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  1. Kristen walked down the streets quickly, purse tucked under her arm and she hurried along to work. She had been modeling for years, though she recently had to move to a new agency as her old one had been bought out and she had been asked to leave before that happen. In her mind, she wasn't fired, she was saved. Since she last heard the new company did less than...appropriate photos. However, it left her without a job. She had gotten word of a model call down town at a rather high end photo studio. If she was lucky, she could score a permanent position in this company and get back to work modeling before she was forced to pay rent on her apartment with her savings...again.

    Stepping into the building, she quickly headed towards the elevator. several other women were also waiting for the elevator, each dressed in their best and most figure flattering clothing they owned. It seemed she wasn't the only one in need of work here. She was desperate though, and was willing to pull out the claws to get this job. The doors opened and the girls poured in, all silent and watchful of each other. That was the modeling world though. One day these women could be your friends and partners in a shoot...The next you could be fighting tooth and nail to be a solo model in a very well paying photo op.

    As the elevator opened it revealed a flood of women, new and professional all standing in this large open space while set workers fluttered around and tried to keep them all in line. There was a photographer who was sitting in a directors chair and another chair that just so happened to be empty. So this wasn't just a photo shoot, it was a full on body audition. The new girls wouldn't stand a chance then. She knew for a fact that when there were two chairs, this wasn't just getting your photo taken and having it shown to the company in a file, the higher ups would be watching to make sure only the best were accepted.

    Putting her coat and purse on a coat rack with other women's coats, she stood there waiting in her simple white dress and matching shoes. It wasn't clingy but it suited her tall and thin frame. It seemed they were waiting for this other watcher to arrive before things started out, keeping the other women behind some hung up sheets so that no one would see how the girl that was working was doing.

    Kristen (open)
  2. Jared sighed, drinking the coffee in his mug sip by sip. Due to his aunts death and her having no children, the company was given to him. He leaned back, staring at the ticking clock on the crisply painted white wall. From what he heard, there would be new faces today auditioning for spots in the agency. Being a man, of course he couldn't resist attending but also to view the ladies to personally allow who to be accepted and who to be rejected. Other than that for the day, he was free to do whatever. Jared was for sure a lazy man who spent his time quite uselessly. For the most part of his job, he spent it by fooling around with a couple of pretty girls and then making sure minor tasks were carried out or at least give his opinion on upcoming projects.

    Beyond the luxurious life he had since birth, there really wasn't anything else that he couldn't get. He could obtain everything with his wealth, power and looks. Perfect? That's what his arrogant egoistic opinion was. As he recklessly continued to mess around at the age of 28, both of his parents and even his married brother expected him to get serious. However Jared never did follow rules, fooling around was all he desired. Settling down seemed like a long road down. Plus being loyal in a relationship cost work, trust and all that other stuff that usually never went his way. Considering that he couldn't control a relationship, he found it easier to just do whatever. Many of the women he had around were either ditzes or boring and bland in personality. For one thing, he never let a girl take advantage of him.

    The secretary arrived with her perfectly measured pencil skirt and tightly buttoned jacket. Her hair pinned in a tight bun. She quickly bowed while motioning Jared that it was time to view the new models. Heading out, his Italian leather shoes clicked on the polished glassy surface. With his hands in his pockets, he saw the many models lined up at one of the biggest fashion photo studios. There he saw a variety of features, all beautiful and unique. However one certain person caught his eye. A girl with brown hair, strong features and soft lips. A smirk crept onto his face. Her. After all these years he still remembered. His ex, the woman who had the nerve to dump him. That was the end of 'dating' and the beginning of his infidelity. It had been such a long, long time. Devilish thoughts sprouted in his mind. With every intention, Jared planned on keeping Kristen around. Play her like every one of those other women.


  3. Kristen stood there waiting, walking back and forth slowly as one woman went after another. The flood of women was quickly thinned, much to her surprise. Maybe she was just used to days like this, or maybe they were really just pushing that quickly through the women, it was hard to tell. Still, she was silent and didn't glance from behind the curtain out of respect for those women trying. It was already hard enough to do a photo shoot on the spot, to have someone of power also watching just made things even more difficult.

    "Kristen Martin." Someone called and she stood, heading out into the open room and walking over to the set up.

    "Alright, Mrs. Martin...We're doing a series of ten photos, free style. I assume you are wearing what you are modeling for us?" An assistant asked as she stood there in front of her.

    "Yes." She replied simply.

    "Alright, nod when ever you are ready."

    Kristen didn't hesitate to nod to the photographer, stepping onto the set and quickly slipping into some of her best poses without a look at the audience she had. Looking at them would only give them a chance to weaken her with their gaze.
  4. Jared stared watching carefully as he saw Kristen model. He awoke from his daze when his secretary shook his arm.

    "Mr. Valacari, just like you requested, here is the list of models and their portfolios." She said handing over the clipboard to Jared.

    He nodded, flipping through the pictures. He handed the ones that were rejected to the secretary. After going through many random faces he found Kristen's portfolio. He hated to admit it but she had talent when it came to modeling. Many of her pictures were inspiring and interesting. Deciding that he would personally introduce himself yet again after the photo shoot. Or at least invite her to some lunch at a quaint cafe down the corner. Whispering his commands to his secretary, she nodded. With lightning speed the woman hurried over to the photographer who dismissed Kristen. Jared watched his secretary deliver his invitation to lunch from afar.

    His phone began to ring as unrecognizable names appeared on the screen. To tell the truth, he had a lists of unknown contacts, all phone numbers of girls though. Ignoring it, he awaited for an answer from the secretary. He knew if she declined, he would stop at nothing to drop her like a piece of trash.
  5. The photo shoot seemed terribly short as she was dismissed from the set, planning on leaving as soon as she collected her coat and purse. She knew when they didn't want her around anymore, she had worked on plenty of sets after all. However, the invitation from the company owner was something she didn't expect. That must have been the person who had been watching from afar. She didn't want to really speak with a company owner, but if she wanted a job she did need to be polite.

    She accepted the invitation before heading towards the cut off area to gather up her things. After all, she didn't want to keep her possible future boss. Slipping into her coat, Kristen shuffled through her purse as she walked towards the exit, not expecting to be meeting the owner until she actually arrived that the cafe.
  6. At promptly 12 a clock in the afternoon, Jared was seated at the cafe with another cup of coffee. Indeed the man ran on that sugar to stay awake, honestly he wouldn't even need the juice if he slept like a healthy person. He was dressed in his fine suit while glancing around for her familiar face. He was curious, would she be surprised? Angry? Happy? Who knew ... He waited and waited as he watched some of the waitresses stare at him uncomfortably. This was one of his reasons for hating public places. Like a narcissist, he knew he was beyond perfection. Somewhere in his mind, the world apparently revolved around him. Jared Valacari. He brushed aside some of his light brown hair as he waited and waited. He tapped his foot impatiently. Then he caught site of her figure looking curiously around. Opening his mouth, he called out her name as she turned around.

    "Hello there, you want to model in my company yes?" He said in a somewhat taunting manner. His face was smug and arrogant. He awaited for her reaction.
  7. Kristen arrived at the cafe perfectly on time for the appointment she had been given. The only issue was that she had no idea what this company owner looked like. After all, she had been asked by the assistant, not the owner. When she heard her name being called she turned, expecting to see an older gentleman. However, she saw the last thing she expected...or wanted to see.

    "Jared..." She said under her breath.

    Her expression didn't change much but on the inside she was exploding! How could her ex boyfriend be the owner of a modeling company!? She couldn't let this stop her from being polite, no she just couldn't let the past keep her from moving on with her career in the present. Walking over to the table, she took off her coat and set it on the back of her chair before taking a seat across from him.

    "Well...Aren't you a surprising face. So, am I being punked or are you really the owner of a modeling agency?" She asked smoothly.
  8. "Nothing more than the owner of the company, it was a gift from my aunt ... and hasn't it been awhile." He said coolly.

    As a waitress stopped by for their orders. With her departure left an akaward silence. Deciding to speak up, his mouth began to work on it's own again.

    "So, how have you been? From what I presume, you're still looking for a steady job. I could gladly provide that for you under a few conditions." He said slyly.

    In his mind a few options began to sprout. But the best one would be making her into his personal servant. She would have to run errands and tasks that his secretary usually avoided doing. Plus Kristen could play pretty 'girlfriend' (a.k.a. slave) to his family. Seemed like it would solve plenty of problems. Thinking it through he explained his thoughts exactly waiting to see if she would gladly agree. If not he could be done with her and cast her out of a possible job. His bright blue eyes watched her precise expressions, what would she say? That was the question.
  9. Kristen knew something was up by the tone of voice he was using, Jared was just the kind of man. Giving a simple order, she looked to him as he got right to pointing out that he had something that she wanted...or really needed. As much as she disliked the idea of working for her ex boyfriend, she had little choice in the matter. If she wanted to continue working the expensive magazines, she needed to be in a company that magazines like that went to.

    His conditions were strange, and it made her wonder what he was thinking when he also mentioned her playing the role of girlfriend yet again. She bet he wanted to see her squirming in her seat, but she wouldn't. She was willing to do what it took do continue the work she loved...However, just because she was willing to do it did not mean she was going to like it. Sitting back in her seat, she looked him in the eye and nodded her head slowly.

    "One condition on my part...I only play girlfriend in front of family, no business parties or dinners where anyone in the public eye sees us together as a couple. Also, nothing sexual. Those are my conditions." She said simply as she looked at him.
  10. "Gladly accepted." He smirked happy to see that she agreed. He was Jared Valacari and he could change the rules anytime like a 'cheater' he was.

    "Congratulations, you've got the job. And just between you and me, I hope you're a good actress for tomorrow." He said cockily.

    "I promised my father that I would be serious with a girl and I bet my brother couple thousand that I would. Stay out of the media and then I'll see if you can last a couple of months, just so you know." He said with a hint of warning. Jared was quite an obsessive calculator when it came to his cash. Rarely did he like spending it away and instead he preferred having it come to him.

    "Dress your best tomorrow and the secretary will show your way up. Be the best you can..." He didn't have to finish the sentence to explain what would happen if she didn't.
  11. "I doubt that I'll be in the media soon enough for it to concern your family, and hardly in any way that would make them suspicious of you. Even now, as we sit here talking, all the cameras will see is us eating lunch together...like a couple" She said smoothly as she leaned onto her arms. "And I promise, when it comes to work, I am always at my best."

    Once she said that their food arrived, Kristen sitting back so that her food could be placed in front of her. She looked over her food before starting to eat, ending the conversation for now. There was nothing else to say in her opinion anyway.
  12. I'm expecting the best of the best he thought to himself.

    And so their rendez vous ended on a sweet yet sour note. The future held a million possibilities and who knew what would lay ahead?

    As the day continued its normal cycle, the sun went down and the moon rose. Within those silent hours of peaceful sleep the shining rays of the sun arose yet again. There Jared mumbled annoyed in his sleep as his mind alerted him of today. That was right, family was visiting and whenever family visited, everything went apesh*t. The phone rang continually until he finally lazily got up and answered. That's when he woke up by the yelling from his secretary. Sometime he swore she was more like a mother than an actual worker.

    Getting dressed and eating quickly, Jared was off to his office. At the front desks the women confirmed that both his parents and brother would be arriving just to check out how well the company was running. Cursing slightly under his breath, he grudgingly went to his office. Often times, he wished his family would give him space but that was a wish that wasn't ever going to happen. Tapping his foot nervously he still awaited the arrival of both his family and Kristen.

    One thing guaranteed, today would be a long day.
  13. The lunch ended rather quickly and the two parted ways, Kristen returning home at least glad to finally have a job once again. It was hard getting by with one! Returning home, she settled down for the night and prepared for the next morning, after all, she would be making the performance of her life...

    Kristen walked in, decked out in a lovely red dress, it form fitting though it had a high collar and ended at her knees. Her black heels clicked along the floor as she walked through the halls of the office space. Peeking through glass and over little cubical walls, she eventually stumbled upon the office of her new boss and "boyfriend." The door was open but she still knocked, leaning in the door frame as she looked at him

    "Hello Honey, I hope I didn't keep you waiting." She said smoothly as she looked at him.
  14. Jared smirked. Really? Her words sounded too sugar coated. Quietly he murmured to her, "act more natural, no need for the overdone sweetness."

    Just as he spoke those words the door flung open while a slightly large and chubby man walked, a petite woman besides him. Following her was another man who had relatively similar features and height. However his build was wider, mimicking that of the older man. The three figures glanced around until their eyes all landed Kristen.

    "Hello father, mother, ... brother..." Jared said forcibly.

    "Ahh so this is new lady." His brother said blatantly.

    "Don't be so rude Lyons!" The older woman said, while taking a good look at Kristen.

    "Well my boy, I'll be off to check on the companies running, entertain your mother and brother." He said cheerily.

    "Wai- agh... understood father." Jared said with a sigh. He had no ideas what to do next. Indeed it was the first time he actually bothered introducing a girl to his family.

    "So tell me, did Jared pay you to do this?" Lyons said eagerly as if he wanted a confirmation.

    "Lyons! Watch your manners, I think a lovely girl like this might just tame Jared." His mother said softly while drinking out of her convenient thermos.

    Jared resisted his laughter while ending up choking instead. He waited nervously to see what Kristen would say.
  15. Kristen watched as his family stepped into the room. When they first dated she never met his family in person, then again they had agreed to take things slow and let the relationship develop. Now though, she was working at his company in an agreement that required her to play girlfriend around his family and also take on other extra tasks that she had a feeling would be something that a maid would usually do. Still, she was getting paid and it certainly wasn't going to be a small check when it was with his family's company.

    His brother's sudden questioning surprised her, and he seemed to know Jared much better than she thought he would. She just smiled at him though and gave a small laugh.

    "You seem to have little faith in your brother, but no, I am not being paid for this. I'm his girlfriend, truly." She said as she moved over to Jared, wrapping her arm around his waist and smiling as she stood next to him. "He's a good man, even if he is a bit of a party boy, he's gotten a little better for me."
  16. Jared shifted a bit uncomfortably but did his best going on along with the act. It was hard to believe what she said since well, she was getting paid and all that. But he did his best to convince his mother and suspicious brother.

    "See, I told you Lyons, she looks like a good person for someone like Jared." His mother said while sipping her warm tea slowly.

    His brother crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow. "I still strongly doubt it mother, I mean didn't he say he had been dating her for awhile? Shouldn't they have already moved onto a wedding or something elaborate at that sort?"

    Jared smiled while balling his fist wanting to punch his brother in the face. So far things were getting worse rather than any better. Jared nervously awaited for what his mother would say. Not many knew it but she was the actual dictator of the family. Despite her sweet kind gentle tone, she could raise her voice and become a ferocious lioness. Slowly and calmy the old woman began to speak.

    "That's right, why, Jared ... you haven't proposed yet? I'm sure you've been waiting quite awhile correct? And oh please do tell me a little about your family." She said, her lips crinkled into a warm smile.

    Jared silently groaned. Sometimes it was hard to think that his mother was that gullible. He was hesitant, hoping that Kristen would have some kind of pleasant answer. If things got worse, his parents would already determine an unofficial marriage. At least that was what happened with his brother and it worked out fine.

    "That's right, Jared, you've found your girl, I'm pretty sure mother and father approve. So what is holding you two back?" Lyons said with a mischievous smile.

    "I'll let Kristen answer that for you..." Jared said dodging the question. Honestly, he was ready to shoo them out. He didn't think his parents and brother would be so nosy or at least difficult. Sighing he stood there next Kristen a bit too closely.
  17. At the question of marriage, Kristen felt a little hesitant, even if it didn't show on her face. It seemed Jared had created a much more elaborate back story for the two of them than he was aware about. Still, she had something to counter act with.

    "Oh, You see...we decided that when we started this relationship we'd keep marriage off the table at least for two years, if we dated that long. And even then, I don't feel like I need a ring from him to be happy. It's only just a piece of metal. Just spending time with him and being with him is enough for me. Anyway, if you'd like to know of my family I'm glad to continue the conversation over lunch. My family is quite a tale so I wouldn't want to make you stand through the whole thing." She replied with a smile as she pulled from Jared and moved over to his mother.

    "I believe that was the plan, right Jared? You said we'd do lunch...or was it dinner? I'm sorry, I've been so busy with my own schedule that It's hard to keep things together. I'll admit, It's a miracle I remembered to meet you all there at this hour! I'm so terrible with time that I usually need constant reminders." She said, giving a small laugh.
  18. "Hmphh...about time." Lyons muttered faintly under his breath which caused the old woman to give him a glare.

    "Well I see how it is, but indeed I think it would be lovely to chat over lunch." She said sweetly.

    Jared nodded as he pushed the button that rang to his secretary. Within twenty minutes they were all seated at a restaurant, Jared's father still unrepresented. Apparently the man was caught up yelling some demands at the photographers, who knew. Jared was still slightly anxious but curious. Back when he and Kristen were dating, they never really discussed families. One of the sole reasons for their breakup might have been the pace of the relationship. While Kristen wanted someone who could be tied down and serious, Jared was still roaming free. Indeed it was one of his bad flaws that caused him a few pleasant relationships. But he didn't mind. After all, like the saying went, there are plenty of fishes in the sea.

    As lunch was ordered, Jared chatted silently with his brother, leaving Kristen for his mothers company.

    "You're such a player. Too bad father and mother are too transparent to see through you." Lyons smirked.

    "If you stopped poking your nosy little ideas into my life maybe I would be settled down with someone serious." Jared seethed.

    "Oh little bro, at this rate, you're never going to find someone fit for you. Too bad for you, I think your fine 'girlfriend' here will have a potential shining future. She'll drop you once she reaches to the top." Lyons said bluntly.

    Yeah, like that hasn't happened before. Rolling his eyes at the comment.

    "What do you want me to do, get married like you did on the whim of pleasing father and mother?" Jared said harshly.

    "Sure. I'm beyond happy right now. Maybe I'll tell father and mother about this later tonight. You've been so called 'dating' for two years after all." He said smugly.

    "You have no idea how much I hate you." Jared hissed.

    "Likewise little bro." Lyons smiled.

    And the conversation faded between the two as attention was drawn back to Kristen and their mother.
  19. At the restaurant, Kristen had taken a seat next to Jared's mother while the brothers took the other two seats. His father, whom seemed to have gotten busy while looking around the company, was not with them at the moment. It made things easier on her then because she wouldn't need to try and bumper off the advancement of two questioning parents but just one. At the moment, Kristen as speaking of her family with Jared's mother, being both honest and a liar at the same time. After all, she really wasn't his girlfriend, at least not after their break up, and she was only being paid by him through the company to do this all.

    "...Anyway, I've got a small family and I haven't had a chance to introduce Jared to them yet. They sadly live on the other side of the country and it really isn't easy to try and arrange a visit. Jared and I have a lot of work on this end and my parents have their own lives and jobs to manage. However, I do make regular calls and do my best to visit them when I can." She said simply as she looked at his mother.

    "It must be nice to have Jared so close though, I know my parents would die if I could be close to them more than I am at the moment."
  20. "Why yes, keeping close with Jared is quite reassuring. And it sounds like you have quite an endearing family. It would be nice to meet them sometime in the future... My! Look at the time, I'll be late for my two o'clock appointment! Lyons, come along, leave Jared and Kristen alone." The old lady said hurriedly as she exited the restaurant with Lyons following quickly behind her.

    "Well, I've got to admit, good job. Here," he said while pulling out a check book from his pockets and writing a flourished script of numbers. "Take it..." Setting the paper in front of Kristen.

    Today was tiring. Right then and there, he wanted to sleep. Yawning a bit, he finished up the last of the food, leaving an akaward silence between the two.

    (sorry, couldn't think of anything else to write...Dx)
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