A Love Not Forgotten

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  1. Jade sat at her desk, staring out the window. She drummed her fingers on the egde of the tabletop.

    "Miss Bricks, would you care to explain to the class what you find so interesting outside?"

    She thought about getting up and actually telling the class but instead she contined to stare, ignoring her teacher. Who cared about Biology anyways? What Jade cared about right
    now was the fact that her ex boyfriend Jay was standing out in the field kissing a girl with straight blonde
    hair. They were skipping class. Together.

    Overcome by a rage of jealousy, she snapped her pencil in half. She was
    still in love with him. She didn't
    know why he wasn't still in love with

    She had done nothing wrong. She
    had been faithful to him. Yet now, he was dating Stephanie, the girl with the blonde hair, who Jade had never seen
    him actually talk to. All she had ever seen them do was kiss. She wondered
    if he even knew her that well, or if he was just dating her because she was
    beautiful. Either way, there was one thing for sure. She was going to get
    him back.
  2. Brody had been sitting in his biology class, spacing out and thinking of when the bell would ring when he heard a snap and saw the girl a few rows in front of him snap her pencil. He assumed she was angry, everyone knew her to be Jay's girlfriend but he ditched her for that really hot blonde girl. He felt bad for the girl, but what could he do? He just stared his blue eyes up towards the teacher and pretended he was paying attention.
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  3. [​IMG]At that moment the new kid arrived in class about 20 minutes late his light blue eyes stood out against his sleek blonde hair. "Im so sorry im late m'am I lost track of time at the schools garden. The girls in the class all sighed and stared at him but he only gazed at jade. He picked up a desk and began moving it over to where jade sat pushing the row next to hers together to make a spot for himself. "It seems interesting that one would have such an interest in something as trivial as a boy kissing a girl" He looked at her and then outside pulling a rose from his pocket. "The schools roses are quite delightful would you like this one?" All of the girls stared at jade with an evil and unkind look.
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  4. Jade turned bright red. "A rose?" she asked. "For me?" The boy nodded, and put his arm around her shoulder. She snuck a glance out the window to see if Jay was watching. If he was, maybe
    he would get jealous and realize that he really did want Jade back.

    Jade turned toward the boy who was sitting next to her. His name was Ian. He was the grades biggest flirt. But this, this felt real. Like he was meant for her.

    (Stop getting distracted) her concience told her. (You like Jay, not this kid)

    Jade knew that all of the girls in her class constantly fawned over Ian. She honestly could see why. He was so... attractive. She decided to make the most of this oporotunity, and leaned her head on his shoulder.

    She watched as Jay broke the kiss and pointed in her direction. He looked concerned. He said something to Stephanie, and she burst into tears. She threw something onto the ground. A promise ring.

    Instinct told Jade to feel happy, but circumstand told her to feel guilty. They had probably just broken up. Jay probably was still in love with her. But if this was the case, then why hadn't he said anything before. Why had he broken up with Jade in the first place?
  5. Ian looked at her This is real this is the girl ive loved since I saw her in third grade Ian had to move after third grade and slowly became the man he was today. He looked down at her kissing her forehead "Would you like to go to the garden after this jade?" he moved his desk closer to jades only to be reprimanded by the teacher and put into the front. He constantly looked back at her his tattoo emphasized by his pale white skin If only she was jealous like she is for that cheating bozo. He clenched his fist angered at the fact that he of all people got the most important person to him he the jock the dumbass....
  6. Brody had been looking out the window at the two that had been kissing. When he saw the girl burst in tears and run off crying he noticed Jay looking in the window. He looked in front of the class to see Jade with the new kid, he just sighed and looked the other way. He had a crush on Jade since they were little but he would never tell her.
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  7. Jade had grown up with Brody as her best friend. She had never been uncomfortable around him, and it was just like having a girl friend who didn't like to do girly things. One day, when they were in the 4th grade, Brody had
    told her that he couldn't be friends with her anymore. Now they were freshman in highschool, and she still didn't know why he had broken their friendship pact. Looking at him now, she saw that he was staring right at her. It made her nervous. What if he wanted to be friends again? How could she fill the 5 year void?
  8. When she turned to look at hum he gave her a weak smile. He regretted not being her friend anymore but he couldn't keep a friendship going if everyday he kept falling even more for her. Now he thought he might have gotten over her so maybe they could be friends again. He got out his phone and texted her 'Can we talk soon?' He sent it and waited for a response.
  9. The bell rung and it was ready for lunch time like always ian ran to his locker quickly got a small packed lunch and ran to the garden. He set his lunch down on the table wondering if he would ever win that girls feelings over I doubt she even remembers me. he chuckles a bit and starts to work on the assortment of flowers watering, trimming, and admiring them. Maybe i can give an iris to her it is the flower of love, He plucked a iris and set it on the table in the small green house and hummed a small tune waiting for jade.
  10. In the midst of all this "Brody confusion" Jade was pretty sure Ian had just asked her out. But she had to make sure. She waited until the end of the class, and caught up with Ian as
    he was leaving the biology lab. "Did you ask me out a few minutes ago?" He nodded vigorously. "I love you." Jade held her breath. "What?!" She couldn't believe what she had just
    heard. "You don't even know me how can you love me?" He smirked. "I'll tell you at lunch." Then he headed off toward his locker, leaving Jade in a jumble of confusion.
  11. He couldnt believe it she truly did not remember him the one who helped her with her math work sheets and always defended her. He shook his head "Well I guess it couldnt be helped." he looks at the time eagerly awaiting her arrival.
  12. Brody had never got a text back so at the end of class he grabbed his things and went to his locker to grab his lunch. One he got his lunch he made it to the cafeteria and went over to where he found his friends and sat down and began to eat his lunch that he brought.
  13. Jade did not go to the garden. She had lunch detention with her English teacher for turning in her essay a week late. She sat, once again, looking out the window. She could see the garden from this classroom and she could see Ian sitting there alone. She wondered if he would forgive her. She hoped so. Realizing this, she saw that Jay was no loner at the forefront of her mind and heart. Ian was. "Oh my Gosh!" she said outloud. "I'm in love with Ian!" Her English teacher was too busy reading to "shh" her. She sighed. Her feelings were bouncing around inside her, constantly changing. She needed to talk to someone about this, but she didn't has a girl friend. There are some things that a girl goes through emotionally that guys cannot even begin to comprehend.
  14. Brody sat at the table eating his food. He checked his phone to see if she responded but she didn't. He just sighed and pushed it aside. He regretted not being her friend for all those years and not being able to help her with her problems, he really screwed up and sh wouldn't give him the time of day to say he was sorry.
  15. Ian eventually gave up and began eating his lunch and then depositing his leftovers in a wastebasket She dosent like me after all... After taking care of the garden he went out to his gym class he had track next. He changed in the locker room, He wore a T-shirt with basketball shorts, after he got changed he headed down to the track. When the bell rung and his class started he had to race a couple of guys in his class who he did not know the names of. When the whistle blew he took off leaving them behind in his dust doing 4 laps in a flash as they were 1 lap behind him.
  16. The clock in the English room was broken. So neither Jade or her teacher knew when lunch was over. Jade decided just to check her phone. She clicked it on, displaying the time. Below it sat a message from Brody. She sat there in amazement. He hadn't spoken a single word to her in 5 years, and now a text just comes saying "Can we talk sometime?" She responded with an "Of course I am always here for you. You can tell me anything." Then she headed outside to the track. It was gym. She always ran a mile during gym to warm up. To her surprise, Ian had gotten there early. This was unusual. She approached him casually. "Hey," she said kissing him. She didn't even think to check if Jay was around. Who cared about Jay? He had dumped her. If he had any amount of feelings left for her inside of him, he would have told her. But he didn't. So they were done. Forever.
  17. His phone buzzed, he was in the weight room. The class he had was strength and conditioning so all he did was workout. He saw her text and smiled, he texted back 'Ok cool, when do you want to meet?' He asked in the text before going back to lifting weight. This class was great for him because he had a lot of stress and anger to burn off, and lifting weight was a good way to burn it off. He wondered what would happen between him and Jade, would she accept his apology?
  18. He looked at her "You know you are quite confusing jade.." He kisses her back holding her close "Im so glad you like me back." He release her from his hug laughing a bit "Ive finally stolen your love for myself it seems i have become quite selfish I must go do 6 laps I guess the teacher dosent quite like me" He smiles walking over to the start and starts running around the track again.
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  19. Jade decided to meet Brody at the basketball court. She didn't know where this would go. She had two guys who seemed to really want to hang out with her, and she didn't want anyone to get hurt. It was hard. She knew Ian would most likely understand if he found out she was meeting another guy. But it wasn't like Brody was just going to confess that he was madly in love with her or anything. So it would be okay. Right?
  20. Brody had gotten to the basketball court like they had said they would and he saw Jade and smiled "Hey, its been a while huh?" He said placing his hands in his pockets nervously.