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A moment of silence...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Maddeline, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. A fellow role playing site, Carpe Corde, with about 90k members, has decided that in one week they will shut their doors.

    I've met many a friends on there, and I'll probably redirect them here-
    It's a sad day for a neighboring role play site.

  2. Hey cool. More new people Asmo can get mad with.
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  3. @Grumpy
    It's rather sad, all the staff are upset. However, they made the choice to choose an older staff. Many of them are having conflicts with their jobs, personal life, children, etc. and it's unreasonable to run the site any longer because there just isn't anyone to hold the site up.
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  4. Here comes the next wave..

    They'll scatter to the various roleplaying sites, Iwaku being one of them for sure.
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  5. I don't like them.
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  6. @Asmodeus
    Well, if it makes you feel better, a lot of the older members refuse to come here because the sign up age is only 13+
    (They have a zero-tolerance policy with underage content, even threatening to ban if you have an under 18 character)
  7. In which I am quite surprised, I thought they'd be more open-minded.
  8. It's the circle of life. Even roleplay forums have to obey the law of nature. -Except for iwaku, cause iwaku is God. It will never die. Right? D:-
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  9. And so the cycle begins anew.
    Iwaku might not be the place for them, then. I mean... Liberteen exists. XD
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  10. I like them.
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  11. I never thought the end of the world was this close
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  12. You got that sense of dread too?
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  13. So, what you're saying is:

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  14. It's sad to see the big sites go. O_O These places rarely last more than a few years before admins vanish and the staff/maintainers get real-lifed.

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  15. Gimme' the loot, gimme' the loot!
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  17. Another Migration?


    Love me some of that fresh flood of ideas and roleplays and personalities. O__O Imagine all the cool new people we can meet!
  19. Yeah, let's get a new crop of migrant newbies in here so the last group can bond with the veterans over being annoyed at said newbies ruining everything. It'll be a bonding experience!
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