A Master and His Pupil

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  1. Hello and welcome to my Partner Request. In advance I would like to thank you for taking the time looking/reading my request and considering it. Now then, I will move onto the topic at hand. This much I am sure you have assumed thus far, this will have to do some form of Martial Arts or Weapons Mastery. That and the obvious, a forbidden relationship between a young fighter and her Master. What you may not have assumed is that I will be playing the role of the Male character. I am hoping to find a female that is willing to play a young bright eyed student that is striving to become one of the greatest fighters in history. (Time frame is before guns were invented and the era of swords was strong. There will be some use of Ki or Chi but it won't be anything as dramatic as Naruto or Bleach. I feel it is way to God Mod like and I don't want that kind of element present in this RP. Sorry if you happen to be a fan of these shows, I just don't find over powered characters practical.)

    The base of the story is when (female characters name) was young a man arrived in her home town to rest from his long travels. She was an orphan with no one to care for her and no one to love. Surviving on her own she stole food, clothes, water, anything she was in dire need of. Because of this she had a reward for her arrest and if captured would surely loose one of her hands as punishment for theft. Hiding she waited out the night in an abandon house, completely vacant aside from herself and a stranger whom made not a single sound. When it had grown colder and dark the hooded man offered her his coat, noticing how badly she shivered on the other side of the building. (female characters name) was old enough (late teens, 18 or 19 preferably) to know that unfamiliar people normally were bad news but something about his presence, his very aura, told her it was safe to borrow the offered cloak. Soon they got to talking and she told him of her story, a tail that was all too common in a time such as this. Eventually when morning came she was given the option of coming with him and starting out anew or staying where she was with little hope for a future. She took a chance and left with the mysterious man to only learn later that he was a Martial Arts Master of several different types of Martial Arts. The day she got to see him in action she was amazed by his strength but even more so by his principles, none of those he had fought killed or fatally harmed. It was clear he simply used Martial Arts to protect himself, rather than learn it to become more powerful or purposely bring pain to others. Shortly after she had asked him to teach her the same and thus the start of their story. (We can play out this Prologue because it will give us a better idea on how each of our characters behave together. Making the flow of the story much smoother.)

    I apologies for the lack of creativity in the backstory detail but I figured short and sweet would work best in describing it without throwing in a wall of text. As for your character her personality, backstory (as to why she was/became an orphan) and appearance is completely up to you. All I ask is for the female to be attractive and not a cheap anime photo in which she appears far too young to be appealing. If I don't like the photo picked I'll suggest a few others to pick to take its place instead. Other than that the rest is up to you. Onto the character sheet!

    Appearance: (photo needed, small description under photo optional)
    Other: (any corks or odd likes/dislikes your character may have)


    My Character


    Name: Kensei Sougetsu

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 220

    Kensei has a muscular body with a medium build, even though he's a bit tall he doesn't appear lanky in the lease. His eye color is deep sapphire and his hair is a rich blonde that will grow darker, more gold in shadow or when wet. Because of his training his hands are quiet rough to the touch and his skin is tough due to all the punishment it had gone through over the years, fights and training is to blame. There are a few scattered scars all over his body but the only one that stands out most is a horrendous large gash from his left shoulder all across his back, ending at the lower half of his back on the right side. The diagonal slash most likely caused by a sword or weapon of some kind, proof that even when he shows his enemies mercy they will not always do the same to him in return.

    Other: Kensei maybe a Master at Martial Arts but when it comes to Sake he is a light weight, white belt if you will. Normally one bottle of Sake will have him on the verge of passing out so Kensei avoids most engagements that requires one to drink. However he doesn't shy from it completely, knowing when it is an appropriate time to have fun and when it isn't ideal to be reckless.
    As for gambling Kensei is unrealistically good at this sort of trade. Because of his ability to read others well and his skills in strategic combat, he is able to plan several moves ahead of his opponent while knowing almost exactly what moves they will do to try and counter him. This is how Kensei gathers most of his earnings and due to his nearly constant winning streak it does provoke fights to break out, mainly because a hot headed sore loser lost all his coin to a drifter.
    When it comes to food Kensei has no limitation on how much he can eat, as if he owns a black void for a stomach. Dumplings happen to be his favorite and it takes him little to no effort to rack up an impressive bill. No matter how much Kensei eats his build and shape never seem to change, the staggering amount of calories having no affect on his unparalleled metabolism.


    Feel free to leave your CS and comments on this Thread. Any ideas, added story or events you may have please share as I am very open to my Partners thoughts and wants/needs they maybe have of this RP. I look forward to hearing from you soon! ^^

    Yours truly,

  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Houka Ranmaru
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Her skin is a warm brown color with a smooth tone aside from the occasional scarring caused by a hard life. Petite in build, she is, but the size of her frame is deceptive when one encounters how strong the muscles beneath her skin really are. She is vertically challenged, but fast. Her chocolate colored eyes glint with stubborn will and guarded emotions, and her equally dark hair brushes just along the small of her back. Although typically she keeps the thick tresses bound in a braid of some kind. Training is a bad place for extra things to be grabbed. It's not uncommon for bandages and wraps to adorn her skin either. She gets hurts, but all that matters is that she gets back up again.

    Other: Underneath it all, she really is a girl. Also, she sleeps like a rock. Traveling was never her forte, the only reason she evaded the law for so long was because of necessity. With her journey beginning anew at the side of Ken-sensei, she has been allowed to focus only on her training. It is very tiring. So in the mornings, it really is a task to wake up and begin working or traveling once more. Her favorite activity is swimming. If travels take them near a body of water then she will find a reason to jump in. She also dabbles in sketching on the occasion. Her most recent subject, her sensei...

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