INTEREST CHECK A modern, magical, fantasy RP with people and animals?


Mio Ichigo

Original poster
The RP will be group RP, taking place in modern day Japan. In the country there are three divided races, Mokhru, Archais, and Human. Each live in different zones of Japan. Mokhru are people that use elemental magic and alchemy and have an animal partner (most animal partners can shape-shift into a certain species, i.e. felines, canines, etc.; and can use other magic abilities). Archais are people who use dark magic or light magic (depending on the character) and usually have a spirit with them that can take on the form of a demonic creature or a holy creatures (depending on the magic type; demonic creature example: imp, succubus, other dark and bloody creatures; holy creature example: angel, faerie, other light and sparkly creatures). Humans are humans, but can learn alchemy and magic, and can have partners that are not shape shifters and they can be just about anything. There are major conflicts between the races are always in existence and relationships between different races are strongly hated. The government jumps back into a monarchy, with an emperor, empress, and a shogun.

Working on the plot a little more, and I'd really love some constructive criticism.


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I think it sounds awesome :9 would love to do it, hope it comes more people ^^ Gonna think about characters :9