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  1. A N A R C H Y

    [TABLE="class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center"]
    A blood-curdling fantasy RPG about an epic betrayal … and the anarchy that follows.
    Three countries at the brink of war.
    Three governments
    at the brink of decimation.
    Nine races
    at the brink of survival – or annihilation.
    Who will outlast this chaos, and who will drive it? Whose name will be remembered once the flood has ebbed? Who will lead the blinded out of the dark? Who will rise from the ashes, and who will feed the flames?
    -- Over 40 possible character combinations! 9 races, 9 magics, and 3 countries with a unique and innovative culture! --



    STORY ]


    At the Midsummer Solstice in the land of Triera, the young heirs of the three estranged countries Argentum, Eliydar and Shear meet on an obscure island in the middle of the Open Sea. Sick of endless overseas warfare and interested in exchanging cultural achievements, their parents, the Kings and Queens of the three Trieran countries, have sent them on a voyage to Sacra, known by the same name in all three countries’ legends to be a blessed isle in the Holy Sea. Once there, the Majesties are expected to bring wisdom and peace back to Triera, and, having shared several months and even, potentially, years together, are favorably inclined towards each other, allowing for some semblance of future peace.

    But, five days after they set off, the ship, Serenity, lands in a port in Ellien, Triera’s northernmost island, far off course. Yet that is irrelevant in the face of the catastrophe now come upon Argentum, Eliydar and Shear: the vessel is totally devoid of life. Not only that, it is streaked with blood and torn clothing – and imbued with intense magic that set it on its course towards Ellien. All three rulers are furious and, since only they knew the ship's route, are certain that only one – or more – among them could have committed such an atrocity. It seems that their children are all dead, but since there are no bodies, no one is quite certain where they are and what has happened to them.

    The three lands are in an uproar. They have already divided themselves into factions, all of which are distrustful of another and most of which are even hostile towards those of other nations. But all of them have the purpose (or seem to have the purpose) of locating the lost heirs, finding the Blessed Isle of Sacra, restoring peace to Triera, avenging the terrible betrayal and discovering the true perpetrator of this anarchy.


    When you choose your character's Magic, please write only the Magic in the application and no types. I will then randomly roll a dice to determine your skill, which will dictate the Types of this Magic you can then choose for your character, and which will be seen in your final form. A roll of 1-2 will let you choose 2 minor Types. A roll of 3-4 will let you choose 1 major Type or 2 minor Types. A roll of 5-6 will let you choose 1 major and 2 minor Types or 1 major Type or 2 minor Types.

    If your race has a racial affinity to a magic, your dice roll score is improved by +1 if you choose that magic. Several races have racial affinities to a certain magic. This does not mean your character must have this magic; it means this magic lies to a weak degree dormant in your character, and should you choose this magic, your character will be notably more proficient in it than other races.

    Your character may have up to 2 magics, but both must be in accord with your character's nationality. Also, this will result in a penalty deduction of skills – a roll of 1-3 will let you choose 2 minor types, and a roll of 4-6 will let you choose 1 major and 1 minor type or 2 minor types.

    MAP ]


    [ A

    Argentum is the Eastern Land. It is possessed of a temperate, appealing climate, and famous for its beautiful nature. The country is quite peaceful but solitary and has attempted to excluded itself from most conflict, though this has proven to be a virtually impossible mission, as it has had to defend itself viciously against merciless attacks from other nations, who misunderstand Argentum’s reclusiveness for weakness. Creative and introspective, Argenians greatly value hospitality and honesty, and the betrayal has harshly impacted their generous and optimistic culture. Argentum's capital city is Edel, located in the southeast of the center continent on the shore nearest to Iola. The homes and buildings are some of the oldest in all of Triera, lovingly restored through magic monthly (yes, there are people who do this as a job) and built entirely of wood and vines, the crevices bursting with wildflowers. However, since the wooden constructions are so ancient and sensitive, only Argenian citizens are granted permission to enter its sacred premises. Thus, the royal family also has another stronghold on Iola for diplomatic meetings. The royal family consists of: King Oryf, Queen Rejina, and the lost heir Prince Aralute.

    [ R
    ACES ]

    Argenian Races (open)

    > BOWER
    The Bower are the most common Argenian race. Slender and small, they are lithe and remarkably fast as well as flexible. They possess an incredible endurance and energy, able to run at high speeds for hours on end. Many of them are sharp-witted, with a shrewd sense of humor, and they are often very curious and adventurous, eager to explore the unknown. Their agility allows them to get out of plenty of awkward situations, so they are sometimes bolder than their diminutive physique and inquisitive nature should allow. Bower are known for their beautiful, fragile translucent wings; however, these are too small and weak to enable flight.
    Racial Affinities: None

    > ELEK
    The Elek are a lot stronger than their Bower cousins, but not as fast. Still, they are an acrobatic race, and short in stature. A frequent prejudice is that Elek are stupid, but some are even smarter than Bower, though more at a strategic than creative level. Elek are fiercely loyal, and once they have sworn allegiance they will never stray; thus, their personal patron deities are as important to them, especially since they depend on their gods' good graces to survive. They are courageous, but not as curious or innovative as Bower.
    Racial Affinities: Shield

    > GWYDDE
    The Gwydde are a rare and awesome sight. A race innately connected with nature, they have an intrinsic bond with the vegetation around them. However, they are reclusive and lonesome, disliking most company and keeping to themselves. They are strong believers in nonverbal communication, and their special racial language is sign language. They would never clap or holler – such foolish and ignorant behavior is looked upon with disapproval and occasionally even contempt. Due to their solitary nature, they rarely mate, which contributes to their scarcity. Often, they look a little like plants, too, with thick skin like bark and a physique similar to the flora surrounding them. Many have brown or olive skin, with green or blue hair and eyes.
    Racial Affinities: Nature

    [ M
    AGIC ]

    Argenian Magics (open)

    > SHIELD
    Shield magic is chiefly defensive. Shielders can fortify things, for example, rejuvenating their strength, perhaps, or improving the resilience of a weapon, which can be developed to the point of repair – knitting together a shallow cut, merging a splintered spear back together. Still, true restoration takes decades of practice, and cannot actually heal anything. Shield magic is most commonly performed in an army, when each member of a regiment lends strength to the whole, allowing them to cooperate with amazing endurance, and finding strength in numbers. Individuals traveling alone have been known to pride themselves by a lack of any protective armor, but this is only recommended to the truly powerful.
    • Support (minor): lending power to a large group
    • Revive (major): restoring energy to a very weak or dying person; imbuing oneself with a lot more power; significantly increasing one’s endurance
    • Mend (minor): repairing things
    • Restore (major): totally restoring broken things, to the point of making them unbreakable later

    > LIGHT
    Light magic is a hallucinatory art, based on the user’s creativity more than talent. There are four Echelons of skill in Light magic – Sight, Smell, Sound and Touch, each indicating which senses the practitioner can appeal to when making a hallucination. Lightenings can use their talent to distract as well, such as a suspicious sound or cloud of smoke to momentarily divert an assailant. These can even be developed to serve mildly offensive purposes – an excruciatingly bright flash of light can damage the unsuspecting eye; a blaring sound can harm the unprotected ear. It is important to note that the amount of magic needed to produce the same effect increases incrementally for each time a Lightening targets the same person. Also, a hallucination is seen by everyone nearby, though some Lightenings have been known to cloud or block their vision if the hallucination is intended for only one among them.
    • Mirage (minor):choose from two Echelons of hallucination (Sight and Smell, Sight and Sound, Sight and Touch, Smell and Sound, Smell and Touch, or Sound and Touch)
    • Apparition (major):all four Echelons of hallucination: Sight, Smell, Sound and Touch
    • Sustain (minor): the ability to, as this skill is developed, benefit from an increased endurance (prolonging the hallucination’s duration) and power (making up for the decrease in effect after the same individual has been targeted several times)
    • Potent (major): the ability to intensify a hallucination to the point of making it harmful to the victim

    > NATURE
    Nature magic is the bond with all flora. The ability to communicate with and even slightly control them springs only from careful and time-consuming observation. A Nurturer is familiar with each species of plant, flower and tree in Triera, and knows their every purpose. Whether in search of food, poison or an herb with curative properties, they will know where to find it. However, they greatly value life, believing its destruction to be a sin, and do not tolerate misusing of the Nature magic to harm others. Thus, their craft centers around their amazing healing skills, and their ability to cure even some terminal conditions such as blindness or a crippled arm. Yet Nature magic does have offensive uses. A Nurturer can keep an assailant in a choke of vines, or have him fall unconscious after inhaling an opium flower’s potent aroma. Nurturers protect Nature as well as harness its power, and will hunt down and exterminate anyone who dares harm their domain without good reason.
    • Treat (minor): the ability to heal either any wound, any condition or any illness except deafness and muteness
    • Spring (major): control plants offensively
    • Trance (minor): the ability to communicate with plants and have a vision of the location of anything they seek; they cannot see the person or thing itself but they can sense their surroundings
    • Cure (major): heal any wound, condition or illness except deafness and muteness

    [ E
    LIYDAR ]


    Eliydar is the Northern Land. It is cold and austere, filled with mountains, canyons and wide, open steppes. The country is strong and resourceful, with the largest population, the mightiest military, and a reputation of being meddlesome. Eliydans tend to be of a conservative mind, with stern adherence to traditional values and strict ideas about right and wrong. The betrayal has made most of them absolutely furious, and rumors are spreading that the royal family is already plotting means of attacking Shear. Eliydar's capital city is Aisak, located in the northeastern shore of the main continent bordering the Ancillan Strait. Built entirely of marble and bedecked in jewels, it is a marvelous site, and would attracts many travelers if the country wasn't so hostile and the climate not so … cold. The royal family consists of: King Dredgard, Queen Bovala, and the lost heirs, the twins Prince Lok and Princess Ura.

    RACES ]

    Eliydan Races (open)

    > ACLUV
    The Acluu are the most common Eliydan race. Aggressive and hardy, the burly Acluu are stout and rugged, taking great pride in their ability to wear armor so heavy any other race would buckle beneath it. The majority of Acluu are unfortunately simple-minded, but their strength keeps them out of most uncomfortable situations where a canny mind would be required. An Acluv values freedom above all else, and they rejoice in fresh air and movement; several scientists throughout the ages have speculated whether their below-average intelligence is actually a result of an inability to adhere to the focused, restraining demands of an education.
    Racial Affinities: None

    > GELU
    The Geli are masters of the outdoors, spending the better part of their lives achieving harmony with their surroundings. In their attention and specific aim, they are almost polar opposites of the Acluu, and they take pride in their differentiated thinking. They form strong bonds among one another and when pitted cooperatively against a foe they are fearsome enemies. Though they usually focus more on knowledge and exploration than offense, years of learning through experiencing the world has certainly paid off and most Geli are uncannily informed about the vaguest of topics. As their studies progress, a Gelu will gradually become physically similar to the element of their soul, growing gray and hard-skinned or yellow-haired and blue-eyed or dark and slick. All are famous for their towering height, often twice that of the average Acluu.
    Racial Affinities: Elemental

    > EROG
    The Erogs are probably the most interesting and unfortunately also the rarest of Eliydan races, known best for their racial affinity to an esoteric magic known as Alter, which they like to refer to as “the Twain”, a slang arguably derived from “in between”. Often underestimated, the ordinary-looking Erogs are a terror upon the unsuspecting thief or swindler. They believe firmly in their sense of justice and spreading it is their purpose in life. However, the nature of their magic makes them far more susceptible to a change of ideals than other races, and an Erog who has begun to abuse the Twain is a dangerous rival indeed. More cerebral than other Eliydan races, Erogs tend towards intellectual pursuits and are highly observant, spending their lives pondering strategies rather than throwing themselves into a fray.
    Racial Affinities: Alter

    [ MAGIC ]

    Eliydan Magics (open)

    > SWORD
    This is an intensely offensive magic, one that focuses on decimating an opponent’s defenses and piercing through them to deal physical harm. Sworders can break things – snap heavy branches off a tree trunk high above without touching it; splinter a perfectly good spear into a dozen shards of wood and iron. They are infamous for imbuing their weapon with such annihilating magics, letting it cut through stone, metal, gemstones and wood as seamlessly as a knife through butter; however, such a weapon is unable to pierce the actual skin. That is a different, but even more deadly element of a Sworder's skill that requires separate training; thus, a Sworder will commonly only be gifted greatly in one or the other. Certain weapons are designed and imbued to shatter bones as soon as they touch them, or burst organs at the moment of contact. However, Sword magic has virtually no defensive properties whatsoever, and its users must wear heavy armor at all times.
    • Drain (minor): sapping power from a large group; taking away considerable physical energy from an individual
    • Carve (major): the ability to imbue a weapon with the power to cut through any material they touch
    • Break (minor): the ability to break things
    • Sever (major): the ability to imbue a weapon with the power to harm any part of an opponent’s body they touch, no matter how soft the blow is

    > ALTER
    Also known as "the Twain", this is a tricky magic, perilous to the user and ambiguous to all. It is chiefly an instrument of reversal, used to backfire, make opposite, or even transform magics directed at an Alterer. When this magic is abused, it can warp others' spells into instruments of incredible destruction, caused by the most unlikely of magical combinations. A skilled Alterer is a fearsome sight, and one to best stay away from. An unskilled Alterer, lacking control over most natural magical responses, is even more at risk of endangering him/herself and those around him/her.
    • Ricochet (minor): cause a positive spell directed at you to backfire and affect the user instead, but in a far more potent form
    • Polar (major): reverse the effects of a spell to make them the exact opposite of their original intention
    • Rebound (minor): cause a negative spell directed at you to backfire and affect the user instead, but in a far more mild form
    • Permute (major): transform a spell directed at you in any way that does not break the Rules or save your life

    This is the magic of Three Elements – Stone, Water and Air. Ancient and highly skilled Elementals have been known to wander the lands bare of any weapons or armor, able to defend themselves purely by summoning the elements to do their bidding. Stone Elementals can move, break, mend and elevate pebbles, stones, and boulders. Water Elementals can summon water into a container, release it from a container, and manipulate its movement. They can make the water be a harsh, harmful jet or a soothing, drizzling shower. Air Elementals can manipulate wind and temperature, but cannot affect the weather. Sometimes an Elemental practices hard enough to be able to Transcend one Element. Stone Elementals are now also Metal Elementals, with the ability to move, break, mend and elevate metal and gemstones. Water Elementals are now also Ice Elementals, able to break, move, elevate, summon, release and manipulate ice. Air Elementals are now also Lightning Elementals, able to manipulate clouds and lightning, and able to affect the weather in a concentrated area no larger than a mile.
    • Component (minor): any combination of two Elements can be practiced (Stone and Water, Stone and Air, Water and Air)
    • Maven (major): all three Elements can now be practiced
    • Compound (minor): temporarily be able to trade a Type with another practitioner of Elemental magic
    • Transcend (major): one Element can now be transcended: Stone becomes Metal, Water becomes Ice, or Air becomes Lightning.

    [ SHEAR ]


    Shear is the Southern Land. Its climate is devilishly hot all year round, and water is fiercely coveted. The country is unusual in that it actually consists of three separate, large and I-shaped islands that were created volcanically millions of years ago. The culture has only in recent years become moderately democratic, but customs deemed barbaric by Eliydans and Argenians such as slavery and bribery remain a fundamental element of their society. Though hardly as aggressive as the Eliydans, they retaliate with decimating ruthlessness when provoked, and have the unnerving tendency to lash out at perceived threats during times of ambivalence; thus, they are commonly the unwitting cause of all sorts of chaotic international conflicts. Shear is not a country for the weak-willed, as only the brilliant, the harsh or the brave can make a name for themselves there. The betrayal has elicited mixed feelings among them; some thirst for revenge, others seek malicious opportunity, and yet others could really care less. Shear's capital city and home of the Royal Family is Pallas, a city crafted of obsidian and found in the Onyx Mountains of Ebon. The royal family consists of: King Morcaln, Queen Zaiida, and the lost heir Princess Arakmet.

    [ R
    ACES ]

    Shear Races (open)

    > ENSER
    The Ensers are the most common Shear race. From birth they share a connection with animals, and this kinship with the world of beasts develops differently in each individual. While most just become exemplary horse trainers or fishermen, others transcend to become masters of human manipulation, and their frequency has made trickery and exploitation a way of life in Shear. Yet unlike their darker cousins, the Tarnen and the Snaca, Ensers are usually not deliberately destructive, genuinely caring about people and society, and seeking to make it a better place while aiding in their own social climb. Appearance and stature are vastly important to them, and they will do anything to make the desired impression, be it that of an imperious Majesty or a groveling beggar. Several who specialize in the magic of people have been known to actually become more attractive as their magic developed, and some Ensers more skilled in Wild magic might develop a thin layer of scales or fur, or perhaps discover they can hold their breath for an unusually extended period of time.
    Racial Affinity: Wild

    > TARNEN
    The Tarna are believed by some to be helplessly corrupted and even evil, but this is a largely ignorant view. It is said that the God of Death Himself breathed life into them, infusing them with an insatiable hunger for human obliteration. While this is one of the most persisting and widely accepted legends to survive the aeons, in the millennia since, Tarnen have evolved farther from their dark roots and developed potential to be perfectly kind, upstanding citizens – but all Tarna feel the emotion of greed much stronger than other races. Not as tall as Geli, Tarna do grow to an impressive height. They are every bit as acrobatic as the Bower, but less energetic and more focused, possessed of a fierce intelligence unlike that of any other race. Their skin, eyes and hair are pale and sometimes described as "ghostly", especially in those that dabble frequently in the darker arts. Their fearsome intellect has provided ample distraction for some of the well-meaning among them, who stay away from external and/or internal conflicts regarding their racial history and instead devote their life to research or other intellectual engagements that enrich Shear society.
    Racial Affinity: None

    > SNACA
    The Snacas are the rarest Shear race, and hardly ever seen. Experts in distinguishing and implementing the many different toxins, most of them are shady characters, some even assassins, though a few have put their knowledge to constructive use. This obsession with chemicals and botany has resulted in the deterioration of most individuals' physique, resulting in a hallmark gaunt appearance and thick, yellowish skin. Besides that, their slitted pupils always give away their racial heritage, a trait separating them from other Shear races. Snacas have highly developed senses and an unusually potent visual intelligence, able to envision shapes in their mind’s eye, and may possess a photographic memory. Still, they are nowhere near as brilliant as their cousins the Tarna, and lack the intuition of Ensers, being infamous for an indifferent nature devoid of compassion. They are skilled with all kinds of weapons, especially long range, and will treat them with various toxins. Some Snacas are paranoid, setting traps in their own homes to poison unwary intruders. All are known to hoard their lethal knowledge and protect it to the death.
    Racial Affinity: Toxin

    [ M
    AGIC ]

    Shear Magics (open)

    > TOXIN
    This is an extremely deadly magic with purely offensive purpose. While all Toxics can harm people, they are divided into Venom Toxics and Poison Toxics. Venom Toxics specialize in doling out nasty afflictions, though the worst of them, such as blindness or muteness, are most often only temporary. They can cause extreme and prolonged pain or numbness of certain limbs. Poison Toxics specialize in causing swift and sudden death. Strictly defined, poison substances are those that will kill within 24 hours of being administered, but some Poison Toxics have been known to manipulate these effects and prolong the duration of death up to seven days. Some symptoms are obvious and others are virtually undetectable, but certain venoms and poisons can be disguised with the use of other substances. Many Toxics like to disguise poisoned or venomed items in their home or clothing, hidden weapons unseen by others. Assassins, for example, may have poison-tipped needles built into their brooches or hair fasteners, or perhaps a ring with venomous properties when kissed. For these and other reasons, Toxics remain largely untrusted.
    • Profusion (minor): the toxin remains in the body for a much longer period of time and has stronger effects
    • Venom (major): venoms cause malevolent afflictions
    • Veil (minor): the ability to hide toxic items from sight, or in plain sight, and know how to temper toxins with other substances so as to keep symptoms nonexistent, deceptive or ambiguous
    • Poison (major): all poisons lead to fatality within 24 hours

    > DARK
    Dark magic is chiefly an instrument of illusion. It is important to differentiate here between hallucination and illusion. While practitioners of Light magic can form a hallucination out of thin air, illusions are anchored in reality and merely warped renditions of it. Only the victim of an illusion will be able to see it. While at first Dark magic may seem less useful than Light, it can be far more dangerous. Several victims have been killed as the Dark magic affecting them caused them to see a bridge where there was only a chasm, or a butterfly where there was really a scorpion. Powerful Darks can cause their victims to go insane for the rest of their lives or even commit suicide by distorting their reality so extremely it is unbearable. As with hallucinations, there are Four Echelons of illusion: Sight, Smell, Sound and Touch, each of which name the different senses an illusion can appeal to.
    • Distortion (minor): choose from two Echelons of illusion (Sight and Smell, Sight and Sound, Sight and Touch, Smell and Sound, Smell and Touch, or Sound and Touch)
    • Delusion (major): all four Echelons of illusion: Sight, Smell, Sound and Touch
    • Incarcerate (minor): the ability to not just make one or two specific things in the victim’s world be illusory, but to also make all of his or her surroundings be totally distorted, usually in a thematic way
    • Phobia (major): the ability to sense an individual’s worst fears and read their emotional reactions to any illusion inflicted upon them

    > WILD
    Wildes can communicate with animals, and some even move on to manipulate other people, as well. However, different from Nature magic, Wild magic is riddled with loopholes and deception, allowing for generous lying to take place, and Wildes are therefore far more manipulative than other practitioners of magic. Though several Wildes of weak magical strength are sympathetic and well-willing people, those who are more powerful are easily tempted to abuse their potent magic to serve their own needs. While Wildes can sense, influence and evoke certain feelings, they cannot sense, directly influence or make someone think certain thoughts.
    • Awareness (minor): the ability to sense what animals feel but not what they think, and the ability to understand but not communicate with them
    • Insight (major): the ability to directly communicate with animals and evoke certain feelings but not certain thoughts
    • Empathy (minor): the ability to sense what other people feel but not what they think, and understand spoken languages even if they can't read, write or speak them
    • Charisma (major): the ability to influence other people and make them feel certain emotions but not think certain thoughts

  2. Re: A N A R C H Y – An Epic Fantasy RPG (OOC)


    You can invent your own Gods and Goddesses, but if I choose to accept them I may revise them to be appropriate to the fantasy setting. Before coming up with your own, please refer to the following list. Each deity has a name, gender, stylized symbol and personal color. Until the IC is started, these elements may be subject to change.

    Trieran Gods and Goddesses (open)

    > Adaman, God of Mountains
    – Adaman values and inspires strength and perseverance among his followers, enjoying gemstone offerings the most. His symbol is a boulder and his color is light gray (lgray).

    Alun, God of Death
    – Alun values and inspires power and desire among his followers. He asks for nothing but strong opposition of Halla as a reward for his support. His symbol is a cloak and his color is black (black).

    > Aousai, God of the Hunt – Aousai values and inspires diligence and the pursuit of excellence (and prey) among his followers, preferring offers of fresh game. His symbol is an arrow and his color is red-brown (rbrown).

    > Assha, Goddess of Shadows – Assha values and inspires intelligence and subtlety among her followers, asking for stealth and loyalty as her only reward. Her symbol is a dark cloud and her color is purple (purple).

    > Eir, Goddess of Dusk – Eir values despair and sorrow and blesses those that bring such pain to others, preferring burnt offerings of objects of sentimental value. Her symbol is a flame and her color is lavender (lavender).

    > Eljuunia, Goddess of Sky Animals – Eljuunia values and inspires appreciation of all airborne fauna among her followers. She asks for nothing but protection and goodwill towards her children, needing no offerings. Her symbol is a bird's wing and her color is blue (blue).

    > Erebus, God of Night – Erebus values those who trust their own judgment and exercise and hone their mental capacities often, blessing the studious and introspective. He appreciates offerings that were the result of effort and/or self-examination. His symbol is a moon and his color is indigo (indigo).

    > Ereshra, God of Waves – Ereshra values and inspires resourcefulness and sacrifice among his followers, accepting all sorts of offerings, the grander, the better. His symbol is a wave and his color is turquoise (turquoise).

    > Erren, Goddess of Wind
    – Erren values and inspires determination and the embrace of change among her followers, appreciating the sweat of physical exercise or tears borne of genuine sadness as the best offerings. Her symbol is a breeze and her color is pale blue (pblue).

    > Grid, Goddess of Peace – Grid values and inspires serenity and nonviolent methods among her followers, blessing pacifists and abhorring violence of any kind, unless in defense of one's own life or that of another. Grid welcomes all peacemakers, asking no reward for her support. Her symbol is a dove and her color is beige (beige).

    > Halla, Goddess of Life
    – Halla values and inspires creativity and appreciation of all life among her followers. She asks for nothing but strong opposition of Alun as a reward for her support. Her symbol is a four-pointed star and her color is white (white).

    > Harcamset, Goddess of Masks – Harcamset values and inspires deception and duality, often blessing twins especially, and enjoying creative offerings. Her symbol is a mask and her color is dark gray (dgray).

    > Horus, God of Dawn
    – Horus values and inspires hope and responsibility among his followers, appreciating expressions of this hope as the best offerings. His symbol is a sunrise and his color is yellow (yellow).

    > Israfil, God of Sand – Israfil values and inspires the restless, unsatisfied and nomadic spirit among his followers, appreciating only a good adventure as reward for his support. His symbol is a sanddune and his color is orange (orange).

    Kashina, Goddess of Gold
    – Kashina values and inspires charisma and the acquisition of wealth among her followers, appreciating copious offers of money and valuables most. Her symbol is a gold coin and her color is gold (gold).

    > Makto, God of Trees – Makto values those who listen to nature and other living beings and inspires them to stand strong with their beliefs, appreciating respect of nature more than anything. He enjoys constructive, creative offers that are not destroyed or harmed to be offered to him. His symbol is a tree and her color is dark green (dgreen).

    > Mara, Goddess of Fertility – Mara values and inspires affection, passion and devotion to the experience of pleasure among her followers. She appreciates proof of true love as offerings, items that have been imbued with true adoration – from the darkest love letters to secrets whispered ardently by a passion-blinded tongue. Mara is known for blessing her devotees with many children if they so wish, or none if that is their desire, as well as, according to legend, greatly improving the potency of certain nocturnal activities that she sees as the ultimate symbol of trust and unity under love. Her symbol is a ripe apple and her color is dark red (dred).

    > Orboteih, God of Luck – Orboteih values and inspires a spunky, adventurous spirit among his followers, especially blessing those with a healthy sense of humor. He prefers verbal offerings, asking for tale-weaving at least once every six days in return for his support. His symbol is a four-leaved clover and his color is teal (teal).

    > Ouranos, God of the Sky – Ouranos values and inspires honor and fair judgment among his followers. He blesses those who live an ethical lifestyle free of bias that strictly adheres to his principles, asking that his devotees pray to him at least once a day. His symbol is an orb and his color is dark blue (dblue).

    > Phylaeuka, Goddess of Land Animals – Phylaeuka values and inspires appreciation of all terrestrial fauna among her followers. She asks for nothing but protection and goodwill towards her children, needing no offerings. Her symbol is a pawprint and her color is brown (brown).

    > Varunak, God of Water Animals – Varunak values and inspires appreciation of all aquatic fauna among his followers. He asks for nothing but protection and goodwill towards his children, needing no offerings. His symbol is a whale's fishtail and his color is cobalt (cobalt).

    > Viravele, Goddess of Beauty – Viravele values and inspires the aesthetically pleasing and naturally graceful, whether through natural beauty or the application of magic, among her followers. She appreciates small, pretty trinkets, regardless of their value, from gemstones to feathers or seashells. Her symbol is a rose and her color is light green (lgreen).

    > Zannith, Goddess of Maternity – Zannith values and inspires bravery and the habit and passion of protecting the innocent among her followers, also acting as the patron of children, pregnant mothers and babies. She asks only love towards all youth and innocence from her followers. Her symbol is an open hand and her color is pink (pink).

    [ C

    Here's the code:
    Patron God/Goddess:

    Here are details for each field:
    Application Details (open)

    Name: Try to come up with an awesome fantasy name! Last names can be compound words (Willowclaw, Ferneye).

    I hope this is self-explanatory.

    Please specify an age. Regardless of your race, age is in human years.

    Please choose from the listed races. Be aware of how your nationality affects your race options.

    Please choose from the listed magics and read the note on magic in the "STORY" section. Be aware of how your racial affinity affects your magic options.

    Please choose from the three countries: Argentum, Eliydar or Shear.

    This is similar to Occupation but relates more to your social status. For example, if your Occupation is Rulership, your Position could be anyone royal or even aristocratic. Your Position should clarify, for example King, Queen, Aristocrat, the like.

    Your Occupation is your job. Be creative! You can be a merchant, a sailor, a slave, an escaped convict, or an armadillo rancher for all I care… Just make sure it ties in with the rest of your character's profile!

    Please include your character's strengths and weaknesses.

    Please include skin color, hair color, eye color, and any scars or disfigurements, as well as general physique (agile, powerful, stout, burly, scrawny, etc). You may include a picture.

    Please include where your character grew up, whether he/she ever faced any obstacles, his/her family relations, and how the Majesties' deaths have affected his/her life.

    Patron God/Goddess:
    You may invent gods/goddesses in this section, but please make sure to check the list of existing deities first. Gods/goddesses can be of abstract things like luck and hope, to corporeal things like trees and rivers. Deity names should fit into the fantasy genre. I will decide the deity's symbol and color, though I happily accept suggestions. I just want to avoid clichés.


    > Bellsong
    Ida Kyyel (open)

    Name: Ida Kyyel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Race: Bower
    Shield – Revive, Support, Mend
    Nationality: Argentum
    Position: Slave
    Occupation: works for Shear aristocrat Odeli Uarra

    Ida is a bright star in a dark place. Even on the most grueling day of hard work, she does her best to find something good in it, even if it isn't there.

    Ida is small and thin, lithe and very agile. She has dark skin, bright purple eyes, and short white hair. She has a scar on her left wrist, though she doesn't have the faintest clue why it is there. Her wings are about the average size for a Bower, if a little bigger. Right wing has a small tear in it that she got when she was younger, but it hasn't healed over the years.

    Born in Argentum but raised in Shear, Ida was stolen at age 7 and sold to a Shear aristocrat as a slave. She misses her three sisters and brother, but has worked her way around the feelings to survive the harsh conditions of her slavery. The death of the Majesties did not affect her.

    Patron Goddess:
    She was taught to worship Assha, Goddess of Shadows.

    > Asmodeus
    Karseun Geburich (open)

    Name: Karseun Geburich
    Gender: Male
    Age: 41
    Race: Erog
    Magic: Alter - Permute
    Nationality: Eliydar
    Position: Clergy
    Occupation: sage and scholar in the royal court

    Personality: Karseun Geburich is stoic, grumpy and severe.

    History: Geburich hails from the dwindling race of Erogs and is one of the few who involves himself with the bustling cities of the Acluu. He is known as a mentor and investigator, who can be called upon to solve a mystery or instruct a nobleman's children. Most of his time is devoted to teaching – a practice which most Erogs do not share with "lesser races". But Geburich believes that more is learned in teaching others, for in that act you reveal more quickly the things you do not know. His reputation is one of a cantankerous and difficult old man, but if one uses the right persuasion one can get him on board. He has a particular fondness for the royal family and often agrees to come in from his hermit dwellings to offer advice. At various times he has been appointed as a royal investigator, using his keen mind and skill with the Twain to reverse-analyze crime scenes and track criminals. Now, more than ever, the king of Eliydar requires his services.

    Patron Goddess: Erren, Goddess of the Winds

    > Sakura
    Cecille Havenschill (open)

    Name: Cecille Havenschill
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Race: Bower
    Magic: Light - Apparition
    Nationality: Argentum
    Position: Noble (daughter of the Queen's cousin), member of the Royal Court
    Occupation: Argenian ambassador, Royal Court representative

    Personality: The youngest representative of the Argenian Royal Court and a devoted follower of the Goddess Halla, Cecille is kind and good-natured. In debate and conflicts, she is a quick learner and quick thinker, easily bringing compromise to both sides without trouble. She takes pride in her work and seeks to continue learning.

    Appearance: With stunning blue eyes, blond hair and fair skin, Cecille takes after her deceased mother, a relative of the current Queen of Argentum. She is small in stature, as are many Bowers, but agile and quick on her feet. Her body shows athletic prowess although her appearance is rather delicate.

    History: Cecille grew up with the heir to Argentum, in the same chambers of the Argenian royalty. As a child, she was always eager to learn and accomplish, and thus the court sought to make her one of its own. At a young age, she was put into training. As a result, the future of Argentum is Cecille's first priority, and peace, her second. She wishes to solve the mystery of the heirs' disappearance, but also bring an end to the warring nations.

    Patron Goddess: Halla, Goddess of Life

    > Abracadabra
    Keda Angharra (open)

    Name: Keda Angharra
    Gender: Female
    Age: 29
    Race: Enser
    Magic: Wild – Charisma, Awareness, Empathy
    Nationality: Shear
    Position: Pauper
    Occupation: hunter

    Personality: Keda is very cautious and observant, with stunning senses and a way of knowing what people are feeling like. Still, having lived away from anyone but her adoptive father for so long, she is very independent and has enormous trouble working together with others, preferring solitude over interaction and disliking speech. She has her own mind and great endurance, willing to pull through to the end for a cause she supports. However, she is also naïve, and easily manipulated, since she is so unfamiliar with the world around her. Despite her suspicious nature, she has never met anyone she couldn't trust, though she knows through her father's stories that they do exist and what they can do.

    Appearance: Like all Wildes that specialize in animal magic, Keda possesses qualities of her soul animal, but otherwise looks relatively human. And while she is not conventionally beautiful, she stands out in other ways. Keda has a slender and willowy build, her lissome movements silent as a shadow, but the graceful movements are accompanied by a ripple of muscle hinting at great speed and agility, a result of years spent hunting in the forest. Her olive skin is thick but soft; her gray hair has grown to cover her in almost a soft down; and her nails are more like claws, but it is during the nighttime when her magic is most apparent. In the dark, her eyes glow amber, and she can see perfectly. Her long, glossy black hair is long and straight and falls to her waist when open, but she likes to keep it loosely plaited so that it doesn’t get tangled in something. Her dusky face is narrow but not angular, with broad cheekbones, a long, slim nose and dark, thin lips. Her enormous eyes, rimmed with dense black lashes and arched, thick ebony eyebrows, are very large and tinted an uncanny shade of lilting gray, reminiscent of the surface of the moon, and just as captivating. She moves like a shadow and could easily be mistaken for one; her motions are filled with the natural, spellbinding ease of a confident hunter. Her gray eyes have an almost hypnotizing quality to them at times. Typically Keda wears obviously self-made hide clothing, which tends to sport several dark brown stains (whether mud or blood is debatable) and is frequently bedecked in twigs and leaf litter. Her attire is not, however, torn or in bad condition, for whenever Keda’s clothes rip or grow scruffy and uncomfortable, she makes new ones; due to her occupation as a hunter, she can produce as much clothing for herself as she likes, whenever she likes. Keda does not wear jewelry of any kind, as it tends to snag and make noises that will alert her prey, as well as being expensive and useless. She owns a pair of proper shoes for when she travels, but in the forest she simply wears primitive sandals designed to protect the soles of her feet from sharp objects and soften the sounds of her footsteps.

    History: Keda was a bastard, born to a woman who had committed adultery with a married man. The woman was killed and, according with the law of her village, Keda was abandoned into the forest to die. Being a defenseless baby, she probably would have, had not a professional hunter named Hol, possessed of an extraordinarily kind and generous heart, found the little child and, upon discovering her racial skills, recognized her value as a business associate and been charmed utterly by the infant’s adorable cooing noises and charismatic eyes. He raised her in the forest, teaching her how to hunt as well as him, and better. Growing up in a sylvan environment allowed Keda to form an intensely close bond with nature, and by her twenty-third birthday she had surpassed even her father in her skill as a hunter, though her ability to charm animals with her haunting grey eyes contributed to her success. Three years ago, Hol died tragically in a terrible hunting accident; a rotten tree branch snapped and fell upon him, puncturing his skull and instantly killing him. Heartbroken, Keda grew even more secluded from civilization, shunning the cities and roads and enjoying the wilderness, but still, the solitude often gets to her.

    Patron God: Aousai, God of the Hunt

    Flavya de Rose (open)

    Name: Flavya Alyanna Empyrri de Rose
    Gender: Female
    Age: 34
    Race: Snaca
    Magic: Toxin – Poison
    Nationality: Shear
    Position: Aristocrat
    Occupation: merchant

    Personality: Flavya may look innocuous and act carefree, but underneath all that is a sharp, highly observant, and viciously calculating mind. She is not known for her scruples, and being one of Triera's most successful merchants, she is not above fraud and extortion to get her way. While Alya is very experienced, most who know not her identity take her to be a common trader, and she is proud of her sophistication. She is an expert actor and can put on many masks, and deception can be an enjoyable game to her. She is extremely proud, and cannot tolerate an infringement of her dignity; her enemies have been known to be struck by one disaster after another until they are finally decimated by a flick of her hand. Notably, however, Alya refrains from methods many of her contemporaries and colleagues regularly employ – she hates murder and seduction, finding them petty and amateur ways to vanquish an opponent. Instead, she elaborately plots brilliant, complex strategies to take down competition and foes, with dozens of back-up plans. She is very influential because of her control of the market, her connections, her wealth and her ability to blackmail many esteemed men and women involved in government and economy.

    Appearance: Due to her magic, vigorous lifestyle and care with appearances, Alya looks at least five, if not ten, years younger than she really is, but for some hard lines around her mouth and a depth to her eyes. She has sharp, yellow-green eyes that can adopt a variety of expressions, from glazed and naïve to sage and witty to cruel and malicious to sultry and seductive. Cascading stylishly to her hips is a frothing storm of copper-red tresses, wavy and quite dense. She possesses an attractive face, with delicate bone structure, rosy cheeks, a smattering of freckles and a perpetual smile that can be interpreted as most anything, so dubious is its nature, though usually it just looks mocking. She is willowy and looks to be very frail, but her speed is incredible, and she is easily underestimated. Flavya invests great care in her appearance, more out of pride than vanity. She has stockpiled a large fortune, small pieces of it tucked away here and there, and is never seen in shabby clothing unless that is her specific intention. She loves to wear jewelry and expensive silks, and travels often; thus her garb is a combination of familiar and exotic components, reflecting cultures across the globe.

    History: Flavya has been a merchant her whole life, ever since she can remember, and has been caught up in shady deals, corruption and ripoffs on a daily basis, but she has rarely been deceived, as she is such a master of the art herself. Unfortunately, this and her extremely busy life has greatly impeded any romantic opportunities, and Flavya is resentful of the fact.

    Patron Goddess: Kashina, Goddess of Gold

    > Church
    Dellasan Rosefeather (open)

    Name: Dellasan Rosefeather
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Race: Bower
    Magic: Nature – Spring, Treat, Trance
    Nationality: Argentum
    Position: Royal Servant
    Occupation: handmaiden

    Personality: Like almost any bower, Dellasan holds the inherited quick wit, curiosity, humor and sense of adventure of her people. Still a child, but forced to mature, she tries to supress her playful urges to do her job right, and holds a sadness hidden in her eyes.

    Appearance: Dellasan has fair hair and brown eyes.

    History: Dellasan grew up in a small hut in a rural area near the capital. She and her mother would gather herbs, and use them for medical practices. They would gather in the forest, produce the proper poultice or salve, and then travel by foot all the way to the capital, where they would sell the medicine or treat a patient. When Dellasan was nine, her mother passed away. Dellasan tried to continue the jobs on her own, but soon learned that few people trusted a nine year old as a healer. In need of money, she travelled back to the capital and gained a job as a handmaiden, a personal servant to the royals. Dellasan never sold her old home, and still visits it today, on the few days she can.

    Patron Goddess: Erren, Goddess of Wind

    Vivili Kilmoi (open)

    Name: Vivili Kilmoi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Race: Enser
    Magic: Dark – Delusion (Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch)
    Nationality: Shear
    Position: Slave
    Occupation: slave to Emmilla Sanclair

    Personality: Vivili is silent and blessed with an unbreakable will. She believes lies are necessary for protection, and holds a sharp mind.

    Appearance: Vivili has dark hair, dark brown eyes and dusky skin.

    History: She can barely remember her life from before. The slight fragment of the warm smile of her mother, by the even warmer fire in the hearth. The soft rumble of her father’s laugh, with the cloudy gray of his eyes. Just bits and pieces. And the day she turned six, and went off, and got snatched by a slave trader. She has been a slave ever since, with master after master selling her to gain profit. Over the years, she has come to hate mirrors and other reflecting surfaces; due to the fact she has come to hate her appearance. Told she is beautiful, she has come to hate it, because of what happens to all the "beautiful" slaves...

    Patron Goddess: Harcamset, Goddess of Masks

    > Azrael
    Adan Armando (open)

    Name: Adan Armando
    Gender: Male
    Age: 60
    Race: Gelu
    Magic: Elemental – Transcend
    Nationality: Argentum
    Position: Pauper
    Occupation: fisherman

    Personality: A sadist in short. Adan can be superficially charming when he needs to, though any compassion he shows is lies and twisted words. He is always emitting an air of carefree happiness, though on the inside he is apathetic. The only joy this world seems to bring him is the pain and suffering in others.

    Appearance: Adan is tall with well-defined muscles, though his stomach is a little softer and rounder then when he was younger. He is completely bald though he does have a rough, gray beard. His eyes were a dark green, but now are muddy brown. His face is no longer as smooth as he remembers; wrinkles from his smiling has caused his skin to sag, but he looks quite well for a man his age. His teeth (which give him such a wonderful smile) are perfectly straight and white and have not rotted or fallen out like in many a man of his age. His skin is a very dark brown, a reflection of his soul since birth, and has hardened over the recent years, almost as tough as tree bark, and became a shade lighter due to his elemental soul, stone.

    History: Born in a small village near the edge of the land of Eliydar, Adan grew up as a fishermen along the rocky shores, and many of his young years were spent in a combination of hard work with his father and rough play with his brother. He constantly fought with his younger brother, only a few years apart, but he was the stronger of them both. When they played games as children, Adan would always win or make up rules so he would win and if he didn't win he would beat his brother. Sometimes he'd beat his brother even if he won.

    The Geli have strong bonds, stronger amongst family, but even so there comes a time when a young grows restless and yearns to see more of the world. So eventually he and his brother came to the day were they waved goodbye to their parents and set off into the wilderness. When they were still next to the shoreline but far away from their people, Adan took a knife and stabbed it deep into his brothers ribs, puncturing his lung. He watched as his brother slowly asphyxiated before dumping into the sea.

    He spent a good portion of years out in the woods hunting, preferring to torture the animal before killing it and putting it's body to use (if he even felt like it). Every so often he would venture close to a small town and even rarer would he kidnap someone and take them into the wilderness to be slowly tortured and killed. One such kidnapping in particular comes to mind when he managed to lure a young girl into the woods with him, she came willing due to his charming smile and wit. But when she realized the danger she was in, when he tried subduing her, she caught him by surprise and viciously stabbed a knife in his leg.

    She tried running back to her village but he killed her with a falling boulder. The knife wound severely injured his leg and even when it healed fully, he was forced to limp with it. Knowing how much harder it would be now to continue his acts, he left for another country altogether. Argentum. He spent most of his time in Argentum venturing around small villages, sometimes a large town, working odd jobs and charming locals. But with his injury he was never able to kidnap anyone ever again.

    Eventually he felt like he should settle down somewhere and ended up in a small village off the coast catching fish, just like his old days. Almost, but without the ability to inflict harm and the sleepy serenity the world seem to be drifting to, he felt discomfort. But that's when the heirs turned up missing on that bloody ship. The resulting confusion and hostility rejuvenated him, his only wish is that they never find the heirs or that Blessed Isle.

    Patron Goddess: Eir, Goddess of Dusk

    Gil (open)

    Name: Gil
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Race: Enser
    Magic: none
    Nationality: Shear
    Position: Proletariat
    Occupation: soldier/beggar

    Personality: Gil is selfish, cowardly and self-pitying. He is not one to disobey orders or go against traditions; instead, he tries to stay out of things in fear of getting hurt. Gil does not truly care for anyone but himself and will not go out of the way to please others, feeling as if the whole world is against him and feeling sorry for himself if things aren't going his way. He is addicted to gambling.

    Appearance: Rough- and haggard-looking, Gil has tanned skin from days out in the sun that has been weathered by hard labor. He has long, shaggy hair that is usually unkempt, with light green eyes that are sunken and crooked teeth. His cheeks are gaunt and concave, like the skin is being pulled tight over his skull. His fingernails are long and he is missing two fingers on his left hand. His clothes and skin are dirty.

    History: Gil was not like other Enser from birth; for one he was an orphan (his mother being windowed and then falling ill), and additionally he had no magical talent, but mostly it was because he hated animals. While most Enser seemed to share some kind of connection with creatures, Gil had none and in fact he hated them. He got a bad reputation from other kids because he would kick puppies and small cats for the fact that he despised their existence.

    Because of this he got a reputation of being a bully in his early years, but this quickly faded for whenever he was approached, he would run away and instead he got a growing acknowledgment that he was a coward. Sometimes, if he could not run or beg his ways out of situation, he would have to act as a punching bag. This happened more and more frequently as he neared adulthood, as a result he knows how to take a hit or two.

    As his childhood came to an end, he found himself with no real skills or trades and reluctantly joined his nations army as a standard foot soldier. He distinguished himself in battle not by honor or bravery, but by being able to keep himself in one piece for so long. This was simply because of his cowardly methods, staying behind other men and using them for shields, throwing sand in his enemies eyes, etc.

    He rose through ranks simply because he was able to stay alive. But when the fighting finally ceased he ended up back in his homeland with no skills or trades to work. For a while he lived off the money he earned or looted during his time in the military, but it disappeared rapidly on the account of his addiction to gambling. This caused him to turn to the streets and beg and curse at the world and all those who were more successfully then him.

    The “incident” with the boat and the disappearance of the heirs has mixed results on him. On one side there is certain to be skirmishes, and that means he could easily get off the streets and onto the field. But on the other side, that would mean he would be putting his life on the line, and he does not like putting his life on the line.

    Patron Goddess: Orboteih, God of Luck

    > Kairoga
    Enilede Clawhunter (open)

    Name: Enilede Clawhunter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Race: Gwydde
    Magic: Nature – Trance, Treat
    Nationality: Argentum
    Position: Veteran Ranger
    Occupation: ranger of Argentum's standing military, hunter

    Personality: Like the rest of the Gwddye, Enilede is reclusive and always silent, and dislikes those who are loud and disrespectful. Though he does understand Argentum's Common Tongue, Enilede doesn't make it obvious.

    Appearance: With green hair and eyes, Enilede Clawhunter is of medium build for a Gwydde. Seen normally wearing Argenian ranger clothing, he carries with him a ranger's quiver and a master's bow with which he is skilled, as well as a couple of small knives for various uses. Quick on his feet and a master of camouflage, Enilede is very hard to track in sylvan environments.

    History: Born to regular Gwydde parents, Enilede's childhood was mostly spent in the forests of Argentum. Striking off on his own at the age of 19, the Gwydde traveled to Argentum's capital, Edel, and was recruited into Argentum's standing military to help defend against raiders. Considered to be young for a Gwydde ranger, Enilede quickly excelled with the bow. Fighting his first time at age 29 against raiders from Shear, he watched in horror as the Shear killed without mercy and took civilians prisoner. It was only by luck that he heard a stick crack behind him, just in time to kill the Tarnen that tried to take his life. Because of that Enilede began to believe in Orboteih. He has been in other such conflicts before, fighting with the tight control and precision that has given him the position of a Veteran Ranger. Enilede prefers to stay away from society; however, he is one of the more frequently seen Gwydde since he occasionally appears in small towns to trade hides for supplies he cannot get in the forest. Enilede's current mission is simply to patrol the coasts and forests, watching out for raiding ships to report them to local towns so that he and other soldiers can fight them back effectively.

    Patron Goddess: Orboteih, God of Luck

    Tattersail Bladesinger (open)

    Name: Tattersail Bladesinger
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Race: Acluv
    Magic: Sword – Drain, Carve
    Nationality: Eliydar
    Position: Warrior Priestess
    Occupation: holy soldier of the Eliydan military

    Tattersail Bladesinger is a Warrior Priestess, driven by faith to destroy the heretics of other nations, and to hopefully convert those of her own nation. With a strong sense of pride and loyalty under her belt, she is determined to complete anything she sets her mind to. Indifferent to most gods, Tattersail is very malignant towards Assha and her followers as she finds them the true opposites of her moral beliefs or her god.

    Appearance: Tattersail has copper hair and chestnut brown eyes.

    History: As a young girl, Tattersail was a true embodiment of the simple minded Acluv, tending to wander quite frequently to locations not fit for a young child. During one such incident, Tattersail found herself trapped by two wild Sagants. Frozen in fear she did the one thing she could do: scream. But as she screamed, a bestial roar filled the air, scaring away the Sagants. Astounded by this, Tattersail looked up to see in the sky, a large bird of prey circling above. Naturally, she did what any other simple minded person would do, conclude it as an act of Ouranos. She returned home, driven by her gratitude to Ouranos, with a new ambition; to devote her life to the Sky God. During these turbulent times, Tattersail finds herself a warrior priestess of Eliydar's military ranks.

    Patron Goddess: Ouranos, God of the Sky

    > Elflady
    Yudee Willowclaw (open)

    Name: Yudee Willowclaw
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Race: Gwydde
    Magic: Nature – Treat, Trance
    Nationality: Argentum
    Position: Pauper
    Occupation: hunter

    Personality: Yudee is a quite vain, calm and proud person, she thinks highly of her skills, her god and the nature around her, making her sensitive to insults against them. This is also one of her weaknesses, as she has a hard time imagining herself losing it tends to make her too sure of herself. Also gruff, cold and a loner, she dislikes being around too much people, preferring only a few if necessary. Instead, she prefers the company of nature and animals; she carries her own weight and doesn't want others to help her. She is a hunter and lives off nature, but Yudee never hunts when she doesn't need to and always uses the entire body of her kill to honour nature. She sells what she doesn't use and sometimes hunts for those who pay her but never too much in one place.

    Yudee spends much time outdoors and that has made her a follower of nature's law, the strong will survive and the weak will fall and do not deserve to be helped. Yudee uses sign language when she can and doesn't talk much, resulting in a slightly raspy voice. She only speaks when absolutely necessary and even then, she uses her hands and body a lot to enhance her words. Yudee knows sign language the best, of course, but also Argenian; however, the Common language of all countries is unknown to her. Still, she knows a few words, enough to point out a thing or two and tell her name but not much else.

    In battle she can be both ruthless and cruel, not sparing the enemy's life, but she won't attack just anyone or if she's teased. But if someone attacks her, continuously taunts her or straight-out insults her pride, she will fight back, though it's not likely she will kill the offender if that person doesn't threaten her life. Also, just because a person is a foreigner doesn't mean Yudee will kill them in cold blood, as she is a generally open-minded person that knows not to generalize. She realizes that not everyone wants war or destruction, so Yudee will wait until she sees what kind of person they are; this is also true for her own country's people. She is a capable fighter and good at what she does, but feels that unnecessary violence is for thugs. Yudee will only fight when necessary and hates to kill in cold blood.

    Despite all her tough attitude, Yudee can be quite sensitive and at times fragile, like a rose with thorns; but she hides all those feelings from others, as she regards them as weak, and she will not acknowledge them because of these beliefs. Beneath her tough façade Yudee can be quite fragile mentally, with all her strong beliefs and skills she is afraid to open up to people and make friends. Like the majority of the solitary Gwydde race, she grew up with few others around, and even as an adult she rarely sees people. When she does, she is afraid to get hurt by others emotionally if she allows them to get close to her. As she is close to nature, Yudee sometimes, when she is contemplative, relates herself to a rose with thorns, beautiful and a bit fragile, yet strong and capable.

    Appearance: Her waist long hair, always put up in a pony tail with feathers woven in it, is a vivid red with a purple hue at the tips, resembling a flower, and her skin is smooth and slightly rubbery with a de-saturated greenish colour over her otherwise olive skin, resembling the stem of a flower.

    History: Yudee never knew her father more than name and a brief meeting; her mother raised her until she was old enough to live on her own, having been trained to survive in the wild since she was old enough to understand words and signs. Yudee started travelling at once, living off nature, hunting with her long bow and dagger, only coming into towns to sell furs or other objects made from the animals she hunts. She mostly trades to get things she can't make herself, as Yudee deems money unnecessary for her life, but she does keep a small bag of it just in case. When the boat with all the heirs appeared bloody and empty, she didn't care at all, it didn't affect her and so it wasn't her problem, but when the war threatened to break out Yudee realised that her peaceful life was threatened. So she fights to protect her country from the invaders so she can continue living her life in peace. She doesn't fight in a certain group or anything yet, but if she's presented the opportunity then she'll take it.

    Patron Goddess: Makto, God of Trees

    Jun'Tzia Flowingspirit (open)

    Name: Jun'Tzia Flowingspirit
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Race: Gelu
    Magic: Elemental – Maven, Component, Compound
    Nationality: Eliydar
    Position: Commoner
    Occupation: librarian's assistant

    Jun is a sweet and honest woman, she travels a lot but when she meets others she is open and friendly, enjoying others company and often respecting people from first meeting them, this leads to her being a bit too trusting. She doesn't believe in violence and prefers to read and study but she is skilled in the use of dual swords, though Jun will only fight to protect herself and others. She normally would never hold a grudge or seek out battle but since her three friends were killed in an ambush Jun is determined to get revenge and to rid Eliydar of the invaders. Her guilt, fear and sorrow has never left her after the ambush and hides under her carefree nature, her want for revenge goes against her non violence nature and that puts more guilt on her. Jun still keeps a positive attitude despite her troubles, believing that if she gives in entirely to her guilt her goal is not obtainable.

    Appearance: Her long brown hair is partially put up and is starting to fade into a sandy blonde and her green eyes have gained a ring of sky blue around her iris that is steadily growing the more she uses her element, air. She stands at a towering 6'2" and is dressed in a simple beige top with dull green edges and a lighter pattern, her matching ankle long skirt have no green on though, she wears a pair of soft light leather boots. Her slim figure shows her athletic and quick traits while clearly showing her physical strength isn't her best feature.

    History: Having grown up with several other Gelu and never being alone, everything she did Jun did with others, despite being peaceful Jun us trained in fighting, using her dual swords, she works best in teams though and looses a bit of self confidence if fighting alone. After deciding to see more of Eliydar Jun and three other Gelu left to travel around, they worked together like a team, getting so close it was like a single entity but then the war threatened to break out.

    Jun and her friends fell in an ambush and only Jun managed to escape with her life from the invaders. Keeping herself alive with her control over air, Jun managed to reach the capital Aisak by manipulating the weather to travel safely. However, her guilt over surviving her friends while not being able to help them keeps her back and she fears that if others trust her in battle she'll get them killed as well. In the city she has worked as a helper in a library and training her skills with her swords, she is determined to get revenge on her friends, including the man she had begun to develop feelings for. As she has spent time in Aisak she is capable at understanding the common language of the three nations though she has a harder time at speaking, Jun is also fluent in Eliydar's own tongue.

    Patron Goddess: Halla, Goddess of Life

    > Chrona
    Aveline Archcloak (open)

    Name: Aveline Archcloak
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Race: Gelu
    Magic: Ghost – talented (Projection, Materialization, Possession)
    Nationality: Eliydar
    Position: Passive, neutral ghost

    When Aveline was alive, she was very cheerful, friendly, honest, and loyal. Though after she died, Aveline found it hard to stay cheerful. She is still polite, and does her best to put on a cheerful face for the living since she rather not make them want to harm her.

    Appearance: Being a ghost, she is see-through. Her form barely lets light pass through her, and her body is blurred around the edges, making her not look solid. Aveline is only 4'10" and weighs nothing since she is a ghost. Her dress goes down just an inch past her knees, and she doesn't wear shoes. Her clothes were the ones she died in. She will make it look like she is walking when she moves around, just to feel more like she isn't really dead and not to freak out anyone all that much. Whenever Aveline becomes depressed, burns will appear on her right side of her face, both of her fore arms and partly on her upper arms, as well as her areas on her torso and legs, and even her dress will look burned. Aveline has green eyes and dark hair.

    History: Aveline was born and raised in a small village away from the big cities. She was always more weak and fragile compared to the others. On her thirteenth birthday, there was a horrible accident in the stables, causing a massive fire that spread quickly throughout the village. Aveline was trapped in her own home and died. Only her older brother and a few other villagers survived the tragic event. Not being able to move on, Aveline stayed in Triera as a ghost.

    Patron Goddess: Horus, God of Dawn

    > Vay
    Gnorak Sherson (open)

    Name: Gnorak Sherson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Tarnen
    Magic: Dark – Phobia, Distortion, Incarcerate
    Nationality: Shear
    Position: Envoy
    Occupation: warlord's retinue

    Amiable and well grounded, Gnorak is trained for court and is a gentleman and gracious host when needed. Tasked to entertain guests in peacetime and deliver ultimatums in wartime he is easily underestimated, an unwise mistake in the Shear court games where every move is a battle for survival, even in a system that claims to be largely democratic. One must be on top of one's game at all times, as one never knows who one will turn to, and see only a glittering blade. His continued survival in Shear's political system and his slow yet steady rise, as well as several misfortunes that had befallen some of his rivals, should be sufficient warning that he is not to be underestimated.

    Appearance: Gnosak has white hair, red eyes and grayish, pallid skin.

    History: Raised in a temple to Erebus and named after one of the stars in the night sky, Gnorak bore the brunt of the persecution all Tarna face at a young age. He began to see himself as tainted, as undeserving of the generosity of any god but Alun and his followers. But one of the priests, an elderly man near his death, took the boy under his wing and showed him that through thought and reflection he could redefine himself and not bow to others' judgments and expectations. In the last year of his life, his mentor sent an adolescent Gnorak away from temple life to learn the ways of the gentry (or what passed for it in the land of Shear), knowing the boy could never be content with life at the temple. Indeed, Gnorak wanted to make something of himself. He was accepted into the retinue of a warlord as a diplomat for his striking appearance and the superstitions regarding his race, hoping it would intimidate his rivals into compliance. If the whispers are true, he only continues working for the warlord because he has no desire to become one himself.

    Patron Goddess: Erebus, God of Night

    > Kilk
    Kilk Nagara (open)

    Name: Kilk Nagara
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Race: Bower
    Magic: Light – Apparition, Mirage, Sustain (Sight, Touch)
    Nationality: Argentum
    Position: Pauper (ex-slave)
    Occupation: freedom fighter, radical abolitionist

    Over the years, Kilk has been through some dramatic life changes. Originally, he was content with his life, and there could not be a happier person to come across. Now, he has changed due to enslavement and his first kill. He has been reshaped in an entirely different way, while still retaining some of what made him who he is. On the surface, Kilk is a very clever, happy, and determined person. He has an undying amount of love for life, and will do everything he can to preserve it, even if it is an enemy. On the inside however, he finds himself much darker than his surface counterpart. He carries true contempt for the Shear, and has almost lost what truly made him who he was: his love. He treats all others around him with a good façade of respect, but will show slight signs of hatred when even near one of the Shear. He is far from a shell of man, and has combined his naturally creative nature into every aspect of his life, coming up with fantastic ideas to save himself from harm. He continuously uses his mind to outwit others in childish ways, as he has yet to fully mature emotionally. Now he is left to grow as a person, and he has a lot of experiences to catch up on.

    Appearance: Kilk has blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

    History: Kilk Nagara was originally just an innocent Bower boy of fourteen years old, living a peaceful life in the Argentum. His lifestyle was very carefree and simple, as he never actually saw the face of combat even once. He was instead naturally inclined to love the arts and humanities, due to being raised in his small and cultured village. His life was one that could easily fit into the dreams of someone his age, and he couldn't ask for more. He never had any dreams of being a huge adventurer, and combat was out of the question. At most, he simply wanted to explore and take in the beautiful sights the world had to offer. There was almost no possible way he could have a negative outlook on life. His family was loving, his friends were nice as can be, and he had not yet experienced anything that was truly traumatizing for a boy of his age. That is, until one terrible night had changed his entire outlook on life.

    One night, while sleeping in his village, he heard the screams of people all around him. There was smoke filling the air, and a vibe of chaos swept over the entire atmosphere. Kilk's father quickly rushed into his room and grabbed him, carrying him out of the house. Kilk was in a complete state of shock. Everything he had come to know and love was being destroyed from around him, and the ones causing this, the Shear. The people he cared for were being cut down with the slightest of ease, and consequently, his world was falling apart. To add insult to injury, he not only witnessed his own family's death, but was taken by the Shear and forced to become a slave.

    It was six years of misery and hardship, and finally it all paid off for the now twenty year old Kilk. His will to survive was admirable, but it was finally coming to an end. That is until, one day, he noticed an opening. His Enser Guard had been talking to a noble, and Kilk's creative nature took over. He stayed close to his guard, knowing full well the guard had just purchased new apparel yesterday. The guard, who was busy showing off, told Kilk to fetch the outfit, and undid his shackles. Kilk did fetch the outfit, but he never returned with it. Instead, Kilk put on the outfit, which now constricted his wings, and allowed him to appear more like Enser than ever before. This was only at first glance of course, but it was all Kilk needed.

    Kilk used this moment to seize the day, and walked off away from the town he trapped in. He eventually arrived in a small fishing village, and continued taking advantage of his own creative nature. He walked along the coast and found a house much further off, clearly housing a hermit. He found the man, and unfortunately killed him, which was the first person Kilk had ever killed, and he surely hated it. The feeling of killing left a huge impaction his persona, and reshaped his entire mental frame, which due to being a slave, was already on the hinges.

    Kilk took up religion, and found himself truly growing closer and closer to Halla. By killing, he found himself appreciating life even further, and was now driven to cherish it completely. This gave him a newfound motivation, and yet another plan.Kilk had come to the decision, to become a freedom fighter, with the goal of saving every slave the Shear had taken. First he had to create a dwelling in which he could not be found, and luckily, he had just found one. He spent four years gathering supplies, honing new skills, and working on his magic. Now, at the age of twenty four, Kilk is ready to put his mind to the test.

    Patron Goddess: Halla, Goddess of Life

    > Siras Cortage
    Ario Solinus (open)

    Name: Ario Solinus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Race: Tarnen
    Magic: Wild
    Nationality: Shear
    Position: Nobility
    Occupation: independent Shear warrior

    Ario is a rather calm individual who is a talented speaker, with enough control to never make his feelings on a subject immediately known, although a close look can tell, subtle clenchings, small changings in his tone, but nothing truly major. He is a Shear Nationalist in the end, and would happily work towards the betterment of Shear in the end, with true democracy and freedom for all.

    Appearance: Ario is tall and lithe, his motions like liquid when he walks. He is pale, though not unhealthy, and has long ebon hair that is usually kept in a tight ponytail or long braid down his back. His eyes are a pale icy blue that adds to his unnerving demeanor.

    History: Ario is the youngest son of one of a minor noble, although not legitimate. He is a baseborn son while his father was on a diplomatic trip, and when Ario was born, he took the child with him. Being raised by the noble made his life better than other illegitimates, he received a strong education as well as combat training. His father instilled nationalism and a strong pride in the culture of Shear, but he then met a Bower boy, a slave, who seemed to miss 'freedom' and he wondered why the boy was in chains, and he saw no Shear in his position. So when democracy came, he saw it as a step closer to freedom for the Shear, but as he grew older, he found laws too constricting to work for the betterment of Shear, so he decided to begin taking it into his hands, he became a self titled, 'Warrior of Shear' and works to strengthen Shear in his own way. So he did, and then the incident came. He became suspicious of the other nations, and wishes to find out what happened to the diplomats on that boat.

    Patron Goddess: none

    > Arashi
    Cheemlen Mossgrove / Honey (open)

    Name: Cheemlen Mossgrove
    Nickname: Honey
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Race: Elek
    Magic: Shield
    Nationality: Argentum
    Position: Slave
    Occupation: slave of Warlord Vamshac

    Cheem is nasty and temperamental, prone to beating the snot out of people who deserve it instead of turning a blind eye. She's impatient with people when they don’t understand her gestures, and sometimes she throws small tantrums out of frustration. Despite all this, no one harms weaker people where she might see, hear, or somehow catch wind of it. She is always busy and does what needs doing even if it isn't her job.

    Appearance: Cheem is excessively dirty and smelling of sweat, babies, and dirt, always a little bruised or cut up. Her general facial shape is small and angular with an average sized, straight nose. Thick black tangles reach her hips. Her eyes are wide and gold, tilted up in the outer corners when they aren’t all squinty and angry. Her muscles are lean and strong, but she can’t get rid of her constantly pudgy and filled-out figure. She wears giant man clothes. No one knows what she looks like when there aren’t several layers of dirt clinging to her.

    History: Cheem grew up in a very secluded and poor village in Argentum to the head of the village. She was the oldest of eight children, and was born mute. Her mother was a midwife and insisted upon making all her female children (four) become midwives as well, but their father was obsessed with making the mall work around the village repairing homes, fending off occasional invaders, breaking up spats, and doing anything else that needed to be done.

    As a midwife, Cheem started training and learning very early but was barely taught how to read or write. When she was sixteen, she took her two youngest sisters to help their aunt deliver twins. The woman and her husband lived close to the water,and their home was secluded. Shortly after the twins were delivered, the home was broken into. Cheem and her thirteen-year-old sister Willa were both taken, but their aunt, other sister, and the babies were all safe. The siblings were sold to different households.

    Where she went, no one knew her name; they just knew she was temperamental and nasty, so they called her “Honey” and it stuck. As far as war-lords go, Vamshac is a just person, and rather compassionate and generous towards his slaves. He sees them as a worthy investment. Vamshac has men guarding his home and watching the slaves. Some are a bit cruel, but they give Cheemlen another job to do. She slowly and tediously shoved her way into Vamshac’s good graces by finally proving that she was useful in battle and as a midwife and babysitter. It saved her life after she started a bad fight with one of the men.

    Patron Goddess: Zannith, Goddess of Maternity

    > Orion
    Cobier Tenroh (open)

    Name: Cobier Tenroh
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Race: Snaca
    Magic: Toxin
    Nationality: Shear
    Position: Criminal
    Occupation: assassin

    Rendered dull to the sight of death through rigorous psychological conditioning, Cobier holds no pity or mercy for the suffering of others. Slaughtering an entire family will bring him no guilt in a true sociopathic display of behavior. It is this coldness which led to his remorseless cruelty toward animals. Despite his cold nature the truly frightening side of Cobier is his temper. Compared to the rest of his clan, Cobier possessed an abundance of anger within himself since his thirteenth year. No one is exactly sure where it comes from since neither his parents nor his instructors ever displayed such aggressive personality traits. But what is certain is that once he has been pushed past the limits of his patience, his true hot-blooded nature erupts forth not unlike a swarm of angry hornets stirred from the hive.
    After the curse was placed upon him, what little humanity he had has been buried. Deep down he truly is a monster and his appearance now reflects the evil lurking within. Only the loyalty to his clan and their ideals keeps him in check. Perhaps though, beneath it all is just a soul in torment. But it would take one hell of a miracle to dig that deep into him.

    Appearance: Cobier has a slightly more gaunt appearance than this due to his constant work with toxins yet still retains an ever agile and acrobatic body. Also he possesses the slitted pupils which always give away the racial heritage of his kind. Though his are distinctly a dark violet color. Chocolate brown is the color of his hair when sunlight blesses it with sufficient illumination. When compared to many others of his rare race, his skin is a much more pale yellowish hue than most due to his young age. Thanks to a curse placed upon him by Phylaeuka, Goddess of Animals he has the unmistakably monstrous deformity of his teeth having been replaced by venomous insect-like stingers. Just opening his mouth can give away the fact he is not to be trusted by anyone. Let alone what it has done to his love life.

    Unlike the above picture, the coloration of his 'casual' clothes are different. Rather than white, his shirt is just as black as the armored pieces adorning the outfit. Meanwhile the red trim is actually a dark violet color which matches his eyes.

    When walking around in broad daylight he often wears breathable cloth wrappings similar to the image below in addition to the clothing above. Though this is only when he actually has the time to put on the wrappings. If pressed for time he will forgo the wrappings. However, during assassinations he dresses in a black outfit.

    History: Raised within a clan of assassins called the Vespidae, his destiny was pretty much laid out before him from birth. A strong feeling of conforming to the clan was instilled in him early on to prevent any sort of betrayal later on in life. Most of his life was spent hiding and training with them in a forest stronghold. Excelling in several facets of assassination turned into his hobby with little regard toward seeking a mate or any sort of physical love for that matter. Thus it has been jokingly speculated that Cobier is still a virgin. Although to confirm such for a male is always harder than a female. Instead he practiced day and night every tactic taught to him by the master assassins. Soon the apprentice had trained himself to a level of agility and proto-parkour that he often is likened to an insect when in motion. Tenroh's superiors showed displays of pride and fear toward his ability to scale the environment. Under supervision he even showed them a predilection toward improvising a new style of killing.

    Thus the 'Stinger style' was born unto the world.

    A weapon crafted after watching other assassins use daggers and other weapons for so long called to mind a weapon resembling the stinger of an insect. Designs formed in his mind's eye with such an acuteness that only a Snaca could possess. Nearly two months went into the careful tinkering of the unique weapon under a feverish compulsion to complete what might very well be his legacy. Strapped onto the arm, it resembles a type of gauntlet-harness which carries a foot long lance-like weapon concealed within the sleeves of the user. It rests on the outside of the wielder's arm and the mechanism is controlled by a palm control which requires a fist to be made. But while the edges are dull, the sharpened tip has hardly ever met a type of skin or armor that it cannot pierce. It has proven itself capable of piercing flesh, animal hide, wood, and shoddy iron armor. However any armor of true quality can stand up to even the strongest of Cobier's blows. But this only causes the adept assassin to seek out gaps in armor and exploit any weakness possible. Given the chance to make a kill. . . he will take it without hesitation. Obviously the stone of a castle wall can stop his weapon cold. In addition, he often poisons the blade with a venom extract taken from deadly insects inhabiting the wilderness.

    And it is from this poison that his downfall came.

    For many months he blatantly ignored the traditional process of extracting venom from the various insects he utilized in creating his particular poison. He killed them, rather than extracting the venom and releasing them back into the wild. Why? For the base of his poison he had chosen the venom of a particularly deadly insect. One so violent that if it were released back into the wild it would come right back to attack the one who had restrained it. So rather than get covered in welts or possibly die. . . he simply killed them. Every single one of his elders warned him against this cruelty several times. Told him that sooner or later his actions would more than likely anger one of the gods and that as assassins the hatred of Halla was always upon them. But he refused to listen to them, obsessed with having the deadliest poison in all of Shear.

    One day, he awoke feeling no different than the day before it. But when he smiled at his parents they both recoiled from him in horror as though he had turned into a demon. Unsettled by their reaction he asked what was wrong with him. Surely it would take quite a bit to frighten a pair of parents who were trained assassins? They told him that it was his teeth. . . that they had changed into something else entirely. Quickly he ran to the nearest lake and smiled at himself. What he saw seared itself into his violet eyes forever.

    The sight of his teeth turned to stingers.

    Cursed by the Goddess of Animals, Phylaeuka, though he himself does not know exactly which God or Goddess afflicted him with such a monstrous curse. But everything has a purpose. For the stingers are exactly those of the insects he had killed for so long. Now he extracts the venom from his own mouth and leaves the insects in peace. Except that he must now either hide his teeth when he speaks or attempt to explain away such a hideous visage. Blending in while merely in public or on a contract is now even harder than before in his life. For him the assassinations have changed into the only place where he can truly be himself.

    A monster.

    Patron Goddess: Alun, God of Death

    > DorianGray
    Dalak Shael (open)

    Name: Dalak Shael
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Race: Tarnen
    Magic: Dark
    Nationality: Shear
    Position: Rogue
    Occupation: assassin and brothel-keeper

    He seems broody and "emo" at first, but once you get to know him he warms up to you. After 4 years of hunting down criminals and scum of the streets, he doesn't flinch at the thought of killing someone or the sight of blood. He doesn't like bright lights, and he really can't stand someone talking bad about their parents. He will protect his friends until he can no longer move or breath (whichever comes first), and he loves something sweet from time to time. Other than the occasional sweet thing, he finds no real pleasure in women, as he gets his share of eyefuls from his line of work as a "host" in female bars (No, he is not a pervert, just a professional.) His one true goal in life is freeing his parent's souls, and perhaps, finding a true friend to just hang out with and talk to.

    Appearance: Dalak has fair hair. [Still need to find out eye color.]

    History: When Dalak was 5 yrs old, bandits ransacked his home, killing his father and mother in the process. They kidnapped him, forcing him to work for them as a mere slave. He grew up, loathing and hating his captors and all that they did. They were thieves, rapists, murderers, slanderers. They did all their acts without praying to any god, evil or no. After 10 years of servitude, they grew weary of him and attempted to kill him, he got away. He hid in a nearby town until they passed over, took any provisions he could, and left. He got a job "hosting" in female bars across the land, but it was not enough for him. He took up being a Hitman, all the while looking for clues to the damn bandits that had ruined his life. So far, it's as if they dissappeared off the face of the planet.

    Patron Goddess: Alun, God of Death
  3. Re: A N A R C H Y – An Epic Fantasy RPG (OOC)

    Its alot to read;; Ill try to go through it all O___O
  4. Re: A N A R C H Y – An Epic Fantasy RPG (OOC)

    I want to join!!! I voted for this one in your poll.
  5. Re: A N A R C H Y – An Epic Fantasy RPG (OOC)

    Heh, thanks guys!

    I know it's a lot to read through … originally it was way longer though. I'm glad now that I edited it as harshly as I did, I probably shaved off several months of reading! ;)

    And even if it looks … demanding … I don't expect novels from anyone interested in joining. It's the effort and the creativity that counts!

    Kudos to Diana for her awesome anti-"literacy" campaign. It was certainly an eye-opener!
  6. Re: A N A R C H Y – An Epic Fantasy RPG (OOC)

    Name: Merek d'Algoti
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Race: Sanca
    Magic: Toxin [Can a character know more then one type of magic? Or even magic that is written in under the other countries?]

    Nationailty: Shear
    Position: Landed Nobility / Spy
    Occupation: Agent of the Crown

    Personality: Merek is as social as most everyone, it comes with the territory. Despite this it always seems as if he knows more than he is letting on. </SPAN></SPAN>
    Appearance: Pending
    Patron God/Goddess:
  7. Re: A N A R C H Y – An Epic Fantasy RPG (OOC)

    Ooooh, very nice, a spy!! XD

    To answer your question … unfortunately, you may not use magic types written under other countries. Sorry!

    About one char knowing more than one type of magic, I must confess with some embarrassment that I haven't really thought about that…:embarassed:[that's the embarrassed MoeCat]. I don't have a problem with it, but it seems a little too much for one char to have several magics, while most would not. Considering that magic requires effort and innate talent combined, I'd put up these rules:

    • No more than 2 magics per char.
    • The magics must be in accord with the char's nationality.
    • A char with 2 magics will receive a -2 disadvantage on their dice roll.

    It may sound harsh, but that should ensure that no one will have two Major skills in both magics. That wouldn't be fair to one-magic or none-magic players.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if that's confusing or sketchy!
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    I don't think it will matter much as they can only end up with one major magic from the way I read it. I mean unless it is one roll per magic tree? If so even with the -2 penalty, if box cars is rolled you can have 2 major magic and if it is just one die over all... well the most you can start with is two spells regardless, and only one of them can be a major spell. I think with the limits on the magic that were already in place it keeps rather balanced.

    Another point on a different topic (now that I am less scatter brained a bit more awake) is what are the appearance traits of the different races? I think the Bower are the most complete, but the others. I have no idea how a Snaca is supposed to appear. Is it a human like creature or is it perhaps more elven? Maybe its a race of man-worm hybrids. You have the cultural side down and how they compare within their domains with each other... but very little on the basic appearance of the races.

    Hope that helps some.
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    I will get my character up in a few hours. I need to rest and refresh my brain before I can think up a good one.
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    Each magic you choose receives one roll with a 1-6 dice. The -2 penalty applies to each individual dice roll, meaning that it will be impossible to have a 5-6 score (unless you have a +1 racial affinity going for you, which only affects one of the magics). Just to clear that up for other players reading this. You were right on though, I'm glad that sounds balanced. I look forward to RPing with you, you've shown generous attentiveness to the copious barrage of material I wrote, and provided really helpful feedback. Thanks!

    Ohmigod, you are so totally right! I fixed it, hope that'll be better now. Thanks a lot for the heads-up!

    Oh and Kid – take your time. This RP is … extensive. Thanks for joining!
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    NOTE: I've edited the Eliydan races to make them more physically descriptive, too! Hope it helps. –A
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    Unless one of the magics is the perfered of the character. For instance take my character... He gets a +1 DM to Toxin rolls. I want him to also use say dark magic. Toxin roll could come out as a 6 in which case he would get the -2, then the +1. Of course since his racial preferance is not for Dark the best he can get is a 4, but in the mean time he at least walks away with one major spell.
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    Exactly! That's where racial affinities come in handy. Will clarify that... Thanks!
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    SO MANY WORDS!!!!!!!!! IT HURTS MY BRAIN!!!! But so interesting!!! But again, HEADACHE!! I spent 6... yeah, 6 hours finishing Homeland and starting and finishing Exile, and starting Sojourn (anyone here read those?). But I might wanna join! But... its so complicated! I'm not that good with this stuff I'm just a kid AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! BRAIN FART!!!




    It looks fun. And complicated. But mostly fun.

    Question: Could a Gwydde be a slave? Or a Bower.... I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!! Hmm... Scattered thoughts.

    I might explode, but I think I wanna join. Like, now I REALLY wanna join. Like, I might explode if I dont! ... But I'll explode if I do... meh, I'll just pull myself back together.

    Fun... but complicated... but super fun... very fun looking, actually.... but then again, I never have fun if I dont completely understand... but if I have questions, I'll just ask.... but then, what I feel stupid for asking for help?... nah, I'll ask, cause then nothing gets solved... solved... MAAAANNN!!! I'M NOT SOLVING ANYTHING!!!! AGGH!! Blegil hegil shmegil!!! Ragh ragh ragh!! .... Scattered thoughts.




    I'm gonna join.
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    Whew, great you came to that conclusion! We do need more players –.– and ask away, it is pretty complicated. Any race can be a slave, but they must be Shear slaves, since only Shear has slaves. However, they don't have to live in Shear – they live wherever their master lives or is currently staying, which could really be anywhere.

    Glad to have you! :D
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    YESSSS!!! KKz, woot! Gonna start my character!! Now, a Bower or a Gwydde... Bowers... Gwydde.... meh, I'll try out the... I dunno. GONNA MAKE MY CHARACTER SHEET THINGY MCBOBERZ!!!!!!!
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    Name: Ida Kyyel

    Gender: Female
    Age: 14

    Race: Bower

    Magic: Shield

    Nationality: Argentum

    Position: Slave

    Occupation: Works for Shears Aristocrat, Odeli Uarra.

    Personality: She is a bright star in a dark place. Even on the most grueling day of hard work, she does her best to find something good in it, even if it isn't there.

    Appearance: Small and thin, lithe and very agile. Ida has dark skin, bright purple eyes, and short white hair. She has a scar on her left wrist, though she doesn't have the faintest clue why it is there. Her wings are about the average size for a Bower, if a little bigger. Right wing has a small tear in it that she got when she was younger, but it hasn't healed over the years.

    History: Born in Argentum but raised in Shear. She was stolen at age 7 , and was sold to an Aristocrat as a slave. She misses her 3 sisters and single brother, but has worked her way around the feelings so as to survive the harsh conditions of slavery. The death of the Majesties' did not really affect her in any way, shape, or form.

    Patron God/Goddess: Ida was taught to worship Assha, Goddess of Shadows.
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    Wonderful! Accepted through and through. Everyone congratulate our first char :D
  19. Re: A N A R C H Y – An Epic Fantasy RPG (OOC)


    Confusion on my part, but does this work? Would she still be Argentum by Nationality because she is a slave or would she be Shear because she was enslaved?
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    I can't think of a character for this right now...I'll try to get a bio up within three days though.