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  1. I'm Tribs. An ancient monster of a roleplayer, who has been playing for fifteen years or so online. I'm nearly thirty and I would like for any potential partners to be at least over twenty-one. I'd prefer people over twenty-four or so the most, honestly. Anyway, enough about that.

    I play male characters mostly. Male characters who like other male characters usually. So! If you aren't up for a little M/M than you might as well leave now while the leaving is good. A bit more about what I like to do in roleplays is that I really love fleshed out social settings. I adore creating background characters because a character exists in a world and that world is usually full of people and things and places. My characters don't exist in a vacuum, if anything they have their own gravitational pull and collect NPCs.

    I've currently got a plot and a character that I would enjoy playing. I can tweak the plot to suit you and your character a bit.

    If I interest you and you don't enjoy this plot or it's already been claimed than tell me and we'll do something else. My Roleplay Resume is a good indicator of the things I like and that I'm always looking for.

    The current plot that I really want to play:

    Modern Fantasy with Magic. The universe can be something like the Potterverse or similar. Most modern fantasy 'verses will work.

    My character, Cadfan has recently come home to the house his parent's left him after their untimely deaths a few years back. Previously his home life wasn't too great, his parent's weren't well off and that caused tension and some fighting. Home life and school life were about the same, he was teased about his lack of money but by the time he was in his teen years the teasing became only verbal.

    Sophomore year in high school, Cadfan was accepted into a private school on scholarship and he didn't return home again until he was nearly twenty when his Father died in a car accident. Fate wasn't kind and his Mother died shortly after of grief. Cad returned for the funeral and shut up the house and left it.

    So now the house is not just trashed but it's falling apart. This is where your character comes in. Our characters went to school together, they don't have to be from the same class. The past is up in the air and can be decided on before we start. I would like though for them NOT to have been friends in the past. Your character has the skills my character needs to fix up the house. Maybe Cad has hired him? Maybe they have a friend in common and that friend has 'convinced' your character to help despite him and Cad never getting along.

    Personally I'd like for them to have never gotten along, bickering creates wonderful tension.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. I have read your resume and would enjoy discussing a plot with you. I love panoramic roleplays that detail the entire world about the characters and use many side characters myself as well. I believe the above idea is good and not getting along is actually fabulous. If you have interest, feel free to pm me and we can discuss as that is preferred. My resume is filled out also for viewing. I look forward to discussing a future story with you if you so decide.
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  4. I dunno if you're still looking for an rp partner, but as you know i'm looking for rps, and I have a thing for playing guys these days. Its hard to find plots that are really good and aren't already overtaken
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