A Mining Town

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  1. your challenge today is to create a township built around the mining industry.

    What they mine is up to you

    How they mine it is up to you

    The technological age, geographic location, population size, and culture of the town is up to you! The only staple is that it must be a mining town.

    You could build an underground dwarven city

    You could build an old west mountain town

    You could build an industrial hub

    It's all up to you! Here's a template, or you can free-write

    Town name:
    What country, state/province is this town located in?
    How many mines?
    What do they mine?
    How do they mine it?
    Do they export or retain the majority of what is mined?
    Who lives in this town?
    Is it a very rich community?
    Other info:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.