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  1. Ok, for the rp, the OOC is pretty simple. I like the characters to develop within the story. But anyway here it goes.

    Magic user or nonmagic user:
    Appearance: (A picture or brief description. The picture can be either anime or real life)
    Alignment(used for magic user):
    Brief history:
  2. Name: Blaise
    Age: 24 (actually 300)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Magic user or nonmagic user: Magic user
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Alignment(used for magic user): Good
    Brief history: Blaise started with magic a long time ago, when he was about four years old. About that time, his parents were killed. Being an orphan, he ran away. He developed his magical abilities quiet quickly and used them to help him survive. As he got older, he made a reputation for himself. There are plenty of stories about him, either telling that he is evil and lures pretty women to their doom or that he is good, doing good deeds.
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  3. Name: Cora Harlin

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Magic user or nonmagic user: nonmagic

    5'7", 138lbs, green eyes, short dark brown hair, lean but very fit and surprisingly strong

    Alignment(used for magic user):n/a

    Brief history: The idea of the bakery stemmed from her mother and sister's talents at making the most sought after pastries and confection in town, but it wasn't until their father's death that the magnitude of running both bakery and the general store settled in with the new owner respective owners. Taking things in stride, they both knew it was bound to happen. Their father had been sick for a year and finally died, leaving their mother with the burden of running the store while suffering from the loss of her husband. They had had children very late in their life and the task was too much for her weary bones, so for the health and long life of her mother Cora took over the store and let her younger sister manage the bakery with her new husband. The business of their well place general store, and bakery just across the street, kept the girls busy enough to ease the grief of their father passing and the pain of their mothers soon passing.

    Let me know if this needs editing. I'd be happy to make changes.​
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  4. Love the picture! It's fine and approved. I'll post the first post here soon.
  5. Ha!

    I am totally enjoying this, but I won't be surprised if Cora ends up throwing something at Blaise sooner or later. XDD
  6. lol I'm glad that you are enjoying the rp. lol Blaise will be like why did you throw throw that me? xD
  7. Imma hafta catch up storyline-wise but here's my form; if it's not too late that is ^^"

    Name: Crystal Diamante
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Magic user or nonmagic user: Magic
    Appearance: (I drew this myself, so please tell me if it's bad or good XD) [​IMG]
    Alignment(used for magic user): Good.
    Brief history: Well, let's do it on the spot as I haven't really developed it all that much.... As I develop it more and more it'll show up in the rp. Just a warning.
    So, she had always wanted to be a mage, ever since she had first been saved by one from a forest fire. She had looked up to him, and after learning about his death, finally put it into motion. However, due to her extremely low skills in magic, no one would take her under her wing, and she ended up traveling alone, training at every chance she got. She soon was able to control water, quickly followed by the much weaker ability to control wind, or air. She uses the two combined to create illusions and such. And uh... Yeah. Now she's wandering the land, trying to beat up bad guys and such. Yeah, I ran out of imagination o3o​
  8. I'm sorry I should have taken this down It was meant to be 1x1
  9. Ah it's all good ^^
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