make it clear what one should think of when interacting with said god, it also gives a clear point as to what kind of powers the god in question excel at specifically. I think Ill include it afterall.

    @Reno Lam
    The reason for not already having them posted for you to see is mostly that I never know how an interestcheck will turn out, and sometimes its just people claiming interest.
    A geberall backstory and an introduction to the world is of course planned to be part of the OOC, but I figured you may want one already (and you do). So just let me gather the most important points and Ill have the post up in a few minutes.
  12. Ah, of course I'll join my scaled sons and daughters! I would not be signing me and my siblings up if not, would I? ;)

    And it makes sense for a polytheistic religion to essentially have the power of a monotheistic god's power split between it's gods in a way, doesn't it? If they all combine their powers, they become equally powerful, but with less likeliness of that happening.
  13. Well, you can always only make up the most barebone rules regarding characters and races, and then expand on it once CSs start flooding in. :)
  14. @Dedtoo
    Just so, only difference then would be the amount of followers and the individual power of the gods, Old gods are feared for a reason.

    @Reno Lam
    I believe, and am ready to do so, there will always be need of regulation and restriction (sadly, but oh so neccessary).
    Also, I have kind of a problem with writing parts of my ideas when there are more pressing on behind xD

    Well then:

    A little background (open)

    Eons past, a group of wandering gods came across an empty world far out in the voids, a world forgotten. Wary as they were an agreement came to pass, they would reside in the empty world and fill it with their own creations. Around a sleeping lump of power they built a planet, shaping it to their liking and taking parts of it for their own, making their individual races spring forth under their gaze.
    But it wasnt before long that the gods crossed in their first falling out, not at terms with how they should proceed, how they should decide... Which one of them should lead!

    Few, if any race knows what transpired during those times they were all but wiped out, but the world still bears signs, thousands of years later.
    With some gods gone, and some lost forever, the world gained stability once again, and new gods emerged, from the powers weilded by their elders, as sons and daughters of the older gods, and some from the world itself. New races were formed, and more of the lands were taken by them, held dear as their chosen lands. And eons went.

    The time of new races is past, the world is spinning by itself, and new gods simply emerge to continue where others left off, though even gods may die they do so more of choice.
    But something has happened, borders have been crossed, breached. Blood has been spillt, and the world is once more heading for war. May not every god be guilty of the crimes committed by his race, but there is no stopping retaliation.

    War will fall.

    some basic information (open)

    The world is of the simplest kind, time moves in one direction, and there are no parallell versions of it. Nor any twin-worlds beside it.

    Magic is governed by a simple set of rules, sentience births it (though stating that it comes from life is only partly wrong, for example, the planet at hand does have its own flow of magic, as it was made that way.), a conciousness results in magic, though if the conciousness in question can weild it is a different matter. Using magic will tire the mind of the user, and if the user is using his own vitality as a way to use it, it will tire his body as well. With enough magic almost anything is possible, but the one small problem is that "enough" may not be reachable. While not everyone is capable of using magic, the act of believing in something is akin to the use of directing magic, as to why gods without followers lose much of their power. Also because your creations growth will grow you as well.

    While there doesnt seem to be anything like "Death" or grim reapers in this world, the concept of death is governed by something. A plane different from the living, where all dead souls travel upon their parting. Unless something makes them stay. Some races also have a different destination thanks to their gods meddling. Travel between the two planes is seemingly against the natural order, living and dead should stay apart. And while some may reincarnate either as a blank slate or with traces of their old self, the cycle of death and rebirth seems to happen through each separate race.

    Even if gods may have a heaven and a hell of their own, to fall or ascend into the real planes of the world means you did something really special, to be noticed by something more than mere gods.

    The world, as of now (scale is approximately twice the size of earth):
    map (open)

    for the war.png

  15. Oh! Stuff and things!


    Can I have the red land? Seems to be a place of fine, warm climate, perfect for those of cold blood!
  16. Which one ?
    Im guessing you mean the one in the lower left corner, but red could mean pink, fire orange and winebrown as well.
    And think of it as cold at the top, cold at the bottom.
  17. I'm the kinda guy that means red when he says red, and adds other stuff before it if he means any other colors.
    But yeah, I think I prefer the blue territory north of the red one.
  18. So each of us pick a colour block on the map as our starting location?

    Also, does the map wrap around like a globe?
  19. @Dedtoo
    Then blue you are.

    @Reno Lam
    Yes, unless you want to have an especially fancy land (flying, walking, underground, sea, undersea, your gods realm), you pick a color that isnt already taken. And starting location is a bit harsh for the land of your race, your race might feel for it strongly.
    And its a globe with a little more water between the edges basically.

    Oh, and you get to decide on the flora and fauna/environment of your land yourself.
  20. I assume we still need to follow the general climate there, though?

    I am still brainstorming though, so my claim might come later.
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