A mad scientist, a droid, and God

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"Do his dirty work he says," it was raining, not your typical downpour that made nearly the whole town miscible, it was that type of rain that from a distance sounded like a metal concert was about to break out in riots across the streets. Cars splashed around in this kind of dimsil darkened day passing puddles and upturning quoted resuvrars where rain collected peacefully undisturbed by any human counterparts. It wasn't changed by the presence of a girl draped in cloak, hardly noticable to the untrained eye to anyone let alone the rain. She stood silently except the frail mutter below her black coloured lipstick stained perfect lips.

"Do his dirty work," she said again whilst looking into the dark day. People passed by her walking to and fro, their heads tucked below dark umbrellas that matched their cloths making it seem as if every last one was late to a funreal. So dim was the day that to anyone, it might have looked like a crime scene the irk was standing on, blood lay admist the rain washing down the smallest of cracks while disappearing into the shadows again. The blood was dark, almost that of a black colour and trailed from the girl's arm dropping down into the streets one drop at a time much like the rain itself. A gust of wind now, strong but not strong enough to stir the small bodied woman with long black hair and a matching cloak, it pushed her said long hair into the light glistening the orange, you could even say almost gold colour it harvested. Below her brow sat two beautiful purple eyes, above those of corse sitting uptopst her head as if to complete the package were two, yes, two large fuzy ears, only one... Covered by that of a tiny hat no larger than that of a dinner plate suited for appetisers laced in a black and orange striped sheer bow. This was her most favourite hat and there on her head it sat with a hole in it, like her shoulder, but it bared no ill will from it, much to the same affect as her. Her lips pressed together perfectly forming a beautiful smile across her face and off the curb she stepped straight into the streets.

Thunder clapped through the sky sending an array of lighting strikes thereafter it. More thunder and the larger her smile became. People seemed now too bothered by her simply walking across the street where no clear marking indicated that she legally could and then, it was made clear why, for in her arms laying limp and almost unnoticeable till now laid a body. This body. Of a beautiful girl likely of the name beauty itself, perfect in every way laying disturbingly so motionless in her arms as she walked with so little obvious care across the street.

She disappeared into the subway station.

Her cloak was torn off, removed rather as a bullet which came from her shoulder and and other bloodier than the last came from her chest. She sang a soft lovely tune as she started to clean the bruising off her skin by that of a hot shower. Her dark blood washed down the drain and a squeak tolled the end of her journy. Exiting the shower and outing a towel around her oerfect body she entered the bedroom where she laid her catch.

"My dress was torn," she said. "And my has suffered a frat loss. I expect to be reimbursed for your little subject."

"In time you shall have all the things you need. Wait here until it wakes up, I need it conscious."

"Are you sure this is the one you were looking for?"

"Do you dare question me!?"

The voice was sharp to her beautiful, almost melodic tones but even this voice could not set her straight in her rebellious ways. She had risked her neck and reputation to retrieve this specimen, even as fine of a specimen it was still a great price had to be paid. Upon the bed she now sat and looked the grace and silent beauty that now occupied the bed she once laid her head on lonely and quiet. To wait was her goal but not at least to have fun while doing it and so, a knife was introduced into play one of which she pressed against the skin of it, while it slept, and if only sleep was what it was doing than surely, it would wake.

If not by this than my measures in which this girl found fitting. Especially since victims were no fun at all until they were conscious enough to scream, beg or pleas for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

"Do you even know if it can have loved ones?"

"Get out of my head Judge. I wish to be left alone!" Snarled the girl whilst pulling her large ears close to her skull in anger, not to be confused with the same motion indicating fear, or maybe in her case a bit of both, for she knew why he had brought her there and why he made her bring this specimen to him.

"I am just as shocked as you, that bullet did not make an ends to you, how tradgic."

"I live for pain and without it I would surely die, now what are we to do with you sweetheart, after all you are no good to me asleep. Shall this help?" She took the blade in her fingers tightly and brought it to the girl's perfect wrist but stopped by the firm and strengthened hand of her own master and that same hand which came across her face to punish her for the outburst.

"You shall not hurt it, you got it?" Demanded the man standing in the soft orange glow of the candle which lay beside the end illuminating the subject at hand. It cast a glow of light across his short curly blonde hair which sat messily upon his head framed by a thin but attractive face that housed two untrustworthy blue eyes, they could undo any woman's heart in a single beat, but he chose to use his dashing powers of lust and undoing for one purpose and one alone, it however did not involve courting young women into his demise. No. His intentions despite all odds went a little deeper then that. He gazed upon the silent subject.

"At last I shall undo your nasty little secrets."
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|| Ah, how did I not see this until now? My deepest apologies... ||

You are nothing. This was all a mistake. You should have never been born.

The girl awoke from her slumber with a quick flutter of her eyelids and was immediately confused. She felt as though she had jumped out of a dream and directly into a drug-induced daze. Strange; she hadn't remembered going to sleep in the first place.

Before her eyes focused on anything else, they focused on her own body. She was laying face-up, and her limbs were sprawled out in awkward positions as if someone were using her as a model for some obscene photo-shoot. As she stirred, she readjusted to her side and drew her extremities in, involuntarily reverting to a fetal position. Her hand brushed lightly over the beautiful dark skin of her arm, and she felt as if it didn't really belong to her. Her short nails bared faint traces of black polish that had been severely chipped, and the tips of her fingers were calloused and rough. The girl's legs were long and slender, attractive and touchable, and she was barefoot.

Next she became aware of what she was wearing. A ripped sleeve hung messily off of her right shoulder; the left one was completely gone, reducing what would normally have looked like a becoming beige cardigan to old tatters of what it once was. There were also red, splattered stains on it. Some kind of sauce, maybe? Unlikely. Blood? Most likely, although much less favorable. The shirt she wore under it was stained as well, dark red contrasting sharply with white fabric. Her light brown shorts felt uncomfortably tight against her skin for some reason, and overall, the girl felt like her skin was crawling.

It wasn't until her gray eyes came to realize that she wasn't alone in this place that she became alert. Her form darted up from the bed, and she sat upright as her eyes focused in on the forms of a man and a smaller girl. Her confusion melted into fear in an instant, and her eyes widened.

Should she scream? That probably wouldn't do her any good.

Should she act tough? They'd catch onto the act in no time.

"Where...am I?" she settled on asking, shifting backwards on the bed and creating more distance, albeit a small distance, between herself and her captors.
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