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    Name: Archibald “Archer” Misifel
    Gender: Male
    Strengths: Archer has a quick mind and a quick mouth, which gets him into trouble sometimes but also allows him to talk his way out of most situations if he can’t fight or carefully slither out. His charismatic, social nature makes it easy for him to sneak into places, and to blend into crowds even in places where he doesn’t really belong. Aside from his charisma and social knowledge, Archer is well trained in swordsmanship and archery, as well as hand-to-hand combat.
    Weaknesses: Self-assured and cocky, Archer’s overconfidence gets him into tight spots he can’t always get himself out of. His sense of independence and pride makes it difficult for him to ask for help once things like this happen.
    General Appearance: 5’10” and mildly annoyed with people that are taller than him, Archer has a lean, wiry build without many rough edges or scars about him. He has light, strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes, an angular, regal sort of face with a constant, charming smile.

    Though he doesn’t mind getting dirty or roughhousing, he is rather vain at times and likes to keep his attire sharp and flattering. He has a habit of wearing a light, fitted vest over his shirts, and keeping his boots clean. Often there can be seen small but colorful accessories hanging from his belt or looped around his wrists.
    Talents: Archer has an innate sense of direction and will sometimes earn money drawing maps for those that want them. He also has a quick wit and understanding of tactical knowledge, so is often the man with the plan, as they say.
    Inabilities: He has little to no defense against magic, and is honestly perplexed by it despite trying to learn what he can about it from his companions.
    Fears: Losing the family he’s worked so hard to build for himself. Also, snakes.
    General Personality: Archer is always the one to start the party, or at times the odd bar fight or two. He’s an instigator in all things, wanting to push people into doing things they might not always want to do, and generally is the type one could expect to see as the center of attention even in crowds of people he’s never met.
    Inner Personality: He is analytical by nature, but fun loving all the same. He tries to see every angle of a situation, though he doesn’t always follow the ‘best’ plan of action, and often wants to make light of heavy situations just so he doesn’t have to deal with them. Still, he is a loyal friend and will be there for the people that need him. When things have to get down and dirty, or even bloody, he will readily jump into the fray. He never set out to save anyone, and yet he has gathered more than one stray along his travels.
    History: Archer was born to nobility. He was the son of a duke and detested royal courts and all the people in them. Despite his responsibility as firstborn, and his younger siblings’ pleading with him, he had them promise not to tell anyone he had planned to leave and snuck out in the dead of night. He was suspected missing or kidnapped and never found afterwards, as he got as far from home as he possibly could, as fast as he could. He realized leaving was selfish of him, but he couldn’t silence his own desires to be anywhere away from the courts, to be out of the public eye, and to adventure as far and as freely as he wanted.

    Used to sneaking out of balls and more political meetings, and talking his way around lies and deception, Archer found he made a rather decent thief after running out of money over a year later. He learned a lot of things about the world outside of privilege through experience and mistakes, and often had to flee or talk his way out of things when he got himself in trouble. He’s only gotten better at surviving after gradually collecting the group of people he thinks of as family to travel with him.

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    Name: Mora Alegaan
    Gender: Female
    Strengths: She is all but fearless. Her magic is focused inward, giving her strength beyond what most imagine any person to have, let alone a woman, and she can make a sort of ‘shield’ with her magic over her skin so as to appear to block blows from a sword with her bare hands or an arm. She can use a sword, and does usually carry one with her, but doesn’t always see the need to use it when she can use her own fists instead.
    Weaknesses: She is often too quick to act, and may do so foolishly and refuse to admit she’s done so later on. Not to mention a somewhat fragile temper that can be set off at any moment, depending on her mood.
    General Appearance: Mora prefers her dark hair long, but doesn’t like it to be in her way and so usually wears it tied up. She has light blue eyes and an energetic smile, and is tall and lanky at 5’8.

    Her favorite accessory is the blue jacket her father gave her as a gift one day, and she will wear it with most anything. Her skirts are often ‘too short’, according to most, but with trousers and/or long boots beneath for function. She doesn’t shy away from wearing men’s clothes, as women’s clothing is too ‘fluffy’, or ‘frivolous’, in her own words.
    Talents: She has an impeccable memory and can often tell you something she’s read or that someone said years ago.
    Inabilities: The usual womenly chores like cooking, sewing, or cleaning escape her.
    Fears: Rejection, one day encountering an obstacle her strength alone can’t best.
    General Personality: Boisterous and rowdy, Mora is always quick to join in with any sort of partying or goofing off, and is always on the lookout for adventure or an adrenaline rush. She is confident and assured in all she does, and has a strong sense of right and wrong. She will not shy away from telling someone what she thinks despite the often negative responses.
    Inner Personality: Despite her harsh nature, Mora is very mothering and has a deep sense of pride in her femininity. She and Archer are kindred spirits in seeing hurting souls and wanting to help them along.
    History: Mora was raised in a family with money to spare, and so living her life in relative privilege and peace. She was always an unusual girl, preferring the boys’ roughhousing play to spending time with her own gender. Strong on her own already, she started to use her magic as a teen when she discovered it, and had her parents help her find someone nearby to teach her how to use it. Appreciative of her female friends as she was, she did spend most of her time with young men of her age, which made some look down on her, but she stuck to being herself and engaging in more masculine activities, such as swordsmanship or archery competitions (the latter of which she failed often).
    Mora knew Archer first as a swordsman in a competition, and only later as a prince. He would see her often there and they bonded a bit while still young, until they began seeking each other out at local competitions, or in secret with Archer in disguise. They became good friends, and she was the only one he told besides his siblings that he wanted to run away. She called him a coward at first, but when he told her he was finally going to go, she told him to wait for her, that someone had to watch over him so he didn’t get his sorry ass killed. Two months after he had fled, she had gotten her affairs in order and said her goodbyes and they met in Torak, far north of Callum where they both grew up, to continue together from there.

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    Name: Kappali Westoff
    Gender: Male
    Strengths: Practice and a sort of natural intuitive sense of weight and movement makes it easy for him to learn new forms of combat. Put any weapon in his hands and chances are he already knows how to use it or will soon figure it out.
    Weaknesses: As he bases most of his decisions on gut feelings, first impressions are everything to Kappali. If a person makes a bad first impression, they have to work hard to get into his good graces again- but, if the make a good first impression it’s difficult for him to think they could do bad things afterwards, which at times has led to him being too easily betrayed.
    General Appearance: Around 6’ tall, Kappali has somewhat shaggy, untamed brown hair, bright green eyes, and hard won strength in every inch of him. His hands and feet are tough and callused, his body dotted with scars from working, fighting, and generally struggling through life.

    He is generally seen in traditional northern wear - long tunics and thick materials for trousers and boots. He often wears furs he’s hunted, skinned and treated for himself, but in warmer climates tends towards earthen tones and will wear shades of brown and green. He has a general dislike of sleeves for their restriction, and would rather wear long gloves or a sleeve detached from the shoulder of his tunic so as to have a full range of motion.
    Talents: Whittling. He believes in the precaution, if not the absolute certainty, of good luck charms and has carved rather detailed ‘guardians’ for each of his closest friends.
    Inabilities: While physically gifted, he has a hard time interacting with people properly and struggles to understand what people are feeling without them spelling it out for him. Because of his upbringing he also never learned to read, a fact that troubles and embarrasses him at times.
    Fears: Fire, being unable to protect those he needs to.
    General Personality: A strong, silent type, Kappali is rather quiet around those he doesn’t really know or trust, and if he doesn’t like you he doesn’t do anything to hide it. Do to his general lack of tact, his strength, and his rather brusque, almost animal way of going about things, people tend to write him off as stupid.
    Inner Personality: Kappali seems to be the leap without looking, but his mind works much faster than most people think it does, and while he isn’t very good at knowing how emotions works he has a rather good knowledge of how people and animals usually move, enough to take in a scene quickly and then jump into action. He will coddle children and animals because he knows they need it, but doesn’t always consider that sometimes adults need such care, too. He is fiercely loyal and will lay down his life for people he cares about, or people that he feels deserve it.
    History: Kappali grew up in the poor village of Persus, struggling for life with his mother and having never known his father. When he was still very young he started to learn how to use a bow, how to hunt for meat and search for food that they couldn’t afford to buy from anyone else in town. His mother’s health began to weaken when he was a teen he would bring it back to her and have her tell him how to prepare it, and learned from her how to mend and sew clothes, how to do everything it took to maintain a household because she couldn’t anymore. He managed to keep them going selling the furs he caught, but they were still very poor, and many were unhappy with him for taking ‘their’ game when they couldn’t catch it, and his mother’s health didn’t really improve. Still, she was weak but alive for years until It happened. A wildfire tore through their village and burned it to the ground, all while he was out hunting for his mother, and when he returned it was too late to save her. He was forced to leave the smoldering ruins of his home by the fire, unsure of where he was going but knowing he had to get away from the spread of it, and on the way encountered a snowy white wolf caught in a hunter’s trap. It was young but still big enough to harm him, and yet he freed it, and when it didn’t try to bite him he picked it up and carried it with him for miles until he could stop to take care of it, and in doing so earned its loyalty.
    Years passed in which Kappali made a reputation for himself as a brute of a hunter, selling furs and taking pest control jobs in which he would rid towns of wolves or foxes that ate their livestock, or even once or twice scare off a bear. He had no one with him but his wolf friend, Sol, and would get into fights almost every day with those that challenged or offended him, or threatened her. It wasn’t until he came across a man named Archer that he began to change his ways. Come with me. the man had said, bright and smiling and unafraid of his strength or size or reputation. We’ll make good use of that strength of yours. And so Kappali followed.

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    Name: Camellia Lorr
    Gender: Female
    Strengths: Camellia can’t heal wounds directly without taking some of the damage herself, but her magic allows her to grow herbs and plants that do the job for her, sometimes instantaneously.
    Weaknesses: She is small and weak, and couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag even if she’d wanted to, on top of being easy to scare. She is too quick to trust people and must often be looked after by someone so as not to be dangerously deceived by anyone.
    General Appearance: She often gains attention for her moss green hair and eyes, a side effect of the magic flowing through her, but is otherwise seen as unassuming and cute. She stands at only 5’ tall, and appears frail and delicate, with a light olive complexion and the graceful movements of a dancer.

    Camellia can most often be seen in her favorite white dress, or other things similarly light and flow-y, as it’s what she’s comfortable in. She is most often barefoot, and sometimes seen in clothes too large for her when her friends decide it’s too cold and she needs to wear something warmer.
    Talents: She is a graceful, beautiful dancer and useful when cooking, either in a kitchen or over a campfire.
    Inabilities: She can’t bring herself to hurt anyone, even to save her own life. As such she is incapable of using even the weapons she can physically do anything with.
    Fears: Darkness, feeling trapped, being unable to heal someone who could have survived with her help.
    General Personality: Camellia has a bright and sunny disposition, always happy to help in any way she possibly can, and generally loving anyone she encounters. She goes along with silly or strange things if others want to do them, and is perfectly happy to tag along on adventures even if she isn’t always physically up to a task. She is always happiest when barefoot in the grass or otherwise surrounded by nature.
    Inner Personality: She is, for the most part, the person that she is on the outside, happy with her life of being free with her friends who need her. But when things go wrong she internalizes her fear and worries and sadness so as not to be a burden, and can go through sudden episodes of crying for no apparent reason.
    History: Camellia was a slave despite living within a kingdom where such practices weren’t legal when referring to most species, mages and humans especially. But the land she lived in was far from the king and queen’s abode, and far from anyone who truly cared to enforce the law against the wealthy, powerful Duke that broke it. She danced and sang to entertain her master’s guests, but most often was seen working the fields, using her magic and her own bare hands. With her gift of healing she was left without any scars or marks to show any signs of the abuse slaves endured and so is generally never suspected of being one. She was miserable, but it was all ‘normal’ to someone who had grown up that way, and she did her best to make herself happy among the fields until the day that two men and a woman came and destroyed her master’s home and land, and declared that he had forfeited his wealth for keeping people as slaves. The people around the Duke’s land had been too scared to protest, lest they or their children be taken as slaves, but when Archer and his friends came and took the man down, having no authority to do so, it gave the people the strength they needed to stand up for themselves. Camellia, having been rescued, was asked to come with them, to get away from the place that had hurt her so long and went on the promise of seeing wonders of nature and man alike.

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    Name: Wistgal Senn
    Gender: Male
    Strengths: Though his knowledge is varied, Wist’s magic leans strongly on light and speed, and in battle he will use both to simply disappear, then reappear only a second or two later behind or next to his opponent to deliver a quick, often fatal blow. He carries short, light blades with him, preferring fast, calculated attacks to rushing headlong like a freight train when battle is necessary. Often he will simply dance around his opponent until they tire and can’t keep up anymore.
    Weaknesses: Wist isn’t easily frightened by people or strong magic, but the idea of ghosts or demons chills him to the bone and he won’t step foot inside a graveyard or supposedly haunted place of his own will. Fast and quiet don’t mean impossible to hit, and he isn’t very durable - a good hit or two and he’ll be down for the count.
    General Appearance: At 5’4”, Wist is small and unassuming, all pale skin and delicate features. He lets his fair blonde hair grow longer than the usual for men, as people tend to underestimate him even more if they think him a woman, occasionally even adding a flower to his hair to encourage the mistake - and simply because he happens to like flowers.
    As if he were constantly on his way to some sort of ceremony, he is almost always seen in one of the few different loose, layered robes he owns, with thin black shirt and trousers beneath, and traditional socked sandals on his feet. (see Kappali’s image)
    Talents: Silence. When stealth is required he is always the first choice. Given his small size, light weight, and the both natural and practiced grace, he won’t be heard or seen unless he wants to be - he can often be seen wearing a little bell or two on his wrists or ankles or around his neck, and is pleased when hardly anyone ever hears them.

    He plays the lute, which he likes to pull out when everyone’s settled around the fire at night to play quietly while the others talk.
    Inabilities: He can’t swim, and has an absolutely horrendous sense of direction when it comes to geography larger than an average sized city. If given a large weapon, he isn’t quite strong enough to put much force behind it, and he can’t use a bow and arrow to save his life.
    Fears: Boats, deep or open water, being left alone in life, souls of the dead.
    General Personality: Quiet but curious, he will hover in the background of most situations in order to observe from a far, and only come close when needed or when especially intrigued. Unfortunately, once his interest has been peaked he has little to no concept of personal space.
    Inner Personality: Wist enjoys being in the company of others, listening to them talk and laugh even if he doesn’t join the conversation himself, and will quite happily attach himself to someone he knows when left in an unknown situation or location, especially in crowds. He hates being cold and will cuddle up to anyone he knows and trusts to seek warmth.
    History: Wist was abandoned as a child, for reasons unknown, and found by a kind mage that took him to live at a temple filled with mages and non-magic users alike. While religious ideas were not forced upon him and he was allowed to grow up with his own views in life and decide what he wanted to believe, he did spend much of his time learning magic from the many mages that resided there or passed through. He was always curious, always wanting to learn more, and eventually when a small group of travelers came through and peaked his curiosity, he decided it was time he moved on from the temple to learn more about the world and headed off with them.
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