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  1. I've been circulating the old liberteen section for a while and did a few roleplays, so I though that I'd make a request tread and see if people wanted to try someone my ideas! :D
    Welcome to my Request Thread! :D

    • 5+ lines of prose please, with minimal spelling errors, and capital letters, and punctuation, please.
    • Let me know if you can't post. I don't like to be left hanging when I've come up with a good plot.
    • I'd like both of us to contribute to the plot. I want something we can both be the proud creators of.
    Likes and Dislikes (Plot):
    - I like to find character pictures when I'm making a plot, which I might find and suggest to you. If you really don't like that sort of thing, then I'm not the right partner.
    -I'm a huge fan of furry plots.
    -I'm not good at doing gay or lesbian characters.
    -I'm a dominant writer, but I really like if a partner has ideas for the plot as well as me. It makes the plot something we can both be proud of.
    -I will probably tear my hair out if you write one liners.

    In the depths of Greece, lore tells of a Labyrinth in which the great hero Theseus slew the Minotaur and saved the citizens of Crete. Theseus was painted as a hero. However, the Minotaurus species, omnivorous in taste, preferred animals to that of children, as was fabricated by the citizens of Crete to attract heroes to slay this pest from their farmlands. However, there is more than one labyrinth. There is more than one Minotaur. They are kind, loving creatures, that have been shunned and shunted to the corners of society. They live in secrecy, rummaging through human yards and farms to sate their hungers still, but have built themselves a defence that the modern, ignorant humans can be fooled by; their labyrinths. Only those who come to the end of the labrynth without losing their sanity may speak with it's minotaur guardian. And on one fateful day, a human stumbled into the abode of a minotauress. This is their story.

    In this roleplay, I will be playing a tourist who is visiting Crete on holiday and tumbles upon the fabled Labyrinth. The other play will play as a female Minotauress who will be at first harsh, aggressive, vitriolic and distrusting, which will soon blossom into a relationship between the two of them. Also, the Minotauress would be into BDSM type stuffs. :3

    Pairing: Human x Fem. Minotaur

    Status: Open.


    Some angels are cast out for their betrayal. Some are cast out for their sinful behaviour. However, some are cast out because they are needed no longer, and are not performing to the best of their abilities to protect the children of God. This is the story of one of these very angels. As the clouds wrapped around his ethereal being, his wings dissipated like shards of anti-gravitational glass, and the light beneath him opened up to a stratospheric drop into the human world below. "Go," an archangel stated, "live out your life as one of the fallen. Maybe Lucifer will take you under his bony wing." He is suddenly catapulted backwards, down into Sodom below, The air around him ripples as he can hear nothing but the wind in his ears, his descent making him pick up more and more and even more speed. He lands to the earth with a mighty crash, flames in the form of an upturned cross the last reminder of his past life. He was one of the Fallen now. Living in an alien world.

    I'll be playing as the Fallen Angel, and the other player would be playing as any variation of a female character, in which I would suit my characters' age around, so high school or college or other ages.

    Pairing: Fallen Angel x Human Female.

    Status: Open.


    In our world, some people believe in ghosts. Others make fun of those people for believing in ghosts, ghouls and the spirits of the beyond. Some call themselves mystics, able to se these spirits who haunt our realm. In reality, they are not spirits. They, like us, live on their own plane of re3ality. Those who can see them have called them "ghosts" but they are actually us, in a separate plane of reality. This is the story of one gifted teen, who falls in love with a girl of this separate reality.

    Pairing: Typical Male x Female except neither player's in-game relatives can see the other when they start a romantic relationship.

    Status: Open.
  2. I love the Fallen Desire plot and would love to try it ^^
  3. Awesome :D I'll pm you! :D
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