A love of Winter Coats

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  1. Another reason for winter to be my favorite season is that I love COATS. Coats can make any ensemble look sexy, sexy. >:3

    So this thread is all about showing off really cool coats you wish you had!


    #4 specifically! I've always loved knee-length coats!
  2. michaelkors-trenchcoat.jpg
    Want a treanh coat like this but a bit longer, and a bit old fashioned like 1910 ish
  3. Long, swooshy trench coats on guys <3

    Red knee-length wool coat on me <3
  4. I admire this type, but I just don't like the poofiness.

    So, unless it's below freezing when I grudgingly don my coat, I can be caught wearing hoodies.
    Thus, I have eventual hoodie goals too. This one...this one... Haha.
  5. [​IMG]

    This is my wintercoat. Joy to the French military and their love of fancy looking uniforms.
  6. Already got mine.

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  7. I love coats...
    I never have a reason to wear them, though.
    il_570xN.228311633.jpg il_570xN.280368027.jpg il_570xN.194928968.jpg
    I ADORE her, by the ways. Gonna imagine I marry her. And then she makes me clothes.<3
  9. ... That blue one I would steal actually.