A multi-crossover featuring Anime settings and characters

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  1. Basically, I've been playing a game known as. "Warrior Orochi 3 Ultimate."

    Not the best game around, but the premise and characters, along with the anime mood did give me an idea.

    And that idea, is what if a foe that was so powerful that in order to defeat it, heroes and powerful artifacts had to be gathered in order to just stand a chance against it?

    Now, I haven't worked the idea out completely.

    Save for small mechanics, and settings.

    One of the mechanics is that, every chapter takes place in a different setting from various anime.

    Example. [Not set in this specific order/actual locations to be visited. Unless desired.]

    - Ikebukuro [Durarara!!]
    - London [Black Butler]
    - Death City [Soul Eater]
    - Leaf Village [Naruto]
    - Amestris [Fullmetal Alchemist]
    - Earth-land [Fairy Tail]
    - Republic City [Legend of Korra]

    Everything else, such as what/who could the big bad foe be and what allows the main characters to crossover and unite, among other things, is still kinda blank.

    So, I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions, ideas or perhaps want to even take up the idea themselves.
  2. The Avatar series isn't anime. By that logic Ben 10 is and I can finally play Ben 10 in a crossover after ten mellenia of not doing so GAAAAH IT HERO TIME

    Also, why are the locations for all the worlds cities or towns but Fairy Tail's is an entire continent/country/world?
  3. They are just examples.

    And Avatar can count as an anime. Mind you, a very, very "tame anime." If you catch my drift.

    And for the whole Fairy Tail thing, I couldn't find the main area. Since the websites that had this information unfortunately cause my laptop to either lag, or crash completely.
  4. Alrighty.

    Can I use media that have not acquired anime adaptations, such as manga, Light Novels and games? As long as they are of Japanese origin and have an anime-esque artstyle, of course.
  5. I've been looking for a place to play Belldandy and Keiichi from Ah! My Goddess, but nobody actually starts their game.

    As far as what I think you are asking about, I've never seen it in anime, but I don't know a lot about Anime. I have seen it in the world of comic books. I've seen two basic types of this and used one in a tabletop RPG.

    1) The enemy is a situation or character that is tied to a literary device. The most famous one of these being the Anti-Monitor from DC's crises. This kind of character threatens all realities at the same time and brings plenty of interesting metaphors. A game I played last year used a character he called the Collector who wanted to gather characters and things from other animes so he could rewrite them.

    2) A situation where the big bad has taken over his own world and become so powerful in doing so that he threatens everyone. This is Galactus. It was recently done with Dr. Doom. The bad guy really has accomplished taking over their world (or universe). You could do it with just about any villain from any action anime if you think about what kind of power they would have to acquire to win the day. So they killed or defeated the heroes from their own world but their greed was not sated. They started taking over other realities for the fun of conquest.
  6. Those two do sound nice.

    Although, the second option brings up another question. And that is, who would be powerful/notable to be used as the villain?
  7. In a way it can be anybody and you just upgrade them.

    In the sense of who would be best for the game, the type of villain it is would be determined by the feel you want for the game. Hild from Ah! My Goddess is not particularly violent. She would push things toward comedy and relationships. A wizard from the fairy tail or other more straightforward Shonnen world pushes it more in a straight action direction. Izaya from DRRR would set up more of a complicated intrigue based thing and would probably mean the game has a lower power cap than the other ones.

    If you want to have all these different types of worlds with all different kinds of feels about them, you need a mastermind type. So Hild or maybe some of the Fairy Tail wizards who are more conquer-the-world than be-the-best types. Izaya is too intersted in just watching results, although he might be interested in setting one whole world against the other by playing the power players of different worlds against each other for his own amusement.

    I know very few animes where it appears you know more though
  8. Thank you once again.

    For I do like the whole multiple villains with one mastermind pulling the strings. For it can then give reason for why the characters are going to these locations/universes and staying there for an entire chapter.

    I do have some ideas for villains. But the mastermind, I can only think of two possible candidates.

    If you have any suggestions/objections. Do let me know.

    Father - FMA
    Izaya - Durarara
    Medusa Gorgon - Soul Eater
    Sir Crocodile - One Piece
    Orochimaru - Naruto
    Angelia/Ash - Black Butler

    Mastermind candidates
    Ze Major - Hellsing
    Aizen - Bleach

  9. So essentially you have Lex Luther and the Legion of Doom. That's fine, just try to make the backstory big enough to make sense and small enough not to be too complicated to understand.
  10. Hello! I´d be very interested in this, however I apologize that I don´t know many anime's.
    I just got into Anime about a month or so ago and so I haven´t watched much.
    I would be willing to look up lore and maps on the places though. Learn the basic geography.
    I also have a question, What is the posting length and expectations?​
  11. Paragraph.

    And as for grammar, I'd say, so long as it's legible, I don't mind.
  12. On further reflection, I think you are seeing a certain level of darkness about this thing and just haven't said it yet.

    Where between the first thing the characters see in Fairy Tail is Happy saying "Your from another world?? Wow! You should come meet the Fairy Tail guild"

    and the first thing the characters see is Lucy lying naked in a pool of blood and other fluids reaching her hand toward the characters only to meet death at the boot of the badguy

    Do you have in mind?

    Right now it feels like this thing might include something like the a mission to rescue Scarlet before she is human sacrificed.
  13. Well. Those things will be a bit present.

    But, in such a way where scenes are shown in this fashion.

    The heroes are shown the "altered" moment, like what you described. But are thrown a little bit before that, so they can try to prevent it.

    And if they do intervene, the villain(s) will then try another thing to disrupt the timeline. By either attempting to off another main character of that anime or preventing them from getting stronger. Such as killing a mentor that would've taught them a powerful move.

    Or, part of an idea I don't think would be good. And that being, 'corrupting' the main character. The villain could somehow disguise as the main character, then proceed to do terrible things, so that the MC is then blamed for it. And believing that they were being betrayed by their friends/family, they would be susceptible to persuasion to turn to the 'dark' side.
  14. This is some variation on Quantum Leap then.

    Do you mean the main characters as the players of the game, or as the main characters of the worlds the players visit?
  15. Main characters of the world/anime.
  16. So the masterminds have a way of messing with the timestream. They need a motivation. Also, a way to have transcended the timestream needs to be added to their powers. I definitely don't know enough about the masterminds listed to help there.

    The characters have an endpoint to work to. They need a method of traveling through space and time. Some sort of good character or characters as an ally then. That person or group also needs a motivation. Belldandy can at least help here.

    This implies some form of home base and/or support team, which is how players can join.

    It might also suggest that some of the support team/players/or main ally's worlds have already been overcome.

    There is probably an allowance for villains to be played, if they are ones who would be opposed to the badguys agenda.

    DRRR is going to be some hard writing. It's not meant to be quite as linear as just going through different tasks.

    Feels like theres an element of choice here. That needs contingency plans. Looks like each chapter needs to be prewritten in large strokes before that chapter can be played, or things will get deterministic/illogical. Some kind of flowchart most likely. If a failure really is an option (and it can be), consequences on the main plot come about but the game should remain playable.
  17. Which brings the question, who would be capable to not only unite heroes to stop the villains, but also be able to bend space and time to do it?

    As for motivation. One intriguing thought, was that perhaps the mastermind somehow found out that their life is just a story. Meant to replayed over, and over again for a higher power's amusement.

    And thus, wants to cause chaos/destroy the timeline in order to achieve what they believe to be freedom.

    Either that, or they simply want to have complete control over everything. And simply doesn't want any heroes meddling with his/her plans.

    The first option is best suited for Ze Major. And second option for Aizen.

    Now, for the motivation of the good person who has gathered these heroes. Could be, they don't want things to be messed up. Or perhaps, they have a secret agenda of their own?

    But, that depends of who is the 'leader' of the heroes..

    DRRR will be a bit difficult. But, a few ideas did come to mind. One being, it could used as a slight team building, and information gathering.

    Much how in certain anime, where a main character uses their naïve look/charm/skills to work their way into a connection with a possible information holder, and uses this advantage to find out information without creating too much of a scene to be noticed. Or to have an advantage over key figures.
  18. Can't help you with those masterminds. The first example is the literary approach I was talking about before.

    DRRR can be a hub world between chapters. Somehow put the plot that connects the worlds here. It allows for twists and turns and such. Then, the Mastermind's world is final.

    Let me tell you about Ah! My Goddess! It is a romantic comedy which has an ongoing war between Heaven and Hell in the background. The anime is not about battle, it doesn't really do a good job about defining what powers each character has. There is some definition, but even that seems to change. In the case of that anime, it's because the power level thing doesn't have much to do with plots. Except to say that Belldandy is a far higher and more powerful life form than the normal human student Keiichi. There are two characters more powerful than Belldandy. One of them is so powerful that we never even get to see what he looks like. He is the leader of the good side and very distant. So distant that even his daughter Belldandy kneels when she speaks to him. He never really explains what he does, though he does interact. So if we give him the credit for being able to enter multiple animes (he already does have an operation that covers multiple worlds), then we have enough power there and also don't have to explain everything. Belldandy becomes the connection between the characters and will of the Almighty which opposes the mastermind and yet moves in mysterious ways. If a safe place for Shennanigans and social interaction is wanted, they can go to Keiichi and Belldandy's temple. On the other hand, if it is desired to set up a more edgy beginning, then it could be said the goddesses lost Keiichi's Earth to the mastermind before the beginning of the game.
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