A Misfits' Place.

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    ~Try to avoid one liners
    ~Relationships and romance are fine as long as the characters are over 16.
    ~Max age is 25.

    A few years ago, this house would have gone unnoticed, more than it does now, with no one to tend to it. The walls paint used to peel in every room, the carpets were torn up, out, and dirtied. The kitchen- though back then, it was barely suited to be called a kitchen. The various rooms were flithy, stained, and ruined. But that was years ago.

    Now, the rooms were clean, furnished, and livable. The kitchen was stocked and warm. Carpets were cleaned and fluffy white. The walls, the occupients of the house would paint them over and over again, tagging names, relationships, and random song lyrics, various portaits lined the walls so it's not like the house needed store bough art work to decorate the place.

    What happened? Who cleaned the place? No one knows, but the first to come to seek shelter, Faye Logan the then 16 year old- now 18 and the longest resident of the home, took care of travelers and wanders who found their way in. The outside world left them alone, no one with a home of their own paid mind to the "abandoned" house on the corner of Walson and Crane.

    Everyone comes in with nothing but the clothes on their back, they come in with their own story, and talents. But the house welcomes them none-the-less. Faye would like to say she picks who comes and stays and who leaves, but the house itself decides who's welcome and who isn't. Faye doesn't question it.

    Faye groaned loudly as she rolled off her bed, and padded down the stairs as someone knocked on the front door. It was roughly two in the morning, give or take a few minutes, and the house's floor boards creaked quietly as a sort of good morning to currently the only resident in the house. Faye'd been alone in the house for a couple weeks now, but she didn't mind.

    She tugged open the door and rubbed her eyes, her electric blue hair in a messy bun at the top of her head. She leaned against the door groggily. "Ya need somethin'?" She asked, voice heavy with sleep.
  2. Raphaella stared at the girl with susprise, she expected no one to open the door, but, obviously, she was wrong. With her amber eyes, Raph analyzed the house once again. "Heck, it seems pretty abandoned for me.", she thought to herself. She turned her eyes to the girl with blue hair once again, but this time, with annoyance.

    "Nah, I'm good. Sorry fo' botherin' ya." She replied annoyed with her strong accented voice. While turning to leave, Raphaella grabbed her upper arm and silently grunted in pain. She stared at the wound that returned to bleed, a stab wound to be more precise. "Damn."
  3. Faye watched the girl on the porch curiously. She left the warm embrace of the house barefoot to join the girl. "Look, obviously somethin's up if your here," She hadn't noticed the wound or her stance until then. "Why don't you come inside so I can at least stop the bleeding." She offered, rubbing the back of Faye's neck.
  4. As she was about to walk in the door, she was stopped by a high pitched voice calling her name.
    "Raphaella, hey! Whoa, are you ok?" The girl asked as she watched her friend, concerned.
    "Yeah, Carmen. I'm fine. Just got into a little, um, disagreement." Raphella said, wincing in pain at her wound.
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    Raphaella stared at the girl suspiciously, but the pain was getting worse. "C'mon Raph, this is not the time to be stubborn.", she thought to herself. Finally, she gave a short nod to the girl with blue hair.

    "Heh, I guess.", she said finally giving in to the pain. Quickly, she added. "But no hospitals though."
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    After not receiving a response from the bleeding girl, she faced the blue-haired one standing in the doorway. She smiled and stuck out her hand. "Hi, I'm Carmen. This is my, um...friend? No, let's say acquaintance instead." She smiled wider, despite the blood dripping on her white shoes.
  7. Raphaella stared at Carmen annoyingly.

    "Acquaintance. Look, I'm fine, aight? It's just a cut, nothin' more, nothin' less.", Raph once again winced at the pain. " 'Kay, a big cut. But I ain't gonna die 'cause of this."
  8. A boy in a ratty camo jacket comes sprinting down the street with a police officer running after him. He has a bag in his arms. Not too far past the house, he checks the bag of cans at the officer and jumps a fence and keeps going until he comes to rest in the back yard of the house. He sits down to catch his breath
  9. Faye didn't pay any mind to the bickering between the two girls. "Alright, hi Carmen, come in if you want." She turned the bleeding girl, "No hospitals, we have some stuff here to take care of it. C'mon." She offered, and moved aside clearing the doorway.
  10. Neikan run as fast as she could down the streat, she took a fast look at the blinde man chaising her. She saw three people talking on the porch to a house. She run towards them and then she stoped . She looked at the three girls whit her dark blue eyes.
    " Can you please let me in, that man is chaising me" she said and pointed at the blinde man in black clothing. The man was now walking towards the house whit a very scary smile on his face.
  11. Carmen widened her eyes, brushing a stray brown hair out of her face. "Why? What happened?" She asked the mysterious new girl.
  12. When Raphaella was about to come in the house, she saw the girl running towards the house.

    "...that man is chasing me!", she heard the girl say, then she noticed him.

    "Oh no, that creepy fucker ain't gonna take a step closer or I'll kick his butt!", she growled in her accented voice. "Hey! Girl in blue hair! Ya got a gun or somethin'?", she yelled to Faye, hoping she heard.
  13. Mike sneaks into the house, hoping to find more food to steal. He sneaks into the kitchen and rummages through the cupboards
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