A More Realistic Take on Disney Films

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    No matter how old you are; you're never too old for Disney films. They will always have a special place in most peoples' hearts (like mine). They will still make you laugh, cry, and maybe even think... But the most important thing of all: never loose sight of what you believe in because 'all our dreams do come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.' Remember that.

    So, what I would like to try is to see if we can recreate most of these animated Disney classics into a much more realistic/darker (historically accurate) setting. If not, I'm fine keeping them innocent and pure. Whatever you choose, I'm on board with any pairings listed below. And, if you don't see one to your liking just ask. I've practically seen all of them!

    Alright then, so here's what I'm looking for in my partner: be literate, be able to post 4+ paragraphs (2 is the minimum), have decent spelling and grammar, and be able to play the male role. That's it! Feel free to message me here or in PMs.

    - John Smith/Pocahontas
    - John Smith/OC
    - OC/OC

    Peter Pan
    - Peter Pan/Wendy
    - Peter Pan/OC
    - OC/OC

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    - Captain Phoebus/Esmeralda
    - Captain Phoebus/OC
    - OC/OC

    Sleeping Beauty
    - Prince Philip/Aurora
    - Prince Philip/OC
    - OC/OC

    - Tarzan/Jane
    - Tarzan/OC
    - OC/OC

    The Princess and the Frog
    - Prince Naveen/Tiana
    - Prince Naveen/OC
    - OC/OC

    The Little Mermaid
    - Prince Eric/Ariel
    - Prince Eric/OC
    - OC/OC

    - Jack/OC
    - OC/OC

    (I know it's not Disney; I just thought I might throw it in here with the others...)
    - Dimitri/Anya
    - Dimitri/OC
    - OC/OC​
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