A Mobsters Heart

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  1. ____ is the son of a well known mob boss, however he doesn't really pay attention to that part of his life. In fact he tries his hardest to stay out of this family business because he doesn't want to be associated with the Mob. He wants to go into politics, and not the dirty under the table kind of politics his father is associated with. So far his dad supports this, not wanting to get in his sons way of achieving what he wants but at the same time still trying to push him to take up the position as the boss when he passes. _____ is dead set against this and does his best to ignore these subtle suggestions from his father.

    He is currently a first year student at the local university, not allowed to stray far from his home town because his father is worried that he would be in danger if not under the watchful eyes of his men or at least in his 'territory'. One day when he goes into his English class he is not met with the smiling wrinkled face of his usual professor but instead the cold calculating smolder of none other than Steve Evans. A tall, muscular, God of a man with striking blue eyes and a dark look about him. However while everyone else in class is eager to get to know professor Evans ___ is already perfectly aware of who he is. He is his fathers greatest enemy and a constant threat to the mob. He is the boss of the rival mob, constantly getting one step ahead of ____ father and driving his dad insane.

    Steve is known for his cruelty and his unnerving wit. He is feared by most and loathed by many. His Mob is one of the most dangerous organizations in the city, credited ,but never charged for,many deaths of well known politicians that simply got in the way. Now he was ____'s English professor! However _____ isn't afraid of Steve like everyone else, he doesn't believe that he is cold and ruthless, so he outright confronts the man only to find out he wasn't here for any business reason but to simply get to know ______. At first _____ doesn't believe it, he has been around the mob long enough to know that there was always an agenda but soon he finds himself falling to the charm and wit of his fathers arch nemesis.

    Of course Steve is only charming this young man in the hopes of using him against his father, at least that is how it was at first. But slowly but surely _____ is chipping away at the hard shell around his heart and Steve actually begins to care about him which his men are nota huge fan of the idea of their boss going soft. What will Steve do when he is approached about this growing concern? Also what will ___'s father do if he ever discovers their relationship?

    Ok so I also have an alternate plot with this pairing where YC is lured into a very abusive, sexy, messed up relationship with MC.

    This can all be edited and changed because I am all for discussing plot with my partner so it works for us both.
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  2. *Jumps up and down* Pick me, pick me! Please Please Please! :3
  3. Lol ok :D is there any tweaks you would like to make to the plot? Also are you ok if it gets a bit aggressive at times? Since my character isn't going to be the most gentle person.
  4. Honey, you can get as dark as you would like! I mean it too! :3

    I missed role playing with you T^T
  5. Yay :D we can discuss more detail on how dark I plan on making it via PMs?

    Oh :o I'm sorry. We shall amend that now :D