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  1. It was a long ride she had coming over all the way to the united states, it wasn't just the fact she had to learn a new language, the pressure of losing her parents and the new environment. It was the fact she had to live with someone completely new, someone she never met or heard about before.

    Anna made her way to his door, she took a really deep breath she didn't want to ring this bell, the second she would ring that bell it would mean work and a lot of that because she had to explain herself to a stranger, she hated talking to anyone, but now talking to a stranger when she was already close to tears every second she lived lately made it especially hard.

    The last step was done and she finally stood there her finger on the button for the doorbell, another moment passed as her breathing got excited, she was nervous like never before in her life, she sorted out the words she would speak to him, she hoped he would understand her, oh god what if he didn't understand her speaking because of her accent?

    Finally she rang the bell on the door, she sound came through and she took another deep breath and put on a smile, the second she heard the bell her heard skipped a beat, she held on tightly to her bag and just hoped for the best from here on, he was no part of her family, but his family was close to hers and everyone agreed to send her to him because no one else was able to take her in besides him.

    "Hello....this is Anna...I'm the girl they send to you, to take care of....I hope...you got informed in time and I'm sorry to bother you.." this was what she hoped to bring out when he opened the door, she quickly picked up the letter from her bag that she was given to confirm who she was, she closed her eyes as long as she waited, it felt like ages passing by.
  2. "Let's see... If I carry the two, multiply by five, and then... No, that's not right."
    peter slammed his pen down in frustration, and leaned back in his chair. He just couldn't concentrate - today was supposed to be the day that he was to take care of some girl he barely knew. You didn't need to be a genius to work out that he was quite unhappy about this development. Peter liked his own company, and hated being in the presence of others. To force him to live with someone else - let alone a complete stranger - was one of the many things you didn't do to him.

    Then the doorbell rang. Once. twice.
    "I get it, I get it, just ring it once..." he murmured to himself, rising out of his chair with a groan. The expression on his face was unmistakeably sour. He didn't want this person living with him. he didn't need them. There was no reason why he - someone who was comfortably living on his own, even with the amount of money he had to get by with, would have to take care of someone else. At least, that was how he thought.

    His main concern was why they had chosen him, of all people, to look after her. They knew he was a hugely bitter and cynical person, and they knew he hated being around anyone. And, yet, they had still insisted on forcing him to be in constant contact with someone he didn't know or care about. He had tried to argue his case, but his parents weren't having it. They had event threatened to cut off the money they were sending him - which he thought was something they deserved to be punched in the face for, but he didn't express his feelings. He figured he could just ignore the other person until they learnt that he didn't like them, or want them around him. Then, it'd be just like before, except with more inconveniences.

    He opened the door, and looked at the girl standing in front of him. His frown deepened, and he spoke in as polite a tone as he possibly could. Which, in his case, was a flat - but slightly tired - one.
    "Can I help you?" He asked, hoping against all hope that she wasn't who he thought she was.
  3. "He.Hello..." She was a bit scared by him at first but got over it after taking another deep breath. "Im Anna, I guess you heard who I am previously..." She gave him the letter. "I'm sorry that I came to your house without knowing you and that I will live you without you having any obligation to take me in...but I don't have anyone else so I hope that we can somehow get along and...get through this." Anna was so nervous as she spoke and she took a step back and looked at him closely again. She found him rather scary to look at and he seemd really grim to her.

    "A-and if I can do anything to help you out I will try it..I just have to visit the doctor a lot because..my psyche after all that happened...seemed to be....." She started crying as she mentioned it again and hated herself for what she was doing to this young man. She fell forward against him and cried. "I..I'm sorry..it's..still..." She stopped speaking as she leaned against him, she needed support, if she could get it from him she wasn't sure.
  4. Peter looked down at her, his expression not changing. As sad as her story was, he just flat-out didn't care. Her plight had been none of his concern before, and he only cared as much as he did now because it affected him. As far as he was concerned, she was little more than a crying, snivelling, needy inconvenience that he wished he had nothing to do with. He knew voicing such an opinion wouldn't make him popular. But he couldn't deny it - Anna wasn't someone he gave a toss about.

    He took the letter, but decided to read it when he got inside. As for her suddenly leaning on him, however, it took every bit of restraint he had not to shove her away and slam the door in her face. He only managed to limit himself to stepping back - both in surprise, and disgust. She apologised, but that didn't make the experience any better to him. Now, to him, not only was she a burden he wasn't even suited to dealing with, but a clingy burden he wasn't even suited to dealing with. If she wanted support, she couldn't expect to find it from him. He could say what she wanted to hear, tell her things would be all right, but anyone would be able to tell his words were hollow. He didn't care if she was all right or not. He just cared if she stayed out of his way.

    "We should probably go inside." He said, using the same tone as before. "You just... go and wait on the couch or something. I have to read this letter over."
  5. She walked inside and sat down on the couch wiping her tears with a tissue she brought, she knew he didn't care about her in the slightest, but she also didn't come her as a complete retard, she knew a bit about him already because she asked a whole bunch of questions, it was less about him hating her or anything, he simply didn't care and she somehow wanted to change that too, but this was something she thought of for fun, but considering that her mental state would not allow her to leave the house alone for at least another week made her considering it.
    Anna smiled at him "Thank you for helping me, I know you don't care much...but please if you need anything...just tell me I'm glad if I can help you..." she was about to add that of course she couldn't leave, but even he knew that this was a given.
    Laying on the couch she waited eagerly for his return to talk to him, would he even come back to talk to her in the first place? She would just have to try and make him care...how hard could that be..right?
  6. Peter acknowledged what Anna was saying, but seemed rather dismissive of it all - he was too busy reading the letter to pay any real attention to her. As his eyes scanned further and further down the page, his expression grew increasingly frustrated, until he just gently put the letter to one side, and gave himself a moment to cool off. This was all too much for him - he was still asking himself how he had the misfortune of having to care for someone he was in no way qualified to be within even fifty miles of. He sighed, and stood in front of Anna.

    "Let's get one thing straight. I'm going to be working, at college, or studying most of the time. The time I get off, I'd like to have to myself. I don't know what kind of things you like to do, but please try not to involve me in them unless you have to."
  7. Anna sighed at his speech, it was really annoying how he behaved and she looked at him curiously. "Okay, I won't involve you in everything.." she agreed, she would still involve him in some things, he was in some way a replacement for her parents, he had to care for her and if that meant to force him to care. This all sounded really odd, but it was actually not like she could force him to care at all, if he was that sure to not care it would be hard to change his mind about it.

    "How...do we take care of food?" she asked curiously, it was odd how he just hoped to dismiss her like that, she wouldn't be toyed around with like that, never she would just let go of him, someone that had to be important in her life.
  8. Peter nodded, acknowledging that she wouldn't involve him. In no way, shape or form did he have any intention of caring for her more than he had to. There was basic human decency, and then there was actually making an effort for someone. And Peter didn't want to be the kind of person who did the second thing. He didn't do anything he didn't have to, and anything he did do he did as quickly as he could. That included caring for Anna - whom he noted was looking at him in a rather strange manner. He didn't particularly like it, but didn't bother doing anything to change it.

    "We take care of food like normal people do," he said, still refusing to sit next to her, "I cook it. Meat, rice, and vegetables. And if you don't like my cooking, that's your problem, not mine."
  9. She looked at him curiously as he told her those things, it didn't feel like a home for her at all it felt more like a prison she was in because she had no where else to go, in a way it was exactly that anyways. "I guess you really will not give me any attention that you don't have to give me huh? Do you have no heart in that chest of yours? All the other people kept being nice to me..and they move me to a person like you.." she looked down as she tried to think of a way to get to him, nothing came to mind right away, she would probably need time to figure out how to get through his annoying personality. "How about I cook...I'm good at that.. and for that...you spend some time with me? At least a little bit of time?"
  10. "Yeah, I'm confused about it too. Why would they let me handle you?"
    Peter sounded just as miserable and confused by the situation as anyone would expect him to be. He didn't even react to her calling him out on being heartless - he'd heard worse, and other people's words had cut far deeper than hers ever would. All she was was annoying, to him. He didn't know how long it would take for her to realise, but unless she died, she wasn't going to get him to feel guilty about not caring about her. She was a pest, to him, and nothing more.

    He didn't even have to think about her proposal, however. Almost instantly, he replied.
    "No." Was his response, flat and matter-of-fact. "I'd rather cook than spend time with you, frankly. It saves me time that I need to use on my education. I hate to be frank, but I don't really have the time for this, either. I have work that I need to be getting on with, so if there's nothing else you need to tell me, I'm going back to my room."
  11. She sighed as she listened to him, it didn't exactly hurt her what he told her, but it didn't make her feel any better either. His words made her feel unwanted and she sure was not wanted in this place, but then again she would have to deal with it and make the best out of the situation. Anna sighed deeply and looked at him, the man that would take care of her from now on. "Alright, how about this then..I make food for you and don't annoy you, I will have some contact with you, we both know thats unavoidable. So I make food and bring it to you and in exchange you at least lend me some money to get myself prepared for living here...I can't live without money and you know that too, so give me a little starter and I shall leave you alone as much as I possibly can."

    Anna offered him this trade, but she'd never actually follow it completely, her plan wasn't to be a perfect girl to him and just not get in his way, she wouldn't want to live like that. Then again she had not many choices, so that was basically, why she would have to offer him this.
  12. He wouldn't outright say it, especially since he didn't know Anna was thinking it, but Peter didn't want Anna anywhere near him. He felt he'd made that perfectly clear already though - if not, he would resort to just telling her that he didn't want her to be his responsibility. However, when she offered to just make him food in exchange for money, he actually bothered to mull it over. He took a few moments to decide, but in the end, he nodded reluctantly.
    "Fine. You cook for me, I pay you. But I want you to remember that I'm not legally required to do anything for you. And, if you don't stay out of my way as much as possible, I won't hesitate to kick you out."

    "I don't know what you could do or who you could go to if I did kick you out. But, frankly, I wouldn't care. Just remember to stick to this agreement."
    Peter didn't want her disturbing him. She would have to be practically invisible around him - and if she wasn't, he would likely keep his word. Anna was a nuisance, and if it wasn't for him not having a legitimate excuse for kicking her out, he would have slammed the door in her face the moment she arrived. He didn't even care if his parents stopped sending him money - he thought it'd be worth it, just to get her out of his hair.
  13. She nodded and got up, "In which room will I stay? I won't disturb you then.." Anna sighed as she at least got that done, now she would have the time to set up the room for herself and maker herself a home, she would still have to get through his thick head, but that would not be done in just one day and she was too tired to argue with him right now too.

    "Just one thing, if you ever come into my room without knocking I will be the biggest nuisance you ever had." She wasn't afraid to be kicked out, she already lost her parents and if he kicked her out she would probably just end up in a corner and die, and quite honestly, he mindset would probably appreciate that at the moment, but she still knew that just fighting him wouldn't lead anywhere, once he got used to her in the house he would probably talk a bit more, he surely wasn't that much of a person to refuse communication, right?

    Anna gave him a last look as she waited to be shown her room, he was a little odd surely, but probably just a nice person after all, he just never had any reason to be nice, that was her opinion of him at least.
  14. "Two things." Peter said, his voice stern and a little disgruntled. "One, you are already the biggest nuisance I've ever had. Two, why would I ever want to go into your room?"
    Peter didn't even bother waiting for a reply - not that hers would matter at all. He just wanted her out of his hair. She was already proving to be more trouble than she was worth. He pondered what he had done to deserve this - he had never asked for a drain on his resources and spare time. He didn't think eh deserved a punishment as annoying as her. But, he endured, as there was little he could do that didn't involve kicking her out.

    Peter showed Anna to her room. As was to be expected of something a student was living in, it was nothing grand. Just enough to get by with, in fact, but it wasn't much better than his room.
    "Now please, stay out of my way until I've got dinner ready. I really don't need to see or hear you. If you need to go out somewhere, tell me. No, I'm not paying for anything but the bare essentials. Have fun."
    Once he was done, he turned away immediately, and speedwalked away from Anna as fast as possible. He wanted to spend as little time around her as possible, so it seemed.
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