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  1. Okay. This is an RP search for my new character (Geniously made, I might add :p). I'm looking for a female character played by someone 17 or under, that fits the criteria for this RP.

    My 'rules' will be posted below the character sheet. Post a character sheet of a character fitting the criteria and I'll decide whether or not I want to rp with you.

    Name: Dominic Fang Inori
    Species: Inari
    Age: 17
    B-Day: October 3rd, 1997 or 10/3/96
    Eyes: Sky Blue w/ Golden tint.
    Hair: Short, Scruffy and Silver.
    Height: 6" 2'
    Skin: Slightly Pale, Caucasian and Asian (Half n' Half)
    Abilities: Fox Fire, Inari Form, Inari Influence.

    Bio: Dom is an Inari. Inari are spirit foxes who get stronger through earning more tails (Max 9). They earn tails by completing several tasks (In no particular order). Dom only had 1 tail. He gets his Inari blood from his father, Kito Inori. Dom's mother, Ellinor Mason-Inori, is a human. Kito has 2 tails.

    Dom is a senior in high-school, but has been home-schooled since he was 13 and his first tail appeared in front of his 8th grade class.

    The Inori family was once a royal bloodline in the Inari race, but was cast out because Dom's grandfather, Kagura Inari, fell in love with a human. Kagura was shamed and forced to watch his wife-to-be, Maya, be stoned to death shortly after giving birth to their twin sons, Kito and Ryu Inari. Kito was born a full-blooded Inari, whereas Ryu was born a halfling, neither human nor Inari. Ryu ran off when he and Kito were 16, and was presumed dead shortly after.

    Kito built a 'bunker' for his family in the woods close to their house. It was made to be used for emergencies, but has been used for vacations and parties.

    Dom only leaves his house to go to the library, the book store, and the local antique shop.

    Dom isn't very good at using his Inari abilities, only able to use Fox Fire to light candles at night so he could read. He dislikes using the Inari influence, and cannot use his Inari form whatsoever (Yet).

    Okay. That should be more than enough for somebody to start an informed rp with me and Dom. An image for Dominic is underway and will be posted as soon as it's finished.

    Species accepted for an RP with Dom:
    -Inari-Human Halfling
    -Kitsune (Spirit fox, they serve upper-class Inari. They have 9 tails to begin with, but it doesn't make them stronger)
    -Ookami (Spirit Wolf, like werewolves only they don't change over a physical process, instead they change in a flash of 'energy')
    -Spirit Hunter
    -Other Spirit creatures (Stuff you'd see in an anime about a Buddhist shrine/temple)

    Only spirit/ual-based creatures, NOT magic. OC only. (No Demons/Angels)
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  2. Hey! I'm interested, but I don't do sexual themes. Is it going to be sexual?
  3. As you have asked for smut in your RP it counts as a libertine request. I will be moving this thread to the Libertine [T] request and discussion section.
    Good luck in your partner search ^^
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