A Nation Divided: Patriotism or Terror?

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  1. Washington DC, 2020

    It's election season again, and the American people were handed a raw deal last time and it's just about the same again. As the government and political entities become increasingly obvious as to their corruption, people lost hope and trust in the government and the political system, a shell of the noble republic it once was. With civil rights violations at every turn, the people are unwilling to wait for a good candidate. It's down to the same two candidates as last time and nobody wants a repeat of 2016. The time has come to rise.

    The #BlackLivesMatter movement has changed into the #LetUsLive movement, as police have continued to kill citizens of all creeds without due cause, and they still get away with it, The most they get is a "paid vacation" - leave with pay. As a result, the political climate is no longer between liberals and conservatives, but between those who do and don't trust the police or the government. As more incidents occur, the situation boils over. Before the general election, a faction within #LetUsLive have risen up to combat the police state, and the fight is hottest in DC.

    The Factions:

    Armed Authority Co-Opt (AACO or A-co)
    "To restore order at all costs"
    -AACO recruiting slogan
    Led by Director Ronald Harvey, the AACO is a combined tactical force made up of beat cops, SWAT, and FBI Enforcers. They have received a heavy influx of recruits due to the radicalization, with people who still trust the government joining to oppose the resistance. Corruption mingles with naivete, as the new recruits swear to uphold the law, and would keep their promises, while most of the senior members - veteran cops and agents - are rife with corruption, yet still some within uphold the standard of justice they swore an oath to. The AACO currently holds martial law over most of the United States, with their headquarters shared with the FBI in DC. This is, unfortunately, where most of the battles are taking place. New officers and agents test their mettle, while veterans try to get out with their lives, hoping to continue living their cushy unionized lives.

    The Movement (designated American Insurgent Militia, or AIM, by AACO)
    "Kill them all"
    -The Primary Directive of the Movement
    Led by Sister Cassie "Defiler" Watson, the Movement is what the faction once associated with #LetUsLive calls themselves; the resistance against the corrupt government. While the American public either joins them or opposes them, they have help from overseas, allowing them to field weaponry equal to that of government forces, meaning they can match AACO blow for blow as far as technology goes. Many European Agencies are sending shadow support in the form of small arms and personnel, meaning members of the Movement could be anything from Rebellious Americans to Foreign Agents. While the Movement was founded as a means of resisting the corrupt police, many members were either overcome with power or simply joined to stir up trouble; they've been labeled a terrorist organization by AACO due to civilian casualties caused by corrupted members with little regard for life.

    CIA Secret Armed Division (CIASAD or See-a-sad)
    "When it hits the fan, it's up to us to clean house."​
    -Quote from Director Cassius Finch in regards to CIASAD's mission
    A top-secret division of the CIA fielding hyper-advanced, experimental technology to restrain the chaos resulting from the AACO-AIM Conflict - they are tasked with leaving no witnesses - AACO, AIM, or civilian - in order to keep the technologies top secret. They are led by Director Cassius Finch (middle), General Habib Olajuwan (left), and Technology Administrator Tasha Grey (right). While Director Finch is considered the spearhead and face of the organization, the three rely on tactical democracy for optimal efficiency. CIASAD agents each specialize in a unique tech, all of which fall under one of three categories; Psionics, Bionics, or Mechanics. Each of the CIASAD leaders personally field tech from their favorite branch.
    In the Psionics branch - the favorite of Tech Admin Grey - physically frail agents use tech to manifest their thoughts and will as force and pheromonal output to turn the tide of battle with a lighter touch - they can control minds, deflect bullets, and explode skulls with their thoughts.
    In the Bionics branch - the favorite of General Olajuwan - veteran agents use either exoskeletons or cybernetic parts to gain the edge over enemy units, playing the part of shock troops for CIASAD - they have extraordinary capabilities contained in a human-sized package, unlimiting their potential in combat; some are bulletproof, some have superior strength, some use brain mods to process thought and strategy exponentially faster.
    cf127538a1cc84fd575c80c11239d945.jpg e7792437ad97d18248cb1fac796ec0dc.jpg
    In the Mechanics branch - the favorite of Director Finch - intelligent agents either pilot or remotely control advanced mechanized units to destroy anything in their path - the heavies of CIASAD, their role is that of absolute destruction. Mechanics Agents all somehow control multi-role mechs with various capabilities - some are built for swift precision, others for total destruction.

    The point of the roleplay is to explore moral ambiguity and to encourage the opposing factions to unite against CIASAD when they show up. I expect to see rapid-fire defections, and only upon successfully uniting against CIASAD, both sides will capture their tech and field it themselves. The overall goal is total chaos. I'm hoping for a large influx of players, and if I get enough, I'll up the number of playable spots in CIASAD - I'M STARTING AT ONLY ONE PER BRANCH.​
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  2. I'm just seeing if I can drum up interest for this - I've been sitting on this for awhile and it's a good part why I was so antsy to return. I can flesh it out and accept characters after I find a few players.
  3. Hey, I'm new here on this site and I was just trying to browse through any modern rps that looked interesting. I stumbled upon this thread and thought it is really interesting. Also, I been planning a character for a while that would fit in this kind of world. So, just wanted to let you know that I'm on board about this story.
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