A Mature Roleplay Request

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  1. This is my mature fandom thread request, if you are interested post here or shoot me a PM.

    Thor Plots
    1. Growing up is hard especially when your brother is so perfect in every way, you know that your parents love you but deep down you feel so lost, so empty inside. You start to starve yourself, harm yourself when others aren't around, things have happened to you that you do not wish to share with anyone. (I can either play Loki or my OC, this plot can involve a lot of doubling up. I need a Thor, or an OC, more details can be discussed before it begins.)
    2. The Dark World: Pretty basic, I have a few ideas where it changes the story line a little bit. If interested PM me, I can be either Loki or an OC.
    3. I also have a few ideas related to the first movie.
    4. Prequel where we can change things around and make up our own story line.
    Other Pairings
    *OC X Iron-Man
    *OC X Bruce Banner
    *OC X Loki*
    *OC X Thor
    Loki X Thor
    *OC X Captain America (I have a plot for this one.)
    OC X OC

    *The role I would like to play, (My OC is female.)​

    Things I wont do:
    • Furries​
    • No Bathroom Stuff​

    Anything else pretty much goes.
    I am also open to ideas!

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  2. I am still looking, don't be shy.
  3. I've added a plot, anyone who is interested I'll give you a cookie.
  4. I've got some Loki x OC plots if you're interested.
  5. Cool pm me!
  6. OCXCap sounds interesting
  7. I have updated the request thread which includes non-fandom pairings as well.
  8. Still Open and looking for buddies!
  9. Still open!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.