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  1. I got this idea for an Avatar who forsakes his duty to protect the world following a disillusionment with humanity (Book 1). Right now, I just need a partner to discuss with. I'll need almost excessive activity in PMs, and if this does turn out being a OnexOne after we go back and forth over plot details and the sort, a post or two a week on the IC and OOC. In short, dedication is a must. As the title may suggest, this fandomverse will involve a much darker Avatar than Korra (who I think is a little dark herself) or Aang, prepared and willing to murder or cripple enemies and civilians alike if they get in his way or commit a crime. He's essentially Judge Dredd and Anakin Skywalker for "The Last Airbender". More over a PM. The plot will be divided into four or more books, again with either the two of us or more people (the person who responds here being Co-GM with me). The Co-GM would be free to choose either the role of previous Avatar Korra (all other previous Avatars having been lost when Korra died temporarily) to act as a moral compass and annoying voice in my head, or take on a more active role as another bender in the wonderful world that is not M. Night Shyamalan's. Power and subdivisions of your chosen bending I leave at your discretion. That's pretty much all. Hope for a biter soon. And please be aware before you post that I will be looking into your RP background. That stuff's public. So if I deny you, please know that it wasn't through any personal preference for another or against you, but that I didn't feel you'd be great for this particular RP.
  2. Consider me interested. I've always liked the idea of an "evil" Avatar, and while Korra is certainly more willing to use violence than Aang was, the concept could still be taken further.

    Don't know what you'll think of my RP background since I've never been very active on the forums, but send me a PM if you want to talk.
  3. Not necessarily "evil". Unalaq already has that covered with his Vaatu powered "Dark Avatar". This guy/girl (I'm seriously debating on the gender. I've found plenty of images I think would be perfect for a female character, but none for a male, which was my initial intention. I'm definitely willing to go with male or female, with or without an image, but it's always been a personal preference to have one. Then again, why should I have to use someone else's art to create my character?) is more an antihero in comparison to the traditional Avatar hero bit. Example: A woman's purse gets stolen. Aang and Korra, being the Avatars they are, would go beat the crook senseless and return the purse. This guy/girl would walk up, get pointed in the right direction, beat the crook within an inch of his life, and take the money for themselves without a backward glance. The spirit of Korra or a companion bender would be intended to curb this violent and close to evil behavior.

    As for the background checking, you're clear. It's mostly just checking spelling, grammar, the works, not much as what RPs you do (besides. You have or are doing an Avatar RP as it is. You're qualified). And lookie there. I actually found an instance of Vay doing something RP related.
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  4. All right. When I said "evil", I meant that they would be more morally grey or at least lack the sense of morality Aang and Korra inherently had/got from other people around them. A more selfish, violent Avatar who's not at all interested in doing the right thing (like the one you described) is a very interesting concept to me. Originally I had a near-sociopathic character in mind, but that was pre-Korra and having her as a voice in the next Avatar's head trying to get them to act responsibly makes for a much better RP. As I see it she would also be a lot more blunt and aggressive about it than previous Avatars.

    And yes, Vay does RP sometimes. It's like watching a baby panda being born.
  5. Never seen a panda being born, and now that I think about it don't want to (must... look... on.... YOUTUBE). And think about it. All the people around Aang were either peeps his age he could learn lessons from by looking at their lives and mistakes or old people he could actually learn something from. Korra had a bunch of old farts around her spouting wisdom and senile nonsense, which may have given rise to her own darker shades. This guy is stuck in a world with only one, previously irresponsible and slightly unstable Avatar to learn from, a few old farts who learned nothing from when they were teenagers except how to form love triangles (Mako, Bolin, Asami) and have no experience as an Avatar, and some younger numbnuts who were meddlesome brats when they were young (Tenzin's brood) and have no idea how to be an Avatar. Especially in a world of treachery, slavery, and war, where morals fade and innocence dies early.
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