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    • This game may contain content that is not to be viewed for children. As such, please take caution as you read this info.
      You are at a dilapidated academy filled with mice, bugs, and other creepy things. As you wake up, you have no inkling of who you are nor what you were doing. In addition to that, you have your own dorm room with a number on it.
      That number becomes what your identity in this sad world. Although you may have a family, a life, and a true identity, the memory of them becomes dead.
      In short, you are NOTHING.
      In fact, you don't remember anything else. Your personality is only 1/3 of what you had. But look out: Vicious monsters lurk around the vicinity of the halls. Once you lose, you die. All you have to do is go on a quest for your identity and escape this prison.
      Why Zero is a "Hero" (open)
      Before filing out their sheet, you must have gained permission. Sheets that do not follow this rule will be declined. For courtesy reasons, you may be asked to change your number.
      The person who chooses zero is the child or grandchild of the Headmaster / Headmistress of the academy (a haunted one, at that!) As such:
      * They have a surname (last name), but it's up to their discretion. However, they don't know any other name.
      * They live in a posh room with clean clothes.
      * They technically don't have a real number.
      * They get two additional belongings, one of which includes a faded yearbook of the school. This opts room for FOUR more of your choice.

      The people around you will only know your number, your appearance, and your personal belongings (if you carry them). They'll have an idea on who's the most mature. Do not add any fields aside from what is given.
    • Before You Join!​

      1. You have a name, but you don't know it until you find... we're not telling you; you're on your own. You are referred by your number that is tacked onto your gown. Only Zero has a surname.

      2. Your old clothes were stored away from view.

      3. You have a scrapbook - an empty one - for something important.

      4. You have three heirlooms that are clues to your identity. They are not pets, as those were killed.

      5. Any info such as age and stuff should be revealed realistically. You must not reveal anything other than what is on your sheet; you're amnesiac, remember?

      6. We will use random generators for events. You may or may not appreciate the aftermath!

      7. If you would like for your character to have a preexisting condition (which in turn requires an extra space for the items), let me know.

      Role Play Rules​
      1. Please write at least a few, meaningful paragraphs with your character. Please do not speed post, as that bars opportunities for others to post. You're in that dilapidated academy with lots of rooms; don't rely on previous posts or the GM to whip up something.

      2. Death is a high probability. No; you're reading this right. Based on your character's poor choices or lack thereof, your character will die. Upon character death, you will be allowed to make another. However, they must be placed in another room. If you read this part, add "We're not safe" to the bottom of your CS.

      3. The name of the academy is undecided, but once 0 is chosen, their last name becomes part of the school name. If the position is not filled, an NPC will take their place.

      4. Dare you reveal everything unrealistically, I will give you an opportunity to fix it. If you refuse to do so, or if you continue after being warned, I will grant your character the most gruesome death. If this happens, you will not be allowed to create another character. If you're just here for the LOLs about not knowing your identity, I will politely ask you not to partake in this game. I need you to care about what happens around the school. Treat your character like your baby! Besides, I shouldn't rely on half-assed posts!

      5. Yes, there will be monsters, supernatural shit, and tensions in the game. Although you may want to simply your character was bad-ass, don't blame me if that puts you in a corner.

      6. God Modding, Meta Gaming, or Power playing will not be permitted for any reason.

      7. For courtesy reasons, only two characters per person. Upon character death, if any standard room is still available, pick a number that is not taken. The "Staff" board old rooms to use as funeral placements. As such, they will bar access to the rooms of deceased residents. We recommend that you play ONE.

      8. Have fun, and don't die too quick!

      9. Only the GM (and co-GM) play the staff members, monsters, etc. Please do not make up events on your own. I will determine the outcomes with a 1d6 die or a 1d4 die (in case of supernatural encounters).
    • Because of this sheet, you will have up to 48 hours. If you need an extension for any reason, let the GM know before you reserve.

      Number: (0-15; 1 is taken; 0 is a special case)
      Approximate Age: (around the early teens to late 20s)
      Maturity: (1-10; 10 meaning you are nearly immune to being scared, upset and angered. For courtesy reasons, I will only accept a limited number of 10s.)
      Appearance: (Go into the basics... like if you looked at yourself naked in the mirror; whether you look like a boy or girl is up to you. I prefer that you use realistic anime images, as that fits with the theme. Real life photos are okay as well.)
      Personal Belongings: (three at the start; no more, no less - lots of stuff to have! These belongings are Chekov's Guns - they need to have a purpose to your character's identity.)
      Current Events: (please leave this blank for now)

      The Current Rooms
      The Principal's Prodigy ~ Reserved @Karakui
      Dorm 1
      Dorm 2 ~ Reserved @Karakui
      Dorm 3
      Dorm 4
      Dorm 5
      Dorm 6
      Dorm 7
      Dorm 8 - Number 8
      Dorm 9
      Dorm 10
      Dorm 11
      Dorm 12
      Dorm 13
      Dorm 14
      Dorm 15
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  1. Would it be OK for me to take that Zero character?
    Otherwise, what do you mean by "pre-existing condition"? Like, if we want a character to have schizophrenia or something? If so, I may or may not make a character with MPD. Is that OK?
  2. A CS would be nice
  3. Yes, that's what I meant. If you were a paraplegic, blind, or something else, it would be fine to have an accommodation.
    That's perfectly fine!

    And there's a CS in the Cast List!
    And the Zero character is yours!
  4. Yay! This'll be fun, I hope...
  5. Number: Zero (0) Surname is "Oshino"
    Approximate Age: 13-15
    Maturity: 7 (Not a great measure - she's pretty much immune to fear, but she can get frustrated and angry relatively easily)
    Appearance: (Not really sure what you mean by 'realistic anime'. Sounds kinda contradictory to me, so I'll just take a shot and hope it's K.)
    Personal Belongings:
    - School Yearbook
    - A really cool mechanical pencil
    - A swiss army knife. The blade is blunt and the corkscrew is rusty. All the other parts are pristine.
    - A rosary made of (tarnished) silver
    - An A5 notepad. Around half the pages have been torn out.
    Current Events:

    Number: Two (2)
    Approximate Age: 15-17
    Maturity: 3
    Appearance: (Same as with Zero.. not really sure if this is appropriate.)
    Personal Belongings:
    Current Events:
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  6. Done my CSs but I wasn't sure what I should put for the possessions of the MPD one (Two). Would MPD require an extra one, or a specific one?

    Also: "2. Your old clothes were stored away from view." Are they all naked when they start then?
  7. Oh, everyone wakes up naked... save for undergarments.

    And it's something like this!
    Realistic traits in real life, etc.
    I would suggest a ribbon, a pencil, lipstick... anything you could use to change your appearance... or some medication to control the symptoms.
  8. Ooh, I am intrigued by this idea. May I reserve a character spot? (Probs #8?)
  9. Hm, so are the pictures I currently have not going to work? It took a while to find those XD I figured you were meaning stuff like "don't get pictures of people wearing fantasy armour or casting magical spells" or something :D

    I wasn't planning on it being a very typical version of MPD; the other personality would only exist for a few minutes at a time, not really long enough to change your appearance and go fuck up your host's life. Out of curiosity, you give off the impression that you know more about MPD than most people?
  10. I'll be honest and say I do not.
    I know you want to portray an amazing character, but this takes place in the real world. I suggest you conduct some form of research before doing the idea. Some players can portray mental disorders in a logical, realistic manner. The more I thought about this, however, I will have to change my mind and veto the idea. If you want to know about the multiple personality disorder, there's a guide on the forum. In other words, I cannot let you portray a character with MPD. I mean, even for a few minutes, they wouldn't know what they were doing. You could say that they are prone to mood swings (bipolar disorder, depression, etc.)

    Remember that the key to this is knowing who you are in a realistic fashion. Multiple personality disorder defeats that purpose, thus making the objective more difficult to accomplish. That being said, the character's appearance wouldn't cut out either. You can try looking for other disorders, but anything that affects identity (to begin with) goes on the no-no list. I'm sorry!

    @BB-Bauers Sure, you can reserve #8
  11. ... Number ...

    ... Approximate Age ...

    ... Maturity ...
    She does get scared easily, but she is not at all quick to anger. She is generally very level-headed, enabling her to appear and act less terrified than she actually is... to an extent, of course.

    ... Appearance ...
    Flaming red hair and deep blue eyes. Stands at about 5' 5", with a lean build and tiny bust. Kind of lanky looking.
    Freckles spotting her face and shoulders.

    Show Spoiler

    ... Personal Belongings ...
    1) A black digital camera.
    2) A blank leather-bound journal.
    3) A 14-piece lock-pick set wrapped up in a leather pouch.

    ... Current Events ...
    ("We're not safe.")
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  12. @IceChateau777

    Finished my CS, but are the personal belongings acceptable...?
  13. No no, I know about it :D I got the impression you did, and I was trying to see if there was a reason you might do. But nah, mental disorders fascinate me so it irritates me a lot when one's portrayed badly in an RP. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure at least that I know what I'm doing when I play one.

    I thought about how MPD would affect the course of the RP quite a lot before I actually gave it to the character. In the end, I thought that I'd give a very minor form of it where the other personalities can still be considered part of the main one, but sort of abstract forms of it that exaggerate a particular emotion. Bipolar isn't appropriate for that because, contrary to popular belief, it can't really be considered 'mood swings'. The duration of a particular mood is at least a few days, and can go on for months, whereas with this, it would literally be lasting a few seconds, a minute at most. I feel, honestly, this would make an RP about discovering your identity more interesting and dynamic, with the character not only having to discover their memories but also having to deal with conflicting memories and finding out they have MPD.

    Anyway, you never gave me an answer about the pictures I currently have. Are they OK?
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  14. I thought I did.
    Your pictures need to be changed. Either a realistic photo or real life photos will do, thank you.
    You could also look for art, paintings, etc.

    BB, your character's accepted!
  15. So is that still a 'no' on the MPD? I don't use pictures other than anime for characters, so I'll do written descriptions.
  16. Number: 7
    Approximate Age: 17
    Maturity: 7
    Personal Belongings:
    1. Her Diary
    2. A Pendant that her Boyfriend gave her
    3. Silver Ring

    Current Events: TBA​
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  17. I hope this doesn't die out before it even starts... ;n; How many people do we need before we can get it going?
  18. "We're not safe."


    Approximate Age:





    She has dark chocolate brown eyes and dull blackish brown, neck-length hair. She stands at between 5"4 and 5"5. She has a lean stature with modest sized chest.

    Personal Belongings:
    • A black rose shaped ring
    • A broken watch
    • A pocket tool kit

    Current Events:

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