A Mind Bending Inconvenience

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  1. Being an Actor isn't as convenient and easy some people seem to describe it. Often people will forget that being an actor is a very jealous and needy carrier that hates being left as an open option. It is time consuming and many do not realize how last minute it can be. You sometime have two hours notice to an audition, which leaves little time to actually build a skill set. Secondly, it isn't always just about acting. We are actually auditioned for short cameo's of barely three seconds. Do you know how we are actually chosen? Looks of course. In a Listerine commercial where you just have to blow your cheeks, the interviewers probably chose you of a few hundred others because they believe your head shot will sell more Listerine.

    Not only is it hard to actually pierce Hollywood skyline, but we have no choice but to be in the Screen Actors Guild, the SAG who insures fair wage. If you are not part of that web of connection, my friend, you will never see your face shot in the big screen. You better should start studying your ass off and go back in College to get a mediocre job before being that weirdo lurking around Hollywood with no money.

    And you know what is even more depressing about being an Actor, very little actually make a pay by being actors. You have to be that pretty face that just ended up found by the right people at the right time, or that actor/actress who's body was exploited on screen to advertise the movie and please the horny public.

    Life as an actor kind of sucks when I put it that way.

    But let me tell you the good stuff about having this amazing job. Not only do you get to meet people and you get to work with an amazing crew, the feeling of impersonating a character and pleasing your fan gives you this overwhelming satisfaction and I simply feel like I accomplished my goals. Putting a smile to a kiddos face, making a woman feel worth it when I simply give her a wink on the red carpet, or simply have a whole family gather at their screen to watch me having a blast with my script. Let me just tell just how amazing that is.

    Not only am I pleased with how being an actor makes me feel, but through my journey to reach ultimate happiness, I met this one girl in the way. Let me just tell you just how amazing she is. Sometimes always pleasing others doesn't help you in your darkest days. You just need that one person to rely on and she ended up being that one person.

    But hey, let me just tell you how much of an inconvenience this started off to be. It was most definitely an inconvenience for both of us. But for now, I will keep my loose mouth of mine and get on with probably the blockbuster of the year, a mind blowing and hilarious way to start a romantic relationship with the one who ended up being your soul mate.

    A mind bending inconvenience that just somehow ended up being the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. So let me get on with it.
    I'm David Simmons,
    And this is my story.

  2. Katrina made her way through the large building, one where the set of her new show was to be held for the filming of the pilot episode. With gracious smiles and kindly thanks the brunette followed the direction of staff members, eventually making her way to set fourty-three. Katrina had known that the company producing the show was quite large but she still had been surprised about how large thus building was, how many film lots where fit into it. She'd never before had the opportunity to work somewhere so large on such a big project. She would be lying if she said she wasn't excited, though the budding actress tried not to show it. She was hoping that this show, if it took off like she hoped it would, would be a stepping stone onto bigger and better things, bringing her a little more fame and attention.

    "Hello, you must be Katrina. I'm Richie, the director. It's good to see you." The moment she stepped trough the door to the lot she was greeted by an older man, perhaps in his fourties. He had a full head of thick brown hair, speckled with grey, square framed glasses and sported a bit of a pot belly. Katrina recognized him from her audition.

    "It's a pleasure to see you again sir." Katrina nodded, accepting Richie's handshake in a somewhat formal manner as she generally conducted herself.

    "If you'd like you can make yourself comfortable over there while we finish setting up." Richie smiled kindly, gesturing towards a small sitting area decorated with a few plush looking couches, tables around them holding a few snacks and treats that seemed almost untouched. There was only one other person seated there thus far, a face Katrina was surprised to see. It was no one she knew personally, but definitely someone she'd heard of. David Simmons, someone most would be familiar with upon hearing the name. Not much about him was public knowledge so Katrina knew little about him, but she did know the face.

    "Hello." Katrina greeted the actor politely, sitting down opposite him and pulling her script from her bag. She hadn't much interest in socializing with him so she figured she'd try to do something productive. She pretty well had her line all memorized by now, fortunate enough to have been given a decent amount of warning before being called in to do the part, but it never hurt to get a bit of a refresher.
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  3. David Simmons stood up suddenly laughing as he looked at the script and noticing the girl, '' Richie! Of all the ladies out there, you needed to get a fresh meat to cast with me. Are you trying to reduce my glamorous carrier with pitiful choices?'' he asked obviously joking with his good friend the director. He even went to extremes and ruffled the girls hair. She was quite unlucky to be surrounded by a crew consisting of mostly males, except the emo makeup artist who rolled her eyes again as she prepared the stuff for David as he walked towards her.

    '' Darling, '' Simmons said looking at the white haired girl with long eyelashes. The makeup artist looked at him with pursed lips and a raised brow, '' What do you want? Gonna try to get in my bed again?'' she asked since she was a lesbian and very much hated flirtatious man like David.

    '' Of course not Alycia. Just make sure not to not exaggerate my blush. Oh and try pulling out my eye color. It will fit my character, '' he said winking at her and she just groaned in annoyance as she applied natural makeup on the male actor to reduce skin imperfections and going along what he requested. He was a pain in her ass, but Ritchie loved him. Actually, everyone loved him except just a handful ladies that couldn't stand him.

    Looking threw the mirror, David stared at Kate with the most intriguing stare. '' What's your name lovely?'' he asked before getting a smack behind the head for moving his head while Alycia worked
  4. Katrina was immediately offended when David spoke of her being 'fresh meat'. She was about to pipe up and quite cattily insist that she was more than capable of doing the job she had been hired to do, just the same way as he had been but stopped short when she felt a large hand rest atop her head, ruffling at her hair. Letting out an irritated grunt that sounded near disgusted -Katrina really, really didn't like being touched, especially by pretentious strangers- the young actress ducked away from his touch. She was already quite convinced that she did not like this man. She would work with him for the sake of her career of course, but she was certain that she would not enjoy his company anywhere outside of scenes that were in the midst of being shot.

    "Are you talking to me?" Katrina had just gotten involved in the script once more when David spoke up, once again breaking her concentration.

    "My name is Katrina. Please don't call me 'lovely' again." She spoke evenly. There wasn't an ounce of irritation in her tone despite what she felt on the inside. Still she didn't exactly sound friendly either. Her tone would likely be best described as neutral, laced with civility but not warm, and not inviting further or deeper conversation. Katrina did not wish to be friends with this man but she would be working with his for quite some time so she supposed she wished to be on decent terms with him. Civil terms, where they would be able to work together but would never have to meet off set.

    "What's your name, if I may ask?" Yes, Katrina knew his name already. She didn't really need to ask again but she did anyway, a mixture of manners and an unwillingness to feed this man's apparently already sky-high pride to rise any further.
  5. David smirked as he answered her, '' Lovely to meet you Kathrina, '' he said purposely saying the word lovely. '' I am David Simmons. Rare it is for some to not know of my name,'' he said when Alycia finally lost her calm, '' Dear David. Please stop being in character and act as yourself. We are not in Bachelors at the moment,'' she said removing her hands from his face and signaling to Katy for her to come take his place while his hair was getting worked on.

    David laughed, '' You weren't suppose to say anything Aly, '' he said making her laugh a bit when Richie approached them. '' Five minutes guys. Then we get on set! Come on!'' he said clapping his hand as everyone started hurrying to finish everything up.
  6. "It's a pleasure." Katrina forced the words before quickly glancing back down at the script, hoping to discourage any further conversation. Fortunately the stylist seemed to help her with that, scolding the smug A-lister for moving around while she attempted to make him look his proper part, presentable enough to be on television.

    Katrina quickly took her place when David moved, letting the woman who David had referred to as 'Aly' rush about to fix her up as she'd just done for David. As soon as she'd finished and assessed her work, decreeing it to be satisfactory, Katrina followed ushering hands to the hair station where her dark locks were straightened and brushed to immaculate perfection, then finally to the set, just as it seemed everyone was about to start.

    Katrina took a deep breath, focusing now on getting into character. This opening scene would set the stage for the show, demonstrating the close and loving relationship between her and David's characters and their money struggle. Katrina would need to portray a lot of emotions here obviously but yet realistically, so she had to keep herself focused.
  7. Scene One: Part One

    Isaak was sitting at his bureau like every Friday night. His forehead forming wrinkles due to his hands supporting his head. His elbows glued to the desk as he looked down at his papers. Debts blew up the roof and his mind just wasn't ready to know that they were on the verge of bankrupcy.He had a cup of coffee, even if it was nearly nine o'clock of the afternoon. The room was dark and the light of his bureau dim. His writing book opened at the same page since yesterday. His eyes glancing at his surroundings as he heard the ticking clock. The idea of failing even at his job was killing him inside. Pushing the papers away, he scrolled to a search engine with two key words on the screen: Job Opportunities..
    It was odd considering he was a very capable writer. Let's put it simply, his books just didn't catch a spotlight yet. He was a thirty three years old, a romance novelist and a very good one at it. He has a girlfriend who is younger than him. She is everything he has. She is an inspiration, he's muse, and he recurrently reminds her of his love in many different ways. They had plans together. He actually initiated those plans when he asked her hand on their fifth anniversary together. He asked her at the same spot where they met, at Central Park under the moon light. Not that it really mattered now. He couldn't even afford paying the taxi to the Civil court to get marital papers. With the bills piling up, them wanting to move out of their three and a half rented apartment and thinking of moving on with their relationship to the next level, looking at this now. The bank freezing his credit card until he managed to pay everything, it just changed the orientation of his plans.
  8. Scene One: Part One

    Lily chewed at her lip as she stood outside the study door in the cramped hallway, hand raised and poised to knock. She hesitated though, trepidation sitting in the pit of her stomach. Isaak had a terrible habit of locking himself up in the room when he was stressed, especially about monetary problems. He got so focused sometimes that Lily couldn't help but worry about him. Of course his worries were valid, she had the same ones, but that wasn't any excuse to stop taking care of yourself.

    "Hey baby." Opting to simply walk in without bothering to knock Lily crept into the messy study, letting the door close behind her with a soft click, "What are you doing?" She knew pretty well what he was up to. She could tell by the stress on his face, seeming to age him near ten years, that he wasn't writing. He always looked quite carefree when he wrote. Even when he got stuck there was this air of freedom to him, a pureness that she only ever saw when he was writing.

    Walking closer to Isaak Lily wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind, pressing a lingering kiss to his temple while looking at his computer screen from over his shoulder. 'Job Oppertunities'. She'd figured as much.

    "Aren't you hungry? I made supper." Lily tried to coax him up gently His food would be cold by now, nearly four hours after she'd made it and first told him about it. Still she would do about anything to get him up and doing something else for now. She knew it would be good for him to find a job, but they could manage a while without him doing this to himself.

    "Come on babe, you've been cooped up in here all day. You need a break." Lily paused when she saw that Isaak wasn't going agree, pulling worried face. Reaching forward to close her lovers laptop just as he'd gone to go back to it Lily moved to sit on his lap, taking more of his attention now. She sat with her arms crossed, an expression that was a mix between serious and pouty on her face.

    "Come on. You need a break. Go put on a movie or something and I'll make some supper OK? You can always come back to this later, and there's always tomorrow." Lily looked up at the brunette for a few moments. Generally speaking this would be about the part where his resolve would falter.

    "I'll go heat up your dinner, OK?" Lily pat his chest, pressing a light kiss to his cheek before getting up, heading off to do exactly as she said she would.
  9. Isaak looked at his girlfriend with a gentle smile, '' Ok, '' he said since she repeated to him at least three times which made him chuckle a bit. She rambled so much sometimes and would ask something, but then just go ahead thinking he agreed even if he didn't answer. It was so typical of her to do this.
    The young writer stood up from his chair and stretched upwards before walking out of his donjon he calls a room. He squeezed in the narrow alley and caught Lily from behind placing a kiss over her head before resting his chin over it. '' I don't know what to do now...'' he said feeling in need of help.

    '' CUT!'' the director shouted making David turn around still holding Katrina with his back pressed to her back. '' What happened?'' he asked and the director looked at the light man,'' wrong position boy! I payed you to do a good job, fix it!'' he said harshly and David simply laughed forgetting to remove his touchy hands from the girl.
  10. (Sorry, I hit 'post' too early OTL)

    Katrina nearly jumped when she heard the director call for the scene to stop. Though she was sure she had been following the script perfectly -she had been studying it nearly religiously since shed first received it after all- she couldn't help but fear that she had done something wrong, made a mistake in some way. In light of that one would think that the aspiring actress would be relieved when the lighting guy was called out instead of her. Instead though, she actually found herself feeling rather irritated. Glancing up at the man, one who seemed close to her age, she resisted the urge to sigh and simply returned her gaze to where it had been. The young would also have to try and return to character now, a state of mind she had been very abruptly pulled from by th director.

    The moment the nerves wore off, fear of being chastised fading, Katrina took not if David's hands. He was still embracing her, holding her close to him despite the fact that the scene was over. Though the young woman couldn't care less if he held her during the shoots -it was all part of the job after all- she hated being so much as touched outside of them.

    "You can let go of me now, David." Her words were not sharp or unfriendly but it was clearly more of a demand than an offer. Taking things into her own hands Katrina didn't wait for him to comply, slipping out of his hold and backing up to a more comfortable distance, giving that older man a very slight glare as if to warn him to keep his hands off of her in the future.

    "Alright, now let's do that again. And this time to it right!" With that the directer turned to re-position everyone else, allowing Katrina to get back into the place she'd been before. What Richie wanted Richie got, and the next few scenes went on without a hitch. Things ran smoothly until they reached the dinner scene. It was a fairly important part of the show, introducing more clearly to the reader the position the couple found themselves in. Reluctantly Lily would be taking on another job, her third in total. Here things would be explained to them, and it was the final scene before the couple headed off to bed.

    "Alright alright, lets take five. You two - go over your lines again, make sure you've got everything right this time, OK?" Their director gave the two actors a short commission before heading off to prepare everything else while they took a small break to put up the dinner set.

    Katrina didn't so much as look at David as she walked towards the break area. She wasn't hungry and wouldn't allow herself any sweets for the time being, so she would take the five minutes to do as the director had said and go over the lines once more, get back into character.
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