A Meeting In The Forest [M a r s & josephoshearoleplay]

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    he had no idea why she was out in the forest late at night. All around her, there was nothing but darkness. Feeling the gusts of winds blowing towards her made her shiver. Goodness, winter nights were the coldest of all, especially while wearing the thinnest material of pants you could find lying around in your room.

    Foolish. Sarina was foolish for going out in a pair of skinny jeans. Though, it was a good thing she covered the upper part of her body with a snow jacket, and a few layers under. Trudging on the snow-covered grass, she made her way to a lake she usually went to when she went out on her walks in the night. She held on to her flashlight tightly and used it to guide her when she needed to see the things in front of her.

    Soon enough, she found herself at the frozen lake. The female felt herself smile as she remembered things that happened in the past while at the lake. She and her family used to spend time there. Walking around while thinking silently, she suddenly stopped after finding a body leaning against a tree.

    It - or they - had piles of snow covering them.

    W-what in the world?

    On instinct, Sarina ran straight for the body and attempted to help it/them.

    "Hey! Are you okay?!"
  2. *i lean against the tree not feeling the cold. my body has gone completely numb. i want to use my powers to make a fire but i was worried that someone would come here.*i sigh* i dont know who i am or what i am...all of a sudden i hear someone running towards me and i look up to see a beautiful girl* i-im f-f-f-f-fine...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.