A Love in the Bat Family

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  1. I rolled over and felt a weird feeling in my arm. I looked down and saw my little brother Tim laying in my bed. I totally forgotBruce wanted me to let him stay over for the night. He always calls me Dick because y'know its short for Richard. Hes like 15 so hes having girl issues, Cassie aka Wondergirl is wining about how she doesnt get enough attention.

    Me on the other hand im great with women but ive only been doing one night stands. Gotta save time to be Nightwing and i have to be Richard Grayson-Wayne of Wayne Enterprises but im aloud to show up with dates to any charity events so yay me!

    I tapped Tims shoulder, he didnt budge so i scooted away and left a note that i was going to see .....(Your OC or even a character already part of the Batman or young justice universe)
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  2. name: Clare Perkins
    Clare in the begain lived with her mother till her mother died at the age 7 to find out who her father was. her father is thrid richs man in the city (not the world) and does many bussiness with diffrent people. the bussiness name 'Perkins works of tecknowlage' he does things from cars to wepons for war. he does not really go for the mobs and sale them anything hes a good man. but some emploes have diffrent plans.
    she does not really love her father but she does not really hate him eather she forgivs him for living them. but still does not love him. she meet the two sons of Mr Wayne when she was at one of his parties with her father she young. she meet tim first he was so cute she could just go and hug him to death and then meet Richerd a nice guy hansome if your into him. but still a nice guy. and maybe she is into that type of guy. but he was more of a one night stand guy when she is like a relasonship person so she does not think of him otherhen a friend.

    Clare sighed her thought where really getting to her as she was waiting for Richerd or Dick as his little brother calls him at one of gathoms park. Clare smirked at the nickname as she looked up to the sky with 'aww' waiting for 'Dick' to come. 'i think Ill you that name on him for making me wit thins long' she said to herself. she was turning 23 soon and could not wait so when waiting she thought of ideas for her party.
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  3. "Well Clare you said you wanted to hang so what are we doin today?" I asked stepping out of my car and walking up behind her. While yes she is quite ravishing she only thought of me as a friend. Tim thought she was the perfect match for me but i told him id only hurt her and be down a friend.
  4. anything I just wanted out of my house" she said with a smile turning her head to face him. "my fathers out and the maids and butler wont shut up about stuff. and dont say why dont you move out you know why...." she said getting up from her seat rambing on and on in her head the rest. "anyways 'Dick' hows little tim and Mr wayne" she said with a small smile
  5. Dick laughed "Well Tims at my place sleeping cuz Cas. is mad at him so yeah. Bruce is busy with developing new flight suits for the US Army." He said as they started walking around. Smiling he said" how you been ?"
  6. Clare smiled at him "well My father left for something I meet a guy he hansome...." 'not like yo-' Clare stopped her though 'hes a one night stand guy. Clare your goin to brake your haert' "I also started Unaversati for a master degree" she smiled. "so i guess Im alright" she saighed sadly.
  7. "Well apparently im becoming Temp. CEO of Wayne Enterprises for awhile, Bruce has something he needs to do. Im just wondering um-" i saw it in her eyes she would reject me if i told her i wanted to go on a date with her. Wait , youre freaking Dick Grayson , youre Nightwing, sooner or later youll be freakin BATMAN for cryin out loud, you can stop bein a bitch and ask the girl youve liked since 6th Grade on a date!" Do you wanna be my date to my families upcoming charity ball?"
  8. congarts" she said she notice his eyes and they were a litle worried as if he was having a fight with himself that was till he spoke up. Clare blushed lightly 'did he just asked me out wait its just for the funraiser Wayne puts on but atill he asked me out' "I ummm I she looked away blushing hoping he wont notice. 'omg Clare stop this and look at him. and say yes and stop aking like a 12 year old that being asked out for the first time' she took a deep breath and faced him. "I-I would lov-be happy to Richerd" she said stoping her self from saying love
  9. "Well uh is it a date cuz i want it to be?"i asked kinda hoping shed say yeah and he could just smile and say see you there.
  10. maybe" she said with a teasing smile. "but you know I woundn't mind it beening a date" she said blushing and looking down she hates it when he see her blushing.
  11. Holy shit i just scorred a date with Clare! " I'll be looking foward to it." He said smiling and running a hand through his 12 inch long hair. He really needed a haircut.
  12. she blushed at nodded her head. "I umm I need to get going I just remeberd I I have classes to get back to" she was lieing she just could not take it anymore she wanted to kiss him or scream or anything. Im going on a date with Richerd! thank you god! she smiled and started ot walk off more like run. problem one she does not have a car she took a cab problem two she was having a full out melt down that she on a date with Richerd.
  13. I walked into my apartment."Tim? How old are you now?" Tim looked at me," Dude im 19, why?"
    I smiled as i tossed him his new keys." Your the new owner of this apartment im goin back to live with Bruce for a bit ive got a big project and need his caves resources." Tim smiled and yelled a loud audible hell yeah. "Also make sure to be at dads charity ball tomorrow. Bring Cassie im bringing Clare." I walked out right i said that to a dumbfounded Tim Drake-Wayne looking at his door.
  14. she some how got home but with a stupid grin on her face and sighing softly. she could just die happy right now. the maids notice her mood and knew something was up. and they felt it hade to do with love. Clares personale maid Chi an elderly lady knew for a fact it was a boy and knew that the boy had to be Richerd. "Clare?" the elderly lady knocked on clares door then walked in to see Clare humming and smiling. "Clare? Did something happen?" Chi asked with a knowing smile. "I well you see umm Dick asked to be his date for his fathers funraiser and i said yes OMG I GOT NOTHING TO WAER" she yelled she normale waers what ever but she going out with Dick she started to freak out. Chi giggled at Clares freak out and walked over to th poor girls closth and pulled out a strapless dress that was riped on one side that also had a color showed off Clares beautful Green/blue eyes. (aka dark blue) " here you go" Chi said to Clare with a smile. Clare looked at the dress in aww and could not belived she forgot about this dress. Clare smiled and huggd Chi tightly knowing tommorow was going to be a great day but not knowing to both of them was they where being watched.
  15. As Richard arrived at the mansion he went to his room and went to bed so hewas ready for his date tomorrow.
  16. as Chi walked out Clare was smiling brightly. "I can't wait for tomorrow" she said but then notice outside was becoming dark and she still need to go to school luckily its only in the morning. with a smile she hanged her dress on her big mirror and then went to bed. closing her eyes she sleeping peacefully and silently. unaware still of the Criminal out side.
  17. Richards phone rang and he jolted awake,"Hello this is Grayson?"

    A females voice came from the other end"Dick suit up Zsaz is hunting for Clara! Hes outside her house right now so go!"
    Richards heart pumped fast with a drenaline and fury as he threw on his Nightwing gear and jumped out of his window."On my way there Oracle!" He ran and ziplined across the city to get to her. Finally he arrived outside where he didnt see anyone .

    Victor Zsaz stared the girl in her eyes as he stood above her body holding his beloved knife and smiling." This next mark will be worth 5 hash marks on my body!" He said as he began choking Clara.
  18. Clare slowly opened when she heard someone speak. but it was to late the person Victor Zsaz had his hand around her neck tightly. Clare tried to make him let go but he was stronger then her. "p-plaese let g-go"
  19. Zsaz smiled and Dick sneeredand jumped through Clares window and kicked Zsaz in the face.
  20. Clare coughed violently and tried to catch her breath once more noticing nightwing at the same time. once she some-what had her breath she grabbed anything that was around her to use as a weapon.
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