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    • Hello there!

      I am Crystal and as you can see I am in the search of a little bit of MxM roleplaying! :D

      Here are a couple of things about me! :D

      I generally write anything from 3+ paragraphs. My paragraphs tends to be 4-8+ lines. I never expect a novel back in return if I write one, but I will never complain if you write a long reply back to me ^^ Of course, depending on the situation the reply's length will vary as well. Direct interactions will make for smaller replies, so I'm not going to say I demand a certain amount of lines, but please I don't want any one-liners. They are hard to work with and I quickly looses my interest with them.

      My mother tongue is Korean, my second language is Norwegian (where I am currently at) and then I have English as my third. In other words, my grammar is not excellent so please excuse that ^^; If I terribly slay the English language and you cannot understand a thing then ask, I'll read over and try to see if I can understand xD Don't worry! I don't bite! :D

      Personally I prefer to use realistic FC's, but I don't mind using animations/drawings/anime/manga pictures if that is what you prefer, just tell me :D

      My posts are kind of fancy... They're not terribly fancy, but they do have a little bit of BBCode in them. I don't expect this in return, but I wanted to tell so that you don't feel pressured to give me a coded reply back, because I don't need it :P

      It doesn't matter if your medium is thread or PM because I can do both without a problem! :D
      As you can see I did not post this in the redstar bedroom request thread, but I am a proud bearer of the red star. I don't mind having sex in my 1x1s, but I do not want more sex than plot. Plot is what drives the story forwards and keeps my fingers typing!

      "Top" and "bottom" ("uke"-"seme", "submissive"-"dominant") whatever your character is, don't let it determind their personalities! I don't think I can ever press this issue enough as there are plenty of bottoms that are basically girls with a few extra parts, and there are tops that are on their way of becoming serial killers. Personalities are not based upon what position you have in bed. That means I don't mind a clueless cutie being the bottom, but character development will probably make the character a bit different after some time.

      Feel free to PM me outside of the 1x1 to chat or to discuss the RP! :D I love getting to know people! Even though I am a little bit shy... I'll admit that :X

      I can post from everything from lightning replies to once a day/week. This all depends on school and stuff, but if I can't reply then I usually send a little update on my status/sending a message over to you ^^!

      So I do live in GMT+1 so our time zones might not really work out brilliantly, but I stay up late so you might not even notice! XD

      I am an aggressive writer. I tend to take the steering wheel and steer it a little bit, but sometimes I want you to contribute as well! I don't want to be aggressive all the time, I like being passive and sitting back to let you take the steering sometimes as well. Though if we are both waiting to make a move then the game won't get anywhere, so cooperation and communication is key! :D

      I think that is all of it! :D Please read everything from top to bottom! If you do... Why don't you shoot me a PM and title it your favorite animal? You can change it later to something that makes sense later xD <3

      Time for a couple of plots! <3

    • All titles can be altered! XD I know, I'm terrible at titling stuff... Don't hate me D;
      And if you don't like any of these, but still wanna RP with me, then don't worry! I'll listen to your idea with a bright smiiile! :D

      Defender of Hearts

      Character A is a soldier working for the special task force under (countries can be made up or real! I'm too lazy to put something here xD). He's under strict regulations and rules, having to keep everything work related a secret. Character B is a doctor working at the local hospital. These two meet under strange circumstances as two adults, they fall in love with each other. However when Character A has to leave for his special task jobs they end up breaking up, having little time for each other. They quickly lose contact with each other.

      X amount of time later Character B is sent as a voluntarily doctor (along with a team) to (god knows where xD) to assist as emergency medical help to soldiers sent out to protect (country naaame!).

      What were the odds for the two of them meeting once more? Character A has a lot of questions to answer, but do Character B even want to listen?

      This plot can take multiple turns:
      - Attack on the base which can bring the two closer/further apart depending on what happens
      - Natural accident forcing the two of them to work together
      - A third party getting all up their business (local gangs, black market etc. etc.)
      - Jealousy (lot of hot soldier guys/doctors ;D)
      - One having to return back to their country, the other one forced to stay (either a separation on purpose by someone, or their scheduled time is over)
      - Just my ideas, many other things can happen xD <3

      I do not mind being either A or B (I kind of want to be both xD)

      Under the Stars

      Character A has been here for millennia. He has watched the same plot of land be an empire, be a battlefield, be a wasteland, be a farmland, be an apartment complex and then turn into a theme park. He has lived forever, and he never ages. He stays his own handsome self the entire time. Family & friends does not exist, because eventually they will all leave him. His home is far far away, but now there is a sign. A sign that they will come back and fetch him.

      He has three months left on this planet.

      Then Character A meets Character B. That is when everything is turned upside down for Character A. He starts developing feelings for Character B that is slowly worming his way into his heart, and the three months he couldn't wait for ending, is creeping closer.

      He could stay with character B, but then he will risk dying due to his powers running out. Or he could leave, and never return.

      What to do?

      So there are a couple of things that I didn't state here, because I thought it would be bad to create a specific image of a character:
      - How do they meet? They need to have some sort of connection. It can be job, they can be neighbors, something something.
      - Character A is an alien. He will have supernatural powers. He doesn't need to look all gross and yucky with tentacles and slimes and stuff, he doesn't even need to have an "alien" form. The point is that he is not from this planet, but he knows enough about it to easily slide into society. He has lived here for very very long.

      And a lot of drama can happen! :D
      - Someone can discover that Character A is an alien. How to keep their lips shut?
      - Character B can get in trouble, forcing Character A to reveal himself. How does Character B then react?
      - Did Character A share his secret with someone else? Then why so? Is that person trustworthy? Betrayal?
      - The three months that are left. How will they be spend? Will they figure out a way to let him stay without dying?
      - And probably more things! These are just my ideas xD

      A or B? Doesn't matter to me! :D

      Killer love

      Character A is a gun for hire. He is known for his ice cold executions without any questions, as long as he gets his money delivered on time, the job will be done in the desired way. He has done this for very long, he blends in and has never done a mistake. He is known for being one of the best men on the market for the more "dirtier" parts of politics, personal affairs or whatever may require you to have a person "disappear" from the face of the Earth.

      One day Character A meets Character B (this can be that Character B is his target, a witness, whatever!) and this comes up as a complication. He does not want to kill or harm Character B, but he cannot let him go now that he has seen him. The only "logical" solution is to kidnap said person.

      When hours turns into days together, how will their relationship shape under their difficult circumstances?

      Additional information thingies!:
      - Character B can be a target, he can be a witness, there will be some sort of way that Character A cannot let him go, at all.
      - Character A can feel that Character B resembles someone he knows, maybe he has morals that does not allow him to hurt people that has "done nothing wrong" or something like that, up to whoever wants A! :D
      - Character B can be hunted by others. Be it other assassins, hit men or just the police looking for a poor boy that has been taken against his will.

      Ways this can go:
      - Character A can go from predator to prey.
      - They can be attacked (police, other assassins after either A or B etc.)
      - Character B can get more involved than what was the original plan (maybe he learns to hack? Medical help whenever that is needed? Maybe he wants to come with on a "job"? Who knows?"
      - Character B can escape (and what does Character At hen do? Hunt him? Let him go? Follow, but not take him back?)
      - Ideas are welcomed! :D

      A part of me wants to be A, but if someone desperately wants to be A then I can be totally be B and then I'll just do this as A with someone else :P

      I think that is about it for now! XD

      Um... so yeah! Bye for now~! :D

    • Well... If you clicked this, you must be curious about me xD I just wanted to say a feeeeew things about myself :X


      I'm a K-pop addict. (proud to say that) and I love groups such as: Monsta X *shamelessly pointing to my profile* EXO, (the gifs <3) B.A.P (Best Absolute Pabos! :D) , BTS (I was previously BTS-fied here xD) VIXX (I love them so muuuch!) GOT7! (Idiots, all of them xD) And I think those are my "bias" groups? I know more groups! Just these are the groups I listen the most to :X <3

      So if you wanna talk a bit about Kpop, then you are at the right person! :D

      I think that was literally the only thing I wanted to add xD Oh well, maybe I'll say more later~ This was just a random little tab anyway :P

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