A male character is what I need.

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  1. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/members/evpccn.11712/#RoleplayResume

    I thought my Roleplay Resume would sum up basically the characters I play, kind of plots I may be looking forward to as well as what you can expect from me. Hopefully you haven't been scared away. If you have not, good, I look forward to writing with you. PM me if you are interested.

    I am looking for a long term partner. To help add ideas to this plot and make it soar.

    The People In The Sky.

    If you can see him, Odin, the father of magic, then you are a descendant. You are destined for great things, moreover, you'll eventually become one of the Ruthgar: The People In The Sky.

    Sacred people able to use magic...

    Three friends(Your character and two I will be playing) have grown up in the war torn country Dothra said to have suffered because a former leader raged a bloody war on the Ruthgar, those of good. Together, the three have fought for survival how best they could forging a family of sorts. One day they decide to explore outside Dothra, seeking out better food, something. What they find are beasts intent on consuming human flesh.

    When all appears lost, all three see him, Odin meaning they are his descendants blessed with magic and now they must be one with the Holy Ruthgar.

    If you have ideas, need a partner, take a look at my resume. If this interests you send me a PM. I have more to add to it. I'm also curious about your ideas too.

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  2. very interesting idea! PM me if you haven't found a partner for this yet. we should talk