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  1. The King that ruled the land, used to be very tolerant of magic users. But that all changed when a witch, who disguised herself as a traveling fortune teller, put a spell on the Queen. The spell turned the young beautiful Queen into a shriveled up old woman, that looked like what you would expect a witch to look like. Hairy warts and all, except the green skin. She put a sleeping spell on the Prince and kindnapped him. She had also used a spell to temporarily put the King to sleep. When he awoke, he saw the state that his wife was in and only found a note that said that the witch had taken the Prince. Infurriated by this he called for his lawmen, to have them make a law that all magic was outlawed. And that anyone caught practicing magic would be sent to prison. And he also wanted his men to track down all the magic users in his kingdom and imprison them.When the elders of all wizards and witches heard this they were not happy at all. They went to the King and tried to reason with him. When their words fell on deaf ears and they were imprisoned, they declared war on the King.

    Now and days if a wizard of witch is caught, if they fight back, they die. If they don't they are imprisioned. Each day in each city that surrounded the kingdom, the King's men were sent out to search houses and shops to see if the people were hiding magic users. Blaise was in the Imperial City, it was the nearest town to the kingdom and also the city just west of the kingdom and the Kingdom City. He was a wizard, a very powerful one. Even though he was still pretty young. He looked in his early 20s, but was actually 300. The kings men had been chasing him for days. He rolls his eyes as he walks casually as if nothing was happening. Tch. Don't these guys ever rest? He thinks. He continues on his way, his eyes darting back and forth quickly. He was looking for a place to hide. He happens to look behind him and see that more men were on his trail. Oh man this isn't good. He thinks as he picks up his pace and practically begins to run.

    Gotta find a place to hide and quick. He thinks. Of course at this point he was desperate for a place to hide. Then a shop caught his eye. He didn't pay attention to what the sign said, if he did it would have read General Shoppe. He quickly darts across the street, he made and illusion of himself running straight, farther into the city. He also made himself invisable, that was until the men rab by. And then he runs for the shop. As he was heading toward the entrence, he noticed that a young woman was going to the door. When she reached the door, that is when he burst throught the door. He heard her say something about the shoppe closing, but ignored it. He looks and noticed that for now it seemed that he had lost the men. He then looks at the woman, who was now yelling at him that the shoppe was closed. He rolls his eyes. "Just hide me here and be quiet about it. So stop yelling. You're making a fool of yourself." He says as he looks at her. "You don't want them to come in here do you?" He says, refeering to the gaurds. Then he noticed that two gaurds were heading toward the shop. "Don't tell them I'm here, both of us will be in for it." He says as he darts behind the counter.
  2. "By the gods!-" The package in her hand of ripe peaches and other fruit she had taken as payment from a widower, went flying as the man burst into the door. Cora had been poised, parcel in one arm, keys in the other as she began her ritual of locking up the store. "The signs been up for ten minutes. We're closed! Oh look what you've done. Those were organic and hand picked, nothing like those enhanced fruits all pumped full of.. oh just look at them." Now flat on her butt on the floor, wiping the juice from a peach she sat on, on her apron she scrambled up, eyeing the tornado that just rushed through the door, narrowed her eyes at him and puffed up her five foot six frame at him as he dared call her the fool. The guards in the street did not register with her at first as her wrath was about to be poured out on the male before her.

    "Don't want who to come where!? What in blazes are you talking about and are you going to pay for what you just ruined, not as though money can replace that taste. What a waste it's... oh crap." Her eyes then locked on the approaching guards. Though she wasn't a magic user, she had seen those that were have dealings with the guards... the kings men. There was a fifty fifty chance of getting a typical dutiful jerk or a mini dictator that liked to torture users and non users alike, simply because of the power bestowed on them by the king. Either way, everyone who disobeyed went to prison. So far her and her sister had avoided such harsh treatment, neither being or knowing anyone close that was a magic user, the only exception being a tinkerer who used to sell his clockwork gadgets in the shop, until she found out by accident that it was more than clockwork that ran his wares. Cora's father was alive then and though the guards searched and seized the items from that man, they never found him. She remembered her father helping him escape in the wee hours of the night.
    "Sometimes laws are just plain foolish Cora dear. No one should be imprisoned for being who they were made to be should they dear? So long as others aren't hurt, ey? To bed with you and speak nothing of this."

    With her face pinched in a frown she looked from the man to the guards who were still approaching, searching other doorways along the way. "Fine." She sighed as he was already hiding behind the large L shaped counter, that ran the length of the back and half one side of the store. "There's a garbage shoot trap door in the floor back there I highly encourage you to use if the guards don't believe me." She mumbled as the first one pushed open the front door, glancing down at her picking up the bruised fruit and other items.

    "Sorry, we're closed and as you can see I've a bit of a mess to clean." her voice was casual, the nonchalant voice of your typical busy store owner, not wanting to be interrupted by burly men who could possibly toss her in prison at any moment.
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  3. The one guard looks at her, "So, it doesn't matter, we're here to search your place." He says and pushes past her and begins to search. Two other men push pass her. One of the guards looks at her, "Have you seen this man?" He asks as he holds up a poster, which looked to be like a wanted poster and it had Blaise's picture on it. "He's a very powerful wizard, he keeps slipping from our grasp." He says. "And he's very dangerous. I might add." He says to her. Blaise slightly peered over the counter, to where the men couldn't see him. He watched as the man pulled out the poster and hoped she wouldn't tell and then he ducked behind it once more. While that man was waiting for Cora's answer, the other men were searching the entire shoppe. They were opening boxes and taking out their contense to see if anyone was hiding in them and the same with the barrels. They were making the shop an even bigger mess than when Blaise did. He peers over the side of the counter again and looks at the men watching them and rolls his eyes. I'll clean up this place once they are gone. It's at least something I can do, after all I drug her into this mess. He thinks as he ducks down again.

    Blaise heard footsteps and could tell that a guard was coming, so he quickly transformed himself into a mouse and hid behind a canister of flour. The men then report back to the one that had the poster. "Sir, there is no magic user in this place. We've checked every inch of it." One says and the man nods. "If you see this man, report him immediately." The man with the poster, which was now rolled up says and then men leave.Once they were clean out of sight, does Blaise transform back. He jumps over the counter. "I suppose I should clean this mess up.' He says to no one in particular. With the slightest movement of his right hand, does a mop and broom begin to move on their own and begin to clean up the shoppe. The same with the feather duster. He then turns to her. "I am sorry, I'm sorry those idiots had to search your shoppe." He says to her. And then he takes off his hat. "I am the wizard simply known as Blaise." He says with a bow.
  4. Cora simply shook her head 'no' when questioned by the guard, making sure to take good long look at the poster before doing so, just to be convincing. She didn't trust her tongue to say anything respectful to the third and forth male to knock into her that day. Had she been as lovely as her sister she was sure they'd been full of apologies or somewhat kinder to her. Guard or no guard, either them or this so called powerful wizard was going to get it from her. He may wish he was in prison soon, but the words and kindness of her father those years ago stilled her soul, and forced her to let it go...somewhat.

    Cringing she watched them search, catching sight of the male in question as he peeked over the counter. Her body froze as the guard searched behind the counter, but when he found nothing she thought hard about the way they were looking, a very casual, albeit messy, method of searching for a wizard. One would assume they knew such a man could not so easily be found by a simple glance in a bin or under a table. Odd.

    She had not been this close to magic used so openly in a while and the scene amazed her, even though such things were common. The apology annoyed her even more but she accepted it. "Cora Harlin." she turned away and this time she rolled her eyes at his display. "I can't quite say it's a pleasure can I? But.... well met to you anyhow." After and awkward silence she turned and headed to the back of the store. The rear door took you into the back alley and it was just a short walk to her flat across the way. She let her sister have the house attached to the bakery for her and her husband and she took to living in a decent flat close by.

    "Come on I suppose I could give you a meal and send you on your way, if you like. But you will leave after that. I have no need of those idiots busting in everyday." Cora paused by the back door.
  5. Blaise looks at her, he was supprised that she was giving him a meal. "Sure, I'll be on my way after." He says. "I dunno what is so special about capturing me, there are plenty of powerful wizards out there." He says. Then he puts his hands behind his head as he continued to follow her. "I guess it's because I keep disappearing on them every time they capture me." He says with a smirk. "And again I am sorry that they did that to your shoppe. They can be idiots." He says to her. "But I am thankful that you didn't rat me out. That would have been bad for both of us." He says to her. He wondered where they were going. Probably back to her house. He thinks. He lets out a sigh as he puts his hands in his pockets. I wished this stupid war never started. Only if only there was a way to get the King to stop this idiotic war and free all those wizards and witches. He thinks and then he gets an idea as he looks at Cora. "I have an idea!" He says out loud to no one in particular. Then he turns and looks at Cora. "Why don't we, when I mean by we, I mean you, go to the King and say that you will make a wager with him. The wager will be that you can get the Prince back and break the Queen's spell, if not then I go to prision." He says to her.
  6. Cora snorted at his casual manner, shaking her head in disbelief at the calm way he talked of being hunted by the king's guards. It did prove his confidence in his powers and abilities... and even frightened Cora a little. She shook it off. "It is a war. Grand or small, he will hunt down all magic users, maybe you happened to be one of the most aggravating to him, or perhaps a guard or two has a something up his ass and wants to get you. It could be a number of things.." She turned to him and lowered both her voice and her brow. "... that I have no desire to be involved in, thank you very much." She went through the back door and waited for him to follow, locking it behind them and taking the narrow path in the alley behind the shop to get to her flat. The comforting sound of the clockwork lock in the large door made her smile most days, today she was simply relived.

    The apology embarrassed her, but she nodded and smiled. "No worries. I was raised that way. And frankly I think the king has gone mad. I also have no desire to go to prison for some powerful wizard I hardly know." Normally she'd leave by the front, say a quick hello to her sister, grab some bread and then head home down the main street, but for now, staying low was best, at least the alley was clean, she did not live and work in the slums. One more turn and a flight of stairs and they were in her modest flat. AN open room with only two other doors. One lead to the bath, the other to a be room that she actually used as storage, choosing to sleep in the loft above the kitchen. It was warmer in the winter anyway. Aside from that the spacious room held the average trappings. A table and four chairs, a couch, a nice tiny kitchen area, many piles of surplus items from the store, neatly arranged. Over all, a nice place.

    Setting her ruined fruit on the counter she began to prepare a meal. "It's only leftovers from my lunch, but there's plenty of it." she had the food dished up on plates for him and her when he made his grand proclamation. Cora nearly dropped a plate before setting it down and looking at him as though he sprouted wings. "Do what?... Have you gone mad as well? What's this we business and why the hell would I make a promise as foolish as that?!" she walked up to him nearly nose to nose had their heights been similar and put her hands on her hips. "Give me one good reason why I should agree to such an out of the blue, dangerous, idiotic and suicidal idea?! I have a store to run an aging mother to help my sister take care of. Why should I go gallivanting off with a wizard I just met?" The wager it self had it appealing side, though she did not want him to go to prison, this interruption in her life would be over for sure and the idea of a little break from day to day life was nice. It was the possible death thing and the leaving her comfort zone, that did not sit well. Plus one other thing bugged her. "Why me? Don't you have anyone else to help with this? I'm all for stopping this crazy war, but... I'm powerless to stop it really and couldn't back up such a wager, probably even with you."
  7. Blaise looks at her, "I would be helping you." He says to her. "I maybe slightly mad, but I'm not fully." He adds. Then when she asks about someone else helping him. He shakes his head. "I'm alone." He says. "That's why I figured I'd ask you." He says to her. "I have no family, you see a long time ago my parents were killed when I was about 5 or 6." He says. "But that was many years ago. Make that about 294 years to be exact." He adds and then begins to eat. Revealing how old he really was. When she said that she was all for stopping the war. He swallows and decides to speak again. "That's another reason I chose you, I could feel it. I could feel that you would want to end this idiotic war." He says. "And say you did decide to go, I would be right behind you, but disguised." Blaise says with a smrik. He then continues to eat, then a thought hit him. He figured that Cora had never heard the stories about him, for if she did, she probably wouldn't have helped him. "So you never heard of the stories about me I take it?" He asks.

    "But anyways, if you did, they're all false anyways. Well except the ones telling of me doing good deeds." He says to her. He finishes his meal and then stretches. He gets up and goes over to a window. "I don't think we're gonna be going any where tonight, the city is crawling with guards. Even more than usual. Meaning if they see me leave this place, they'll arrest everyone here. And I don't think you want that to happen do you?" He asks. "So I suggest that we stay here for the night." He adds. "Oh and by the way just think about what I said about the wager." He adds before he sits down again. Hoping that she would think about it and possibly agree to it.
  8. Cora tried to think reasonably. He was on the run and now she knew he was alone. Anyone, magic great wizard or not would want help in such a situation and being picky about much help was not always an option. As he walked to the window she gazed at him thoughtfully, haughty arms dropping to her sides as she consider both of their options. "Wait two hundred... wow. You're old! I mean.. sorry.. but, yeah, you're old." She turned to the plates at the table and frowned at her own, having finished only half of her food, then took hers and Blaise's empty one to the sink.

    "I may have heard some but I don't always take things my customer's say as truth. Gossip may pass the time but it rarely ever benefits anyone, so ... in one ear out the other." he name was familiar she could say that much now that she thought on it, but the great deeds did not seem to match the young man... and well preserved man?... that stood in her house.

    "Fine. Stay here, I assumed that anyway and make sure you stay away from that window if the guards are crawling the streets as you say. That side faces a main street, they'll see you for sure. if not the locals may point them this way... they all know I live alone and you look nothing like my sister or my brother in law." It was awkward but neither had a choice. She cleaned up the plates and dug up some blankets from the extra room. "Here." She piled them on one end of the couch and patted the stack. "You can sleep here or in that bedroom. There's a bed, but so much stuff stacked around it I cannot guarantee the safety of even a powerful wizard. The couch is comfy, I've slept here plenty of times, the upper loft is where I'll sleep." She paused. "I'll think on it. I can promise you that much."
  9. Blaise smirks at her comment on him being old and nods. "Well sometimes gossip is right." He says to her still with a smirk. "Indeed that would be a good idea." He says as he steps away from the window, not wanting to be seen or get her in trouble. We walks over to the couch and sits down and the bounces once or twice to get the feel of the couch. He maybe 300 years old, but sometimes he acted childish. He then sits back and crosses his legs. When she said that she would think about the little wager, he couldn't help but smile. Even though he was a magic user, they still needed sleep. But Blaise had use a magic spell on himself to where he never needed to sleep again. About an hour passed and he seemed a little bored. He moves his right hand and flips it over to where the palm was facing up. Then a thick book, quill and ink well appeared out of no where. He goes over to the table and opens to the marked page in the book and begins to jot things down rather quickly. He noticed that she was watching him. "What? I was bored. And I don't sleep, so I'll be up all night keeping guard, there are some wizards and witches that want me dead anyway, so I'll make sure they don't harm you." He says looking at her. The pen continued to write as he looked over at her. And then he turns his attention back to the book and continues to write.
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  10. Cora's firm face softened some for the first time in a while at him bouncing on the couch. She knew it was comfortable herself already, and understood the need to check, but having a great wizard bust through your doors, knock you over, beg you to hide them, and now bounce childishly on your couch seemed so unreal... and humorous. Shaking her head she busied herself with other things, unsure what else there was to discus with a wizard. She had no talent for speaking out side of business and casual chit chat, especially not with a wizard... with a male period.

    After cleaning up and settling up in the loft with a few things she needed to mark in the books for work, she was yawning and considering trying to get to sleep, but her brain was all cluttered with the days events and what she should do about Blaise's request for help.Cora moved from the small desk to the railing, peeking down at Blaise, she noticed he was writing in a book that he did not have when they first met. She closed up her own work and came back down.

    Another sharp retort came to mind at his comment, but she bit her tongue and let his words absorb into her brain. "... I'm already marked aren't I?" She came and sat near him. She had only removed her vest and still wore leather pants and a white shirt, but it hung loose and untucked to her mid thigh. Cora was "attractive in her own way" as her mother always claimed, and she took that to mean 'not as beautiful as your sister' but it meant much more, she just didn't get what, s she never concerned herself with how she looked in front of anyone. it didn't matter anyway.

    "If not the kings men, some other person or group will come for me... now that I'm associated with you, huh?" Putting her family in danger was not something she wanted, so this kind of made her decisions for her. "Okay...... I'll do it. not sure how much I can truly help, but I'll go."
  11. When she asked if she was marked. He nods, "So to speak you are, since you are associating with a magic user." He says to her not looking up from his book. When she was concerned about the other wizards and witches trying to find him. He shook his head. "They can try and find me, but it will be hard. With the magic that I used to shield this place." He says to her still not looking up from his book. What made him look up from his book, was when she had said that she would help him. He couldn't help smile. Of course the pen kept writing. "You will? That's awesome. I think you should go to the king tomorrow And you don't know how much of a help you will be." He says to her. "But remember I said I will be right behind you of course, but in disguise." He says to her and then goes back to his book. "So I suggest that you get plenty of sleep." He adds and then then closes the book. It soon disappears into thin air. "And if you are wondering about me? Well, I don't sleep. I used a spell on myself so that I don't have to sleep. If you're wondering what for? To get more things done." He says to her.
  12. Despite the on going tension of the king and his mad attack on magic users, it was hard for her to grasp being 'vile' simply because of associating with a particular kind of person. It was still so unreal to her, but the somber nod from Blasie made reality hit home for her. Her body visibly sunk a little into the couch where she sat, but she quickly corrected it. She did not like showing her own weakness too much.

    "I really have no other choice." That sounded harsh so she softened it. "At least we will be helping each other.. more than each other really, if you consider what were going to attempt right?" Cora sighed. It was unbelievable what they were thinking of going, but the more they talked bout it, the more settled she felt it was the right thing to do. yes, she was terrified, but that was not going to stop her.

    Her eye watched the book fade to nothing, wide with awe. That would take a while getting used to seeing all the time. "Get more things done, huh?" A smile cracked the semi frown her face had twisted into from all the debating in her head. "I guess if I had the talent I'd probably consider doing the same thing.... but I love my sleep too much." She stood stretched and headed back up to the loft, as she climbed the stirs she called back to him. "Wake me whenever you need to in the morning. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, if my brain slows down enough to let me sleep."

    Cora was out as soon as she hit the pillow, but her sleep was plagued with dreams. Vivid images of being chased mixed with the landscape around her disappearing into nothing. She woke up with a start, clothes soaked with sweat and eyes wide with fear. "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"
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  13. Blaise was still on the couch, but this time he had a book and was reading it. Sunlight began to peek through the window nad Blaise had a smile on his face. He felt as if the day was going to go rather smoothly after all. Seeing that Cora had finally agreed to what he asked of her. He goes and gently shakes her awake. "It's morning." He says and then begins to climb down out of the loft, since it was small and cramped with two people. Then he stops in the middle of the ladder. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper with a weird symbol on it. He then goes back up into the loft and places the piece of paper on the bed. "When we are done with our little talk with the king. Remember I will be in disguise. Go to your home, pack up some belongings. Open up this piece of paper and say 'I wish to see Blaise' and it shall teleport you to my home." He says. "And then we can begin our quest. Which won't be easy." He says. And then he stops as if he was thinking and then he climbs back down.
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  14. Cora was not used to someone being there when she woke up. Normally she got up on her own and went about her day. Her sleep was restless and when Blaise nudged her awake she shifted then a had shot out and grabbed the one that touched her, eye still half sleep as she attempted to register why there was someone in her house. "Oh, Blaise." Rising to a seated position on her low bed she rubbed her eyes and mumbled and apology in a soft voice. "This is... not used to being woken up." But he was already climbing down.

    Thoughts of what they had planned returned to her along with and excited fear. It was decided and she wouldn't back out, but she couldn't hide the fact that it was an insane thing for her to get herself into. The paper had an odd feel to it when she touched it, but she put it in the folds of her jacket when she finally got dressed. Coming downstairs she was puzzled by it all. "How exactly am I, a commoner supposed to get an audience with the king? It's not like I can just stroll in there and start chitchatting." Cora grabbed fruit from the counter and began to peel it. biting off a section before the peel was completely gone. She offer him one as well.
  15. Blaise looks at her, "Well...you can always go to the king and say that you are either my sister or my assistant. And you would like a word with the king. And if they ask why, tell them that I know a way to find the witch that put the spells on both the Queen and Prince. And if they ask why I am not here in person, tell them that I am away on business." He says to her. He takes the piece and slowly eats it. "But remember I shall be with you in disguise." He says to her with a smile. He grabs a piece of fruit himself and began to eat it. "I am sure that will get the king's attention." He adds after he swallows a bite. Then he looks at her, "And no I am not lying either, I do know a way to get to the witch that had put the spell on both the Queen and Prince." He says to her. "As well as telling the king that, tell them that you and I will go for the witch and have him give us a time limit. And if he asks if we succeed, then tell him that he has to lift the stupid laws he has in place against magic users and then if he asks what if we fail? Well then just tell him that I will take both our sentences." He says to her and then takes another bite.
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