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  1. Alrighty...so rules first:

    1. Please post once a day. If you can't just let me know and it's cool.

    2. Try to use grammar and spell check but hey, we all skrew up so I undrstand (misspelling intentional)

    3. A minimum of two paragraphs is expected, though the more the better in my opinion.

    4. I like a partner who isn't afraid to contribute to the story.

    5. There will be sex....hence the Mature section. More plot though.

    Here's the basic plot:

    Thousand years ago, magic ruled the world. A group of mages bent on controlling the world with their power almost succeeded but were stopped by a group of magic free warriors, the Paladins. As a result, the paladins began to recruit and launched a holy war on magic and drove magic to the verge of extinction. Their success ushered in the age of man free from magic, good and bad.

    But the war between magic and the Paladins would never end.

    As time passed and culture changed. It no longer became acceptable for the paladins to be in the open. Normal people began to fear the technological advancement of the paladins fearing that they would strive to overtake the world. This forced the paladins to go underground so that what they did to magic would never happen to them.

    Today, paladins still hunt mages and kill them but it usually is covered up, looks like an accident or some kind of violent crime that can be tied to something else. Because the paladins have been forced underground, magic has begun to return but is still the minority and must still conceal itself lest they be discovered by both normal people or the paladins.

    Alrighty, my character is a rising star amongst the paladin ranks. He had several caster kills under his belt. But when he gets injured and a lowly witch (your character) takes compassion on him and heals him, can he still perform his duty and kill her or will he stand to protect her against everything he knows?

    Looking for a girl to play a witch. If this interests anyone, send me a message and we can talk about it.

    Also, I am willing to play with someone I'm already playing with for as well if it strikes your fancy. I will always welcome to players too. I look forward to hearing from some of you in PMs.
  2. This sounds like an interesting story.
  3. I would be very interested in trying out this story
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.