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  1. Welcome to my little thread... let's get started.

    What I do:

    • I write a lot in my posts, and when I am answering questions.
    • I play multiple characters of orientations, ages, genders, and religions.
    • I am only interested in original roleplays.
    • I'm not a big fan of romance.
    Some Notes:
    • Settings can change. Rather have a fantasy plot in a modern AU setting? Want a historical in steampunk?
    • Violence is beloved.
    • No smut. None.
    • Got plots of your own? Send me 'em.
    • NPCs are my babies. <3
    • Random starters are friggin' awesome.
    • I have an entire world created: Cerus. c: It's still a work in progress, and that is the setting (among the various continents and countries) for majority of my plots.

    PM me if I catch your interest, hm?
    Modern AU (open)

    Is it that Chemical, or is it just you?
    It's 1972 in an AU of America. Mental institutions are now broadening their criteria, and offering less severe treatments. There's an experimental clinic, which is looking for applicants to admit themselves to the hospital. They're trying to show that there are people who know they are crazy, and those people want help. There's been stories though, stories about whether or not mental institutions are there to help; or get them more addicted?

    Steampunk (open)

    Step Right Up! Step Right Up!
    Deadmoon Circus has come to town; and they are hiring. There's an odd air to the place, as a new ringmaster has taken over after the previous left mysteriously. What's left isn't much: Some mechanical animals and dolls, a bird-hybrid creature of lights, and the rest of the knick knacks that typically go into the show. Not a single animal, and no other performers. Come and see what all the fun is!

    It's a Lock-down!
    Doing jobs in the fourth district of Sashin was tough work, as he had to find ways into other districts often to do certain jobs. Working with a younger brother who commanded the station at home, keeping an eye on his back, and another on the work coming in; could lead to dirty work. Until a woman comes along, requesting they find her three sons who went missing, and blaming the Creator. Now they've gotta infiltrate the first district; the most lavish of the districts.

    The Edge
    This air-captain has had a rough five years or so since he opened up his inn that floated in the air. Not much business has been garnered in the docks of Sashin's fourth distinct. In fact, so little in fact, that the grown man has had to retreat to spreading rumors about a certain vessel of which was abroad the ship. Built into the interior of the decks (which of course, this was all fabricated for publicity). This treasure; said to be gold of a deep undersea people, that was brought up by the residents themselves and given as a gift to his great-grand-sire. The details are rather obscure, as all he knows is that they rattle behind the boards in his tavern part of his ship. This has caught the ears of a nasty pair of scallywags..

    Experiment: 005
    In Sashin there is a man called the Creator: The Creator is the face of the country known for his experiments of which try to bring out the very best qualities such as strength, new abilities, tough skin, faster limbs, etc. An experiment has escaped, one of the first to be created of it's kind. There's been warrants sent out for it's capture: Alive or dead.

    Historical Adventure (open)

    Get Running, or Get Stalling
    A new fledgling vampire has been abandoned by her "creator", despite their planning of revealing the underground society that the vampires have been controlling for centuries. Vampires are created, but it takes something from them: The emotion they felt at their turning is ripped from them. This can either be a search for the master, or an entirely new group.

    Trying too Hard
    A bard who traveled by his lonesome, except for a large dog that had matted fur stayed at his side. He had an interest in other things, things that he believed built history. Afterall, was that not the job of a bard? To tell history in a beautiful way? He would sing at first of others' deeds, and travels. Their bravery, their battles. A battle is not always a battle fought between two opposing sides, in fact; some battes a bard had learned to have been held between a phantom of the night. In swift, and out quicker than a black cat could cross one's path. Deep in the lands of Jorn, he has come across one particular town that has had a troubling time.

    The previous three towns have had dealt with seeing dark creatures; seemingly from the shadows that of which sicken those who happen to brush fingers, and ashens those who they seem to envelope. This creatures of the shadows are not solid, no; it's a devil, certainly.

    Fantasy (open)

    Check this Out
    The youngest prince: the one who was a surprise to all has ditched the courts. He's disappeared, and this isn't the first time. But this time, word has gotten to the public. He's trying to get out of there while he still has a chance. Before any of his "brothers", or hell, maybe even one of the Queens off him. A new King had been crowned, and this prince has taken his bow out of there.

    On the Streets
    Being on the run, isn't much fun. Being on the run, with no friends; is even worse. No where to go, and your face is known by all. What a small place, this is. So how is one supposed keep their head above the water? They run. They hide, they run. They tell lies. But it can't be called lies, when it's proven true; can it?

    Bugs under my Boots
    It's been a long day for the Hunters' Organization. But then, any day is a long day, but it's not exactly the day-time when they operate. During the day; the place appears empty. During the night; it appears empty. It's always busy though, and it's always busy ridding the streets of it's ... extra guests.

    The Ceremony
    In the high-courts of Lysteria; a country known for its' lawful use of magic, and vast archives of history; is having it's bi-annual ceremony. It is where the priest, and the king stand out and gather the country together in a large festival. As the day's festivities come to an end, the ceremony begins. The priest casts a light, of which is conjured from his energy and a soul-charged crystal, that displays the names of all men in the country from eighteen-eighty-six. They are then chosen at random; two-names, and then the King steps forward and announces the task that these two men are to do. This time; two poor fools' names are called. The King announces to the country that these two men are to take his eldest son; Landen, out with him to the far South, passing through the districts of Sashin to the bastard country of the small continent.

    There they would conquer the barbarians. And allow Lysteria to grow into an empire among the continent.

    Fuck-Ups of the World
    Today was just not going well. Saren just couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he would have to overcome his fear today. There was no food to be found, not even left overs or throw-outs. Now a days, people started to keep their left overs. They kept them, so that they could use alchemy to make more. Alchemy. That was the next big thing in their little world. The beliefs were varied, and many really were more neutral about it. He just couldn’t get some of the freaks out of his head, though. They had tried to use alchemy to rebirth a cat, before. That failed, instead one of them had died and the other lost a limb.

    Alchemy was bad, it was dangerous. And yet, it was one of the last sources of food. The heretics kept him from using it, they were too crazy. They made him irritated, and paranoid. He wondered if alchemy was the reason for that. Saren’s dirty-brown gaze looked out towards the walls. They surrounded everything he’s always known. Only once, had he ventured out, and he came right back. Out there was nothing for the bruised boy to find, much less anything the bleach-blonde boy would enjoy. They say there were camps out there, camps holding in all of the infected.

    Saren’s face scrunched up in dismay at the thought of going back out there, especially with lack of supplies. He thought for a moment, perhaps some fellow street urchins knew their shit. Perhaps, he could find a rag-tag group to go adventure with. Who would it be, though? Who would join the blonde on a suicide run, though? He coughed, his lungs hurting him. They’ve always have, but the dust from the outside that would sometimes get in, made it worse. Saren drew his symbol, a white T crossed with a S, at various locations. One could follow his symbol straight to him in the square. Now all he had to do, was wait. Hopefully, no trouble would come along.

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  2. I am still looking for more roleplays~. Do feel free to bring your own ideas to the table! :D
  3. I updated with more plots. (I seem to always be remembering of RPs I never got to do!) So, still looking.. Choose any dears.
  4. Still looking, and will be updating my thread soon with more plots. <3

    As well as organizing them. uwu
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