A Murder Mystery? (Dinner Party Style!)

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  1. I know it's a typical scenario, but would anyone be interested if I started the classic dinner party goes wrong? I'd leave myself to maybe play around with the background, give the murderer time to attack so that the other members of the group would be able to figure it out on their own.

    I'd be looking for maybe two or three people to play two characters each, otherwise it gets crowded with too many members, and response times become slow.

    No one would know who the killer is. At the very least, I could try to make it where in each character bio, there is a space for "likely/unlikely to be the killer because of..." and a short explanation.

    If anyone is interested, I'd love to try and get something like this started!

    *I should clarify, that I would not personally be acting as a dinner guest. I would be the essential moderator, and would contact the murderer in order to help move along the plot without said murderer having to post about killing anyone. If this does not make sense, let me know, I'd be more than happy to explain in depth what I would like to achieve here.

    *UPDATE 12/14 Currently not taking any new players, unless you can spin an interesting tale as to how you got into a mansion in the middle of nowhere when there's a blizzard outside
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  2. So basically, a classic Holmes/Poirot investigation of a murder mystery?
  3. You bet. Just thought I'd see if I could get a few people interested or not.
  4. Hmmm... Well, since what mostly changes the scenario is the personality of each person and the way the murder is done, count me in
  5. Sounds good, now we just need a few more people. I'll keep this thread up for a while, but, if I don't get enough interest, well...we'll see what happens.
  6. How many people do we need?
  7. I'd prefer to have three at the very least. If each of you have two characters, then that leaves us with six people. That way we still have time to actually develop something, and time for people to be killed off.
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  8. Ill Join! Can There Be A Little Romance? :3

  9. Can't say no to that!

    I'll wait for one or two more people before we get into too much detail.
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  10. Alright ^-^
  11. Interested! Although I will be busy through Wednesday with school work.
  12. That's alright, lots of us are!

    I'll wait for one more person, then we can all talk details in a PM or thread.
  13. i would also be interested
  14. Wonderful!

    I will PM you all once I have access to my laptop.
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  15. Karuko, your inbox is full! The PM is posted here for your convenience, but please allow some space if you have the time!

    "Hello all!

    All of you have shown interest in the murder mystery plot! Let me clarify a few things, restate the idea, and if you have questions, now would be the time to ask. If you are no longer interested after the discussion, it would be the time to do so.

    You've all been invited to a dinner party at some prestigious individuals home. Within hours, the first kill will be made, and it will be up to all of you to find the murderer!

    First off, each of you will need to create at least two characters for this story. It doesn't matter if they are both male, or female, but let's try to get some diversity.

    What will happen is this. I will act as a moderator, and ultimately choose who the murderer gets to be. If I message you and you feel you're not up to the task, I will ask someone else. Please do not message each other to figure out who the killer is! This is no fun. Every so often, I will act as interference, announce who is dead, effectively 'turn off the lights' so the killer has a chance to act without being discovered.

    I will create a thread for character postings, and reference to it when a rp thread is created.

    Now then, questions? Suggestions? Let them be known!"
  16. Was just browsing through the interest checks when I saw this gem! This looks like such a fun idea, don't tell me it's full already D:
  17. I will allow you as the last person, but for now I'll have to limit you to one character. Would that be acceptable?

    We have five members currently with two at minimum. I don't want it to
    become a mess.

    Is that agreeable for now? :)
  18. I take the one character limit back. One member is seemingly having response issues.

    Congratulations! You are the last welcomed guests. I will add you to the PM, as well as edit the links in for the character area. It should also be above.

  19. Still looking for applicants!

    There is space for possibly two more members to participate in this roleplay. Two characters are required.

    If you are interested, PM me for details so I can update you on how the RP will be conducted. Thank you!
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