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  1. It is an age of gallant knights, great kings and kingdoms, an age of magic amongst mayhem. It an age of magic users, and magic hunters. The great kingdom towers over the underlying city. This story does not mention kings, queens, knights or dragons, though. This is the story of how a peasant's life would be like. A story of love and how even some love stories do not always have a happy ending.

    Rafael awoke at first light by the pounding of the door. The loud voice of his father overwhelming so early commanded, "Get out there to fetch the eggs or there will be no breakfast before chores!" Rafael rolled over for a brief moment before deciding that he better do as he was told. The young man just wanted a respite from the morning labors for just one morning. He shrugged lazily into his tunic and ratted pants before heading out of the house. The chicken coup's foul stench did no good for an empty stomach. He fought the gag reflex, grabbing the eggs quickly and placed them gently into a basket. After that was over, he decided that he should clean out the coup while he was there. That would give him one less chore to attend to after breakfast. The fowl stench did not leave even though it was cleaned out. He shook his head, wondering what he could do to eliminate the odor.

    His mother stood at the doorway impatiently, as she usually was in the mornings, "It should not have taken so long to gather those eggs, son. Stop your lollygagging!" She used a rag to whip at her son before grabbing the egg basket before it tipped over. "There are lots to be done today, and you know how your father gets if he is unable to have a decent breakfast."

    His father walked in as breakfast was being placed on the table. He scowled as he sat heavily in his chair. "Another tax order has been decreed. The royals sit fat and happy while they make the common folk slave in the hot sun. We are barely able to keep bread on the table as it is now. Work has been slow, the pay has lowered." He stopped speaking then as he realized children were at the table as well. He roughly grabbed a hot roll and boiled egg.

    His mother sat in the chair beside him, placing a comforting hand over his arm, "We will survive, my love. We have before and we will now. Perhaps I should speak to someone about getting a position as a maid in the castle. I overheard that they are seeking people." She saw her husband's expression, and knew how he felt about the matter but they would need the extra money. He knew it, which is why he nodded in agreement. She looked at the children, not wanting to abandon them to play in the streets. She loved being home to take of them, and the house. This was also for them so that they could have food in their bellies.

    Rafael gave no expression. He wanted to be more helpful to his family. It pained him that he was still too young to gain an apprenticeship. One year away! He grumbled to himself so that it would not stress his parents or siblings. He ate quickly, rose from the table, and headed to do his chores. His first chore was completed. Now, he would have to fetch water from the well. He took the pole with the two dangling buckets and placed them over his shoulder. When he reached the well, there seemed to be a small crowd gathered. He peered among the people to see if he could find his friend.
  2. "Cock a doodle doo!" The sound of a rooster stirred the young girl awake. She had fallen asleep in front of the fireplace again. A small brown dirty book laid open on her stomach while she laid on the dirt floor. There was a blanket underneath her but because of her sleeping, she managed to get off of it. Now her rags were even more dirty. She sat up and looked around with sleepy eyes for a minute.

    The sun had already started to rise and Melanie knew that she needed to feed the animals before they started yelling. She went out the front quietly to not wake her father or little sister. She tried to do everything herself since her father had recently been sick. Once she got outside, she tossed the items in the buckets out to the pigs and to the cows. Going to the coop, she refilled the feeding trough and looked to see if any eggs were laid. Sadly she only found two. She took them anyway and headed back in.

    Once inside, she saw her father sitting in his wooden chair by a roaring fire. He must have started it back up while she was gone. "Good morning sunshine." He said with a soft smile. "Morning pop." She said, going over and planting a kiss on his cheek. "Did you sleep well?" She asked. "Oh yes. But I might have drank the last of the water last night." Melanie looked at him with concern. "So we don't have any?" "Yeah. I'm sorry." "It's ok. I'll go after I make breakfast."

    She quickly made two eggs and made two plates: one for her father and another for her sister. She thought they needed to eat more than she did. Once she gave a plate to her father and left the other on the table, she picked up two of the empty water buckets and headed out to the well.

    Once she got there, she sighed. There was a line to get water. She got in line and tried to wait patiently. She hadn't realized that her friend had arrived.
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  3. Rafael would keep a watch out for Melanie. To keep himself occupied, he tried balancing on one foot with the pole hanging on both shoulders, now. This did not work out so well, hitting one of the other women in line with a bucket. With a sheepish look on his face, he quickly apologized, "I am so sorry, Ma'am." With a hiss of annoyance, the woman shoved him out of the line. Other people there laughed. With flushed cheeks, he began to walk to the end of the line. By this rate, it could be high noon before he got to the well. As he walked, a smile came to his face as he saw Melanie. She did not seem to see him, so he headed in her direction. A bucket fell from the pole due to his not paying attention. With a shake of his head, he bent over and picked up the bucket so he could place it back where it belonged.

    He finally arrived to Melanie, greeting her with a smile, "Melanie! It is about time you got here! Did you sleep in again?" He looked over her clothes and chuckled a bit, "Perhaps, it was a fight with a rooster over the chicken eggs?" He stood behind Melanie in the line, allowing her to go before him.
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  4. Melanie laughed at his comment and shook her head. "No. Our rooster is a nice one. I had to take care of some things before I came here." she said with a smile. Rafael was her best friend in the whole village. When things were happier, they would always get together and play all day. They understood each other and promised they would be there for each other no matter what. Melanie then saw the unbalance of the buckets Rafael was holding. "I suppose you left your balance at home." She said, starting to laugh.
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  5. Rafael smirked, "Among a few other things." Rafael did not want to mention anything about the conversation of his parents. He really did not want to place any distress on Melanie. Her family was going through a hard enough time as is. The thought of being able to spend more time with her during the day did sound quite nice, though. So, without going into too much detail he smiled while saying, "It looks like my mother may be starting to work at the castle. She got word that they were looking for hires. Which would be good in a sense that I would help you with your chores." He chuckled again, "Seeing as you are the slow one, that is."
  6. Melanie got offended playfully. "Me? I'm not slow!" She said with a smile. Weeks ago, Rafael was a huge help with the chores at her house. But then his mother got onto him about not doing his own at home. Melanie felt bad for getting him in trouble, even though Rafael said it wasn't her fault. She suddenly stared wanting to tell him about her dad. "Papa is still not feeling well." She said sadly.
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  7. Rafael looked concerned, "I do hope it is not very serious?" The thought of her father being ill could be worrisome, especially with all the different ailments going around. "Has he visited the physician?"

    While he was waiting for an answer, the royal guard came through telling everyone to get out of the way. They shoved an older woman, who was also in line to get to the well. It looked as if the guards were taking some poor sap to the dungeons. Chains rattled as the man moved. After they cleared away, Rafael went to the old woman, "Are you alright?" The old woman nodded as she took the offered hand from Rafael. He watched as the woman waddled away. He sighed, how could the guards be so cruel? He then focused on Melanie once more, "I will go fetch the physician, if you want me to."
  8. As Melanie listened to Rafael, she heard the galloping of horses. Looking over, she could see the royal guards coming forward. She quickly got out of the way but gasped when she saw the poor woman fall. Naturally she wanted to yell at the guards but she held her tongue. She watched Rafael help her up, but she still felt back for her. When the boy asked him to fetch the physician, Melanie answered, "No. I think he'll be ok."
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  9. The line to the well finally started dwindling down as the sun began to shine bright. People were in a rush to get their water before the sun's heat became too much. Not long after that, it was Melanie's turn. Rafael could not help but keep a grin on his face while being around her. His best friend for as long as he could remember. The thought of being able to spend more time with her caused excitement. "Since your father is feeling ill, perhaps I should speak to my parents about helping out a bit more. I will bring some fresh fish over later, once my chores are done. I will go catch them myself." Rafael and his father usually spent some time fishing at a spot that was not so far away. Usually, the guards did not patrol that area, so it was a great way to get a decent dinner.
  10. As it became Melanie's turn, she placed the empty bucket on the rope and lowered it into the old well. Hearing the sound of a splash of water, she let the bucket settle in before bring it back up. Once she had over bucket filled, she would do the same for the other. She listened to Rafael talk as she worked which made her feel very relaxed. Once she was done, she turned to him with a smile and spoke. "That would be great. Thank you." She was lucky to have a friend like him. If she didn't, who knows what she would be like.
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  11. Rafael sat on the edge of the well, holding onto one of the beams for support while she filled her buckets. He would offer to help draw the water, but didn't want to offend her or make her feel weak. He noticed some girls felt that way, while others enjoyed the help. Either way, she was nearly finished. Maybe now would be a good idea. "Let me get that bucket drawn for you." Without waiting for a response, Rafael grabbed the rope from Melanie's hand and brought up the bucket. He smiled as he lifted the bucket into the air. "Ah! Victory over the wild beast!" He then lowered the bucket, handing it over to Melanie. "I bet that I will have my water drawn, chores finished, and fish caught before you get your chores finished." He said this teasingly as he prepared his own water buckets.
  12. Melanie allowed him to draw the water from the well. She appreciated the break from her tired arms. Then she heard him make the offer on finishing chores. She looked at him with surprise, liking the sound of a challenge. "You sure you wanna do that? Cause I'm fast when it comes to afternoon chores." She said, making it sound challenging. She smirked back at him playfully.
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  13. Rafael's smile widened, his eyes playful, "You? Fast at afternoon chores?" He chuckled. "You are so sluggish by the time lunch is over that it amazes me that I do not have to go to your rescue each day." He dropped the first bucket into the well, allowing it to fill before dragging it back up again. He got the second bucket, repeating the process. After that, he placed the pole over his shoulders, smiling at Melonie. "I will even double your fish portion if you are finished by the time I arrive." He stood there and smiled.
  14. Melanie narrowed her eyes at him playfully as if they were both enemies. "Bring it." Was all she said. A smile played on her face. Double fish would mean decent meals for her family and less of a hassle on her.
  15. Rafael's smile stayed glued to his face. He placed the pole back upon his shoulders, acting as if the extra weight on him didn't even matter. He began walking back towards his home while looking over his shoulder, "I'll see you in a few minutes, then." He laughed before whistling cheerfully through the streets. He emptied out the buckets into the water vases. He wiped the sweat from his brow. He was hoping Melanie didn't see how much effort that it really took to get those buckets on his shoulders. He knew though, that if he had to work for it, so did she. That thought almost made him feel bad. He really never stopped to consider how things could make her feel. Maybe, he should have carried the buckets for her as well? Now, he could have kicked himself for not even offering.

    He carried the vases into the house, setting them upon the table. His mother was no where to be found but his father sat at the table. His hands holding his head. Rafael sat near him. "Perhaps there is something I am able to do to help, father. Perhaps, for a few coin, I can assist some people about the city?" His father shook his head. "No, son. In a year you will be able to gain an apprenticeship. We will be alright until then. Your mother will be assisting us for now." Rafael hated not being able to do much to help his family. Not a child anymore, but not a man yet, either. "What work needs doing, father?" This question served two purposes. One was to see how much time he would have to spend on chores before fishing, the other was to help his father see that he really earnestly wanted to be of use.

    His father shrugged a bit, "I saw that you cleaned out the chicken coup. Clean out the fire areas, mend the south end of the fence, and you will be free to do as you please after." Rafael smiled to himself, he would be done quickly enough to do the chores and go to Melanie's to help her with her chores. She always seemed to have a larger chore load than him. The thought of Melanie got him to speak up again. "Father, I met Melanie at the well today. Her father has fallen ill, and while she assures me that he will be alright, I have offered to lend them a hand. I would of course do so after my chores were completed." His father nodded while waving his hands. It seemed that he just wanted to be alone at the moment. Rafael decided to head off to do his work as to not intrude on his father any further. He mended the fence before he cleaned out the fire places for a couple of reasons. If he chose to do the fireplaces, first, he would end up with black soot on his face while wiping the sweat off repairing the fence. The second reason was that he could go directly to get a different set of rags on. It would save him from having to come back home. He wanted every second to count. He grabbed his fishing spear, and headed out to the springs.

    The trees gave a nice shade from the heat of the sun. Since the tides have swept through, there should be some good fish catching. He sat beside the running water to enjoy the moment while he prepared reeds for placing the fish on. His father taught him how to braid reeds together to make carrying the fish easier. He spent quite some time fishing. When he walked away, he had caught eight fish. That should give Melanie and her family a decent meal or two. He would make sure that Melanie ate as well. He had noticed that she would skip meals. She needed to keep her strength. Why was she becoming more important to him? She was important before, but not like this. He noticed that he had become more concerned about Melanie, lately. Her house came into view, and he searched for her about the place so he could triumphantly impress her with the catch he had made.
  16. Melanie hurried home with a big smile on her face. Rafael always knew how to make her happy.
    When she came closer to the house, her little sister ran out to Melanie. "Melanie!" She shouted in her high pitch voice, gripping Melanie with a huge hug. Luckily, she set the water buckets down before her little sis dumped them over. "Hey Cecelia!" Her little sister looked at her with excitement. "I ate all my breakfast and caught a butterfly!" "Oh wow!" Melanie said with enthusiasm. "Yeah! I'm gonna give it daddy!" "I'm sure he'll love it." Cecelia ran off with laughter and Melanie went back to getting the water inside. However, when she picked up the buckets, she felt a little dizzy. Shaking it off, she continued on.
    After an hour, she had washed the pigs, cleaned their troughs, hooved the cows, and tended to the garden. At the time, she was raking the leaves out of the garden, almost exhausted.
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  17. Rafael spotted Melanie in the gardens. He triumphantly marched up with the fish. However, he could see the exhaustion she was feeling. He rushed to her side, placing the fish down. "Please tell me you have eaten today." His look of concern not leaving as he attempts to take the rake from Melanie. "Go get something to drink, bring the fish with you. You will eat something." It sounded more of a command, than a request.
  18. Melanie kept hold of the rake, refusing to stop. "I'm ok. Just let me finish." She said, trying to keep working. The hunger was already hurting her stomach and her body was getting weaker and weaker by the minute.
  19. "Melanie! Stop, you need to rest. Let me help you." Rafael placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. He did not want her to get hurt. "Please, Melanie? Rest or I will be forced to bring you inside. I will carry you, if you force me to. I know how much you would dislike it. I will, Melanie. You know I will so, please don't force me to do it." He picked up the fish, then took hold of the rake with his other hand. He was going to be just as stubborn as she was being.
  20. Melanie wanted to rest and take a break, but if she did, then she'll be behind in everything and her family will pay the price. She kept working, knowing that Rafael would pick her up. if he did however, she was gonna put up a fight.
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