A "Mind-Bending" Idea

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  1. Imagine that, if you're very lucky, and the right people are available, you could be saved from a situation in which you would - ordinarily - die, before it even happens. Imagine that the negative thoughts and feelings clouding your mind are simply beasts, and that specially-trained psychics can embed themselves in your mind, and can rid you of your demons, so to speak.
    For a nominal fee, these "Mind Mappers" can traverse your psyche, and can restore you from your state of suicidal depression - or your money back.

    Fine, fine, I MAY have taken a touch of inspiration from the game "Psychonauts" (which I highly recommend). Regardless, the plot centres around a select group of individuals, who are essentially mind mercenaries. For a fee, they can go into your mind, and beat seven shades of psychic out of your troubles. They don't guarantee you'll have no problems with life whatsoever, but they promise to get the big ones. Consider them fustigation, but for your mind.
    Note: In Tudor England, "fustigation" was a medical process in which the sickness was literally beaten out of the patient.
    Each person's mind will differ in what obstacles there are, and there will not necessarily be any realistic physics - we fight in their heads, anything they can imagine is possible there.

    Plot needs refining, yes. But I just need to know, anybody interested?
  2. I think this is a great idea. Needs to be a little more specific though. I don't know information regarding characters.
  3. Characters, yes. Must get a general idea for those.
    Of course, given their line of work, they need to at least be legal adults, and old enough to wield some form of weaponry. They must also be able to use a weapon at at least a competent level, and they need to be able to focus to use their psychic abilities properly. So no scatterbrains. The group will be about four people, to keep things manageable, with the exclusion of their manager - he/she's an NPC. Clients will vary, as it is their mind that we pay attention to, not them - after all, it's where we'll be spending a majority of the RP.
  4. Has some inception hints, also that horror-action thriller thing where they tried to dive into a criminal's mind.
  5. Yeah. I really like the idea, and would be more than happy to be in it.
  6. Well, if there are no further objections, shall I post the OOC and signups?
  7. Yeah, just post a link.
  8. Sure seems interesting!
  9. Don't know if there's still space, but I think this sounds pretty darn interesting. ^^
  10. I think playing a patient (e.g. a one time thing) would be interesting. If I have a good idea, somehow, would you like that?
  11. If your idea pleases me, I will have to consider it. Post away, dear fellow. I await your thoughts with bated breath.