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    You have been accordingly invited to a masquerade ball.

    All humans creatures alike are welcomed. Please don't hesitate to dance with the devil. Also, the blood on the table are for yours truly the vampires just so they don't have to start feeding on the humans. We definitely wouldn't want that to happen.

    So please, be courteous to the others that are not your kind. Be polite with manners; yes please, no thank you, good afternoon and good evening. Last but not least please excuse me for a moment.

    My name being Natalia Deroches formerly known as
    Lady of the night; I welcome you to my home where lots of interesting things are bound to happen.
    Ballroom attire is needed, a masquerade mask. Please have your invitation in hand at the door when you arrive in order to enter; door prizes will be announced, for the best dressed man and woman at the end of the night.

    Act 1 : Scene 1.
    1. Sound of Madness - Shinedown
    2. The Night - Disturbed
    3. Ain't No Rest For the Wicked - Cage The Elephant.
    4. Now You're Gone - Basshunter.
    5. I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjiman.
    6. Love Hurts - Incubus
    7. Stronger - Kanye West
    8. Just A Dream - Nelly.
    9. Just For Tonight - One Night Only.
    10. Ignorance - Paramore.

    Authors Note: I'm not going to do character sheets; but when you make your first post, I want you to be in depth with your character. Figure out what your character wants to be, why you're there, and who you think will be the first to die. Everyone knows everyone. As for right now, you're just being yourself and enjoying your time. I will only have up to about 10 people in this. If I only get about 8, I'll still continue on. NPC's are allowed in the story as well.

    If you want a character sheet, it's completely up to you. I'll post one at the bottom of this post; but I won't be making one myself.

    The end is near, gather your things and be part of this world. A world so cold that no one survives.

    <code style="width: 527px; display: block;">Name:
    Race: (Vampire, Lycan, Werewolf, ect.
    Personality: (Please make it in depth, if you can.)
    Appearance: (Written out please.)</code>

  2. (Heyo Idy! I know you said it's not needed but I'm excited to start! So here's mine!)

    Name: Catreis Ephiere A'Vandais
    (Cat-tree-ees; Ef-ee-air; Ah-Von-day-is)

    Age: 27 (in human years)

    Race: Vampire

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Probably the richest, most mature, and sophisticated of her age group. She hates naivety and immaturety (ironic, huh?), and isn't exactly big on humor (in fact, some people have spoken of her to have no sense of humor at all). Although, like any other young person, she loves a great party, and has attended more parties/social gatherings than anyone of her age. Even ones supposedly above her caliber (although nothing is above her caliber, really). So, finding out that Natalia Deroches, one of her best of friends, was having a masquerade ball, was very exciting for her. When first meeting Catreis, she is very sophisticated, VERY serious, and nonetheless intriguing. She is known for her calm, smooth tone of voice, and is the ONLY vampire ever, to have never preyed on humans at all. Humans and Vampires alike often wonder how she does it, and is another reason why she is always the center of gossip. Yes, Catreis' personality seems a little bit old for her age, but it is the main reason why everyone wants to be friends with her: the center of attention, and the overall life of the party. Catreis is also known for her sultry, seductive ways (which is why most women hate her). The only thing Catreis will never miss other than a party is a "good time"------if you know what I mean. Beacause of her wealthiness (and regality, of course), there's nothing she can't have. Women envy her. Men adore her. And Catreis is loving every second of it. Catreis is never irrational or careless, but she does have a bad habit of not caring about anyone below her social class. She can be nice and comforting, but only when she feels like it.

    Appearance: Catreis is rich and sophisticated, as stated above, so, of course, she looks of it, as well. She is always wearing the most expensive and sexy dresses, and since she has a personal designer, no one is ever wearing the same dress as her, and every dress she is seen in is always enviously stunning. Catreis ONLY wears dresses beacause, like she always says, "A woman isn't a woman without a beautiful gown." So, of course, for this ball, she will be absolutely gorgeous beyond comparison. She will NEVER leave the house unless she looks completely presentable and desireable from head to toe. Catreis is a very beautiful young woman, and even human men are entranced by her beauty. She has very long, wavy, dark brown hair, and full lips. Her skin isn't as pale as most vampires, and is very smooth and soft. Her eyes are a lovely hazel, and they almost seem to sparkle when in the moonlight. She has a very tempting gaze, enough to make any man fall to their knees.

    Note: Catreis may be a vampire, but she tends to have a more human-like appearance, aside from her fangs. She is EXTREMELY popular between almost every race, so keep that in mind if you decide to write a little about her in your character's/s' post ;)
  3. <code style="width: 527px; display: block;">Pretty much, I'm going for a set, just for the sake of it. The girl and her guardian.

    Name: Mary-Lou Augustine
    Age: 17
    Race: Vampire
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Newly blooded at the tender age of 17, Mary-Lou has the appearance of a dreamer. She is completely fascinated with the new world she sees through the eyes of a vampire, and spends a lot of time spacing out as she contemplates what she sees. She is completely devoted to her mentor and friend, Seba, considering him more as a possible love interest than simply her teacher. She is a fairly friendly girl, but due to her dreamy disposition and her tendency to cling to her mentor, she sometimes gives the impression she is rather distant.

    Appearance: Brown hair, layered but rather short. It doesn't even brush her shoulders. A sideswept fringe falls into wicked green eyes, framed by dark lashes. High cheekbones, and an almost permanent, far-off smile on her face. She's a very slim girl, with subtle curves that make her rather reluctant to wear gowns, thinking they don't look good on her figure. For this particular night, she's making the exception, wearing a little green slip of a dress that hugs what figure she has and emphasizes it. Strangely, she doesn't wear shoes, but the right ankle has a silver anklet clasped firmly round it.


    <code style="width: 527px; display: block;"></code>

    <code style="width: 527px; display: block;">Name: Seba Delainey
    Age: 32(human appearance)
    Race: Vampire
    Gender: Male

    Personality: A calm and controlled individual, quiet even in his anger. He keeps Mary-Lou's head screwed on and tends to be the voice of reason for her. Cares for her as guardian, and generally speaking tries to keep her out of trouble. He is a little less than sociable, but will speak when spoken to.

    Appearance: Seba's hair is silvery grey, aged long before the rest of him, and generally combed back out of his face. His eyes are dark blue, sadness visible in their depths. He is almost always dressed ready for a formal occasion, his attire of choice being a suit and long cape.

  4. <code style="width: 527px; display: block;">Name: Ruex Ravens
    Age: 26
    Race: Werewolf
    Gender: Mandude

    Ravens is a complex blend of compassion and desire, an air of restraint preceding a muted and simmering rage. In his youth, he lived among mortal man until his true... nature asserted itself. The madness that followed speaks of a powerful young man taking whatever he wished, whenever he wanted it simply because he was able. Through the thievery, the murders... the rapes, he found temporary satisfaction in the name of sin and for a time it was good enough for him.

    And then he met the man with hellfire eyes.

    The change was not instant. It took many years for Ravens to learn control, both over his animal instincts and even his animalistic figure. He's since assumed a commanding role in his master's growing army, trusted and capable of performing delegated tasks without incident. So transformed is he, that he is even entrusted with representing the master in such social events as arise in the company of beings as vampires, lycans, and even wolves.

    To that end, Ravens will prove courteous and well-mannered, difficult to provoke and easy to speak with. He remains a passionate person, and thus compassionate when the need arises, and while he knows restraint, the less nobler of urges course through his cursed veins. Yet, despite his station, he remains a good soul. Something so rare in this day and age.


    In his human state, Ravens is a tall and slender shouldered man with neatly shaven features and a nearly conspiratorial smile. Dressed in fine white slacks and dark leather full-chested vest, complimented by knee-high black boots and a thin white overcoat with black feathers frilling the neck, he appears quite thin for someone housing the power of the wolves. The sleeves of his neat knee-length coat are buttoned back, to reveal fashionable black gloves over long digits; accessories to compliment a pale throat-ruffle, wolf's head walking cane and a long black top-hat inlaid with white and a streaming white scarf looped about the base.

    Frosty blue eyes reveal a deeper smile than the gentle grin stretched over a pale face, a dark eyebrow curled delicately as if to say 'oh, its you! When did you get back into town?'
  5. Name: Fawna Detoirre

    Age: 21 years of age.

    Race: Fawna is a shapeshifter. Her shapeshifting form is to turn into a doe, whenever she is safely within the woods.

    Gender: Female.

    Personality: Fawna is a kind and gentle soul. She wouldn't harm a fly, unless it was completely and totally necessary. From the kindness of her heart, she goes out of her way to make sure that people less fortunate than herself are taken care of and that her friends are protected. She's a very overprotective person, when it comes to friends, family and loved ones. And if you do or say anything of a harmful nature towards them, she'll go medieval.

    Fawna is very proper - having: great posture and poise, a perfectly graceful air about her and her mother taught her the exact ways to eat in front of royalty. Since, of course, she is of royalty herself. Her grandfather was the King of Spain, so her father is now the King, ever since her grandfather passed away. She treats her servants and chambermaids very kindly and gives the utmost sincerity toward them.

    Appearance: Fawna has waist-length, blond, wavy hair that has its strands in the most perfect spots. It shines whenever she is underneath the sun or the moon, making her to be more breath-taking than her mother had been, when she was her age. She has a long and slender build to her body and it fits perfectly beneath a flowy, full-length, white dress that has gold trimming around the somewhat plunging neckline (which was quite daring for someone of her stature). She had a golden belt around her small waist that kept the fabric in the mid-section of her dress in place, while wearing white slippers to go along with her outfit. Her head bore no crown, so that she would not be known for her rank, but for her heart.

    Her soft and gentle voice lightly muttered out words that were thickly accented from her homeland, Spain. And her gorgeous and warm smile would easily brighten up a room, along with her laughter. Her forest green eyes were captivating and were the windows to her soul, when someone looked deeply enough into them.
  6. wow.. more than i expected. all are welcome.
  7. Any idea when we are to be starting this?
  8. the IC is already up, love.
  9. Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't even see it!!! Thank you.
  10. Hey, is there still time to join? I have an idea for a character...
  11. I'll be joining...but neglecting a character sheet. I'll see how far I can go with raw descrip.
  12. sure basil. all are welcome. just note that you don't have to create a character sheet. and jack, that's completely fine. i'll wait a week, so see if i have anymore people, then i'll post, and we'll all make one more post, before i move on to Act 2.
  13. You intended this to be a slower roleplay then? One post a week or so? Or did you want to continue posting till a week is up and close the roleplay to newcomers before Act 2?
  14. i'll leave it open until act 2. just keep in mind that i don't have a lot of free time to myself... or to be online because of work. once the first act is finished, i'll be closing the role play. so get your friends, and start getting it going. <<
  15. SUPA EXCITED! :D all of you guys' characters are awesome! XD but, so, wait, idy the rp thread is going to branch off into more than one?

    All my fellow players, read Catreis' bio above! I worked really hard on her, and also since I detailed it so much, I wouldn't want any misunderstandings when we actually start playing! :D :D
  16. the idea is basically that i'm going to get everyone that joined to post once... then i'll start again one more time. we'll do one more round, and then it'll be the opening of Act 2, once everyone has posted twice in the first act. if that makes it more clear.