A message from your future ruler.

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  1. Greetings, nations of the world. I am Doctor Victor Von Doom. I am the ruler of Latveria, and the future emperor of the world. All who stand in my way will perish, especially the Fantastic Four.
  2. i'm sorry doom, all hail Dr.Doom!
  3. Yes, all hail me!
  4. Didn't you get eaten by zombies?
  5. the marvel zombies graphic novel
  6. The Marvel zombie graphic novel I have never read.
  7. well you became a zombie
  8. Pathetic, I must have been off my game.
  9. *hides behind Tony* Oh.... Dear....
  10. I have resources. Now could you please beat up Reed Richards for me? That jerk owes me money.
  11. Beats up Reed Richards. "There."
  12. This conversation has been amusing. xD