A Mortal and a God (Nassione and Chello)

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  1. The events of New York were stopped by the Avengers and the one responsible for them, Loki was stopped and taken back to Asgard where he would spend the rest of his life in the dungeons. His own cell was made more comfortable by his mother, the woman that no matter what Loki has done still loved her younger son and it pained her to see him in these cells. Despite being arrogant and making the usual sarcastic remark Loki feels bad for what he has done, and for hurting his family.

    A few weeks went by and Thor had finally settled the turmoil amongst the other realms only to find that Jane his love was in trouble, she had discovered an energy source that has been absorbed in her body, and it needed to be removed before it kills her. Thor takes Jane to Asgard to find more information and to help her, along with Jane her friend Darcy decides to tag along. "Well Jane, Darcy, welcome to Asgard." Thor tells them.
  2. Jane's eyes went wide as she took in her surroundings as she heard Darcy say something out loud "holly crap! so this is where you came from oh! who's the guy with the massive sword?" she asked looking to Thor then the man centered in the room wearing golden amour. Jane just chuckled lightly to Darcy this was going to be an interesting day other than the fact there was an insane power source inside her. As she held onto Thor she awaited his answer as Darcy walked around the small what she thought was a room.
  3. Thor gently held onto Jane, "that is Heimdal he is our gate keeper. He controls who comes in and out of Asgard, he also watches over everyone in the universe." Thor explained, "come let's get you two settled in and see what what exactly this energy source is." Thor led the two women down the rainbow bridge and towards the palace.
  4. Jane nodded and Darcy followed. Darcy kept looking at everything wondering how many people had accidentally fallen off the rainbow bridge unlike Jane who was admiring it. "this is incredible Thor" she mused gently looking forward to seeing the palace. It did not take long before they were checking Jane for what was possibly inside her. The technology was outstanding and all Jane could do was babble on like a child at Christmas time the technology was advance. Darcy was seated to the side wanting to explore but getting lost here in Asgard did not sound like the best idea. Not while Jane was still unwell.
  5. After the healers were finished with their scan Odin came in unhappy about Jane and Darcy being here, after Thor protested Odin took them into the library and explained what was inside of her. Once he was finished his story Thor took them both to get changed so they could appear more Asgardian, he waited outside of the room for the two of them. All the while he was in deep thought, thinking about how to help Jane.
  6. "cool! do you think we would be allowed to keep these?" Darcy asked as she reluctantly took her red beanie of. "I do not know Darcy and honestly i am not asking" Jane replied with a heavy sigh. She felt like a huge burden and now knowing what was in her made her more afraid of death. Jane walked out first to see Thor deep in thought "I am sure we will figure something out" she said softly touching his arm gently. Darcy however looked in the mirror and groaned "is green really my color?" she muttered to herself as she peered put the door to see Jane talking to Thor.
  7. Thor looked at Jane, "you look beautiful Jane. And I am sure you are going to look beautiful too Darcy, come when you are finished getting changed we will go and get something to eat." Thor explained, he placed his hand under Jane's chin. "You are going to be fine my love, I promise you I am going to find a way to save you." He assured her giving her a kiss.
  8. Jane nodded gently and accepted the kiss and returned it by pressing her lips against his gently. "I know... I just wish we knew more about all this" she mumbled. Darcy groaned "well you go ahead I will ask one of the guards where to find the food" Darcy called out adjusting the robes moving side to side deciding if she liked it. After a moment Jane and Thor were gone and she finally believed she was ready. Walking out she noticed the guards were gone. "hmm which way?" she mumbled to herself looking down the hallways.
  9. Thor nodded and took Jane's hand and walked her down the hallway and towards the dining hall, "I hope Darcy doesn't get lost and end up somewhere she shouldn't." Thor spoke, "Darcy really cares about you I can tell. I know she is worried." One hallway in particular led down to the dungeons and at the moment the hallway was unguarded at the moment.
  10. Jane laughed lightly "I think trouble should be Darcy's middle name" Jane joked happily walking alongside Thor, for this moment she felt happy to be with him, be in Asgard. Meanwhile Darcy was walking down many different hallways looking more and more lost. "aww man where am I now?" she asked herself as she walked down many stairs hoping this was the right way. Instead of finding food she found weird looking glowing walls they were rather transparent and one of them looked as if there was a person in it. Clearly this was not the dining hall but curiosity got the better of her and she moved closer to investigate.
  11. Thor laughed lightly, "I can see that. That girl likes to get into trouble," he smiled.

    All of the prisoners started staring at her, the started banging on the walls of the cell making a lot of noise. "Oh shut up! You act as if you've never seen a woman before!" Loki growled annoyed at their loud obnoxious noise making, they seemed to stop. Loki stood up and walked to the front of the cell and looked at Darcy, "you shouldn't be down here mortal."
  12. Jane nodded "trust me she may think I get us into trouble but oh no.." she said smiling as they sat down to eat.

    Darcy got a fright from all the noise, so this was a prison. A rather fancy looking prison to say the least. Looking at the male that spoke she moved closer to take a good look at him. "Well that is clearly obvious" Darcy stated as her response as she saw a rather handsome male with raven black hair. "since I am the one out here and your in that rather flash looking cell would mind telling me which way is to the dining hall" she asked rather obnoxiously.
  13. "Well, you are also known to get into trouble to my love. I have been watching you, that sounded creepy. I didn't mean it in that way, just.." Thor went back to eating, "you know Darcy reminds me of Loki the whole troublesome part."

    Loki took a deep breath, "you are way off. Take the stairs you came down, then on your left the hallway will take you towards the dining hall. But be quick about it, if the guards see you down here you will get into trouble from Odin."
  14. Jane felt her face go a few shades of red and pink "watching me huh?" she mumbled hoping he hadn't seen the whole crying and sulking for months, cause that was an embarrassing image especially the spotty blue and black pajama pant she wore almost everyday for a month. Shaking her head brushing the thought from her mind she heard Thor mention Loki and Darcy "well let's just make sure they do not meet then"

    Darcy smirked "if your lying to me I swear I will come straight back" she said then walked off up the stairs looking back down "i'm serious! I will come back" she said shaking her head before taking the directions given and shockingly arrived in the dining hall.
  15. "Well that's not going to happen, Loki is locked up in the dungeons unless she finds her way down there I doubt they will meet. Even if they do Loki isn't getting out any time soon," Thor responded. "Well, well here she is now. I wonder what took her so long," Thor looked towards Darcy. "Darcy come and eat."

    Loki walked back down to his bed and laid down using his arm to cover his eyes from the blinding white lights, he had a migraine. Loki tried to ignore his hunger, there was food on the table in the corner that he hadn't touched since his mother brought it for him. He didn't want to eat, he felt like he didn't deserve it.
  16. "well that is a relief". Jane began to eat seeing Darcy brought out a sigh of relief. She really must have gotten lost. "nice for you to join us" she mused as she could see Darcy was planning something.

    "uh yeah well kinda got a tad lost but someone told me which way to go" she said sitting down helping herself to the food thinking about the man she saw earlier. "don't tell me you missed me?" she asked smiling
  17. "We were just worried that you had gotten lost," Thor responded. "It's a big place so I'm not surprised if you did," he smiled. "Where did you go anyways?" Thor asked.
  18. "well let's just say I took a left instead of a right" Darcy mused eating happily as Jane shook her head. The look Darcy was showing was a devious one. What on earth was she planning on doing. When Jane and Thor were not giving Darcy any attention she grabbed some extra bread for the man in the cell. She was going to visit him again.
  19. "I see, well then..If you ever get lost find one of the guards and they will lead you to the right way," Thor smiled. "Jane and I are going for a walk, you are welcome to join us if you'd like." He spoke, "or if you don't want there is a library in the palace you can hang around in."
  20. Darcy smiled "well I do not want to ruin your private time so you go and I will find the library" she mused still smilinas she ate more food as she waited for them to leave. "Well okay then" Jane said as her and Thor got up and wandered off. "I have never seen her so happy to go to a library " Jane commented as they walked away.

    As soon as Thor and Jane were gone she picked up the food and went back to the strange man in the cage "I am impressed that you told me the truth" she mused as she sat down beside the cell. There was a small place she could place food in the cell and she pushed the fresh food through. "thought you might want this" she said.