A meeting in a dungeon.

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  1. "Are you sure this is safe, Rogdush?" One of the young Orcs asked.
    "It's some ruins filled with goblins! If you can't handle that, how do you think you'll do against real warriors? Minotaurs? Bandits? They're goblins! You're an Orc! With an axe! You should be able to handle them unarmed!" The older Orc berated. "If you can't handle them, you can't be called a warrior!" He continued, leading on deeper into the ruins.
    After going deeper for a while, Rogdush started getting confused. They hadn't seen any goblins, not outside nor inside. Especially odd was it, since he'd been told it was filled with the little green buggers.
    As he stepped around a corner, he felt something under his boot. As he looked down, he saw a dead goblin. "It seems we're not the only ones here boys." He said over his shoulder, to the three young ones he had brought down here for some real fighting. "And no, that changes nothing. Until we find the leader of these beasts, we're continuing down." He said angrily, and continued downwards.