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  1. A Man's World /Fantasy Roleplay/Medieval Times/Original World/Female Empowering/

    Introduction from the GM
    Hey guys. Or maybe I should say gals. I was inspired to start up this roleplay simply because I saw one picture. (I'll show it a bit later on) And having nothing else to do came up with the plot-line which I've come to love. More info about it down below

    I'm not making this RP over remorse because of men though, despite it being female empowering. I'm making it because I think it'd be fun and I do actually need some guys in this RP to play some of the baddies!

    But anyway, I hope you guys are interested~

    Plot Synopsis
    On the continent of Regalia, women are degraded. Their social status equal to that of dogs, only used for hard-labor and entertainment for the very creatures who put them in this position, men. It all started around seventy years ago, when everybody was equal. The current king at that time, Maximus was a very bitter young man who would get jealous just seeing his beautiful wife Anya talk to another man, and when the queen eventually cheated on him Maximus was so angry that he sentenced all women to be treated like animals.

    At first some men opposed the idea, but as the time passed, the sicker the minds of men would get and eventually all women across the country were oppressed. It's been a hard seventy years so far and the population of men didn't show any signs of letting up any time soon.

    Many women over the years have tried to rebel against their self-proclaimed "masters" but all have failed, seeing as men outnumbered the female population and they were definitely stronger then them.

    But as the seventy-first year approaches on the horizon, nine girls, hand picked from the King's son himself were being sent to the capitol to serve as bedmaidens. Little did the men know that eighteen years ago, these nine girls were born on the same day and each and everyone of them, gifted with the power of magic. A power only few men possessed. A power which could lead to the salvation of females across the continent.

    None of them knew it though. Only when all of them were brought together would it be revealed.

    Rules and Info
    [1.] No GMing other characters aside from your own!
    [2.] No oneliners! At the very least a paragraph (If you need tips or something how to make a nice post PM me or look at some workshops)
    [3.] We are keeping the rating PG-16, anything like bedding should be done in PMs.
    [4.] There will be fighting scenes so be prepared for that.
    [5.] Having more then one character is totally allowed and encouraged~
    [6.] You have to wait two posts before your character can post again, aside from the introductory posts.
    [7.] Your posts need to at least be readable and understandable. Typos and minor grammar mistakes every once in a while is okay.
    [8.] This is the Golden Rule: Have Fun! Why join an RP if your not going to enjoy it right? ^^

    General Information
    The Prince will be the major antagonist of this RP and he will be controlled by me, I'm currently looking for a Co-GM so PM if your interested.

    If there's any other questions or anything about the manner you can post them down below or just PM me its up to you. :3

    Since I was inspired by a picture, the characters captured in the photograph are the Magi girls you choose one if you apply for one of the Magi. This affects appearance and magic.

    Show Spoiler

    A quick run down:

    Spellbladist - Enchant's blades with different effects, such as the unused elementals, Moon, Sun, etc. (TAKEN)

    Illusionist - Creates illusions that can mess with the enemies mind/make them feel what the illusionist imagines.

    Electromancer - Capable of controlling lightning or casting electricity-based spells

    Rune Master - Enchant's arrows with harmful affects, such as poison or explosions.

    Pyromancer - Capable of controlling Flames or casting inferno-based spells.

    Summoner - Capable of summoning different "Guardians" (PM me for a list.) (TAKEN)

    Terramancer - Capable of controlling the minerals or casting rock-based spells.

    Healer - Rejuvenates other members from injuries and attacks with holy magic.

    Aeromancer - Capable of controlling the winds or casting gust-based spells.

    Also: The only Magi who can take care of themselves in physical combat are Spellbladist, Runemaster, Pyromancer and Terramancer.

    Characters needed
    • The Nine Magi Girls (Main Good Characters)
    • The Prince's Shepards (Main Bad Characters, personal knights of the Prince)
    • The Rebels (Guys who support women equality)
    Character Sheet

    General Information
    Full Name:
    Role: (The Magi Girls/Rebels/Shepards)

    If your one of the Magi;
    Show Spoiler

    Magi Information
    Which Magi are you: (Above)
    History: (Life before you were called to be a bed maiden)

    If your one of the Shepards;
    Show Spoiler

    Shepard Information
    How did you join the Shepards: (Often raising up the ranks and then assigned if you can't think of anything.)
    History prior to join the Shepards: (How did you treat the women/etc. etc.)

    If your one of the Rebels;
    Show Spoiler

    Rebel Information
    Why did you join the Rebels:
    History before joining the Rebels:
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  2. Is this like sword fighting and magic mix? or will there be guns
  3. Medieval weaponry and magic.

    Although there might be flintlocks but not technically guns.
  4. alright ill probably be joining
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  5. ( totally stole this character just because the picture you have is fire emblem

    Full Name: Ike Gawain
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Role: Rebel

    Reason to join: Ike joined the rebellion because he saw the fault that us as humans were making against each other, He believed that everyone should be treated fairly and equal rather than treated like the scum he scrapes off his boots. His father would of been proud of his decision and would of backed him up on everything that he was doing in the rebellion. He has a fiery heart which holds the love for women but also the lust hah.

    History: Ike lost most of his memory from when he was a child in a battle he had, he lost his father that day and that is the only thing that he really could remember. But he slightly remembers his house which wasnt very big but fit his very small family.

    Personality: Out going, Courageous, Trustworthy, Valiant.

    Show Spoiler
  6. Oh my gosh you play FE? :D

    Is it okay if I make Ike one of the leaders of the rebellion? :3
  7. Go ahead lol i have a friend that could play marth
  8. Omg lol that'd be awesome.

    Might as well have the trio of Ike Marth and Chrom/Ephraim lead. lol.
  9. Yo, I'm Akuma's bro, the guy he was talking about? If it's all the same, I'd like to play both marth and another role?
  10. Cool. If you'd want then go ahead.

    Though' it might be a while till this gets started up. owo
  11. Alrighty. So from what I understand, Akuma/Ike is playing a protagonist role within the rebellion? If that's the case I'll have Marth with him I guess (if that's what you want) and my other character could play one of the bad guys?
  12. Yeah that'd work out~

    Marth could be lieutenant or something but basically everyone in the rebellion would be good guys.
  13. Coolio. Alright I'll start on their info. My other character, Gabranth from FFXII, could be a shepard or something like that if the position is still free.
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  14. Awesome Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem.

    This going to end up kinda like a crossover. but I'm okay with that honestly x3

    And yeah shepards still have a couple of vacancies. xD
  15. Lol awesome and both are childhood favorites of mine. Also I might change him up some so it doesn't necessarily have to be a crossover and it might fit the story better. I was going to change his name, background and do some tweaks to his appearance.
  16. Same here actually, so lol.

    Do as you see fit~
  17. Yes ma'am! *Salutes dutifully*
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  18. Full Name: Marth Percival
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Role: (Rebels)
    Personality: Marth is a warmhearted and compassionate. Noble to a fault and firm believer in justice. He won't hesitate to help those in need and his desire to protect women stems from his relationship with his mother. Driven by how poorly she was treated he vowed to devote himself protecting them, thus he joined the rebellion.

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  19. Looks like we have a dynamic duo lol
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