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  1. For Years you have known her, she was always nice, bring treats and such to everyone... always dressed properly and never spoke dirty.... however.... Nazuka's boyfriend had left her, leashed to a railing at her apartment out on the deck, luckily she wouldn't be seen by anyone but people who ether lived next to her or above her... to bad the only 2 people left living there on that floor and above was her, the landlady, and you... the tenet... she owned the complex, a 3000 X 3000 ft complex lot, which you had been trying to buy for years... so this may or may not work to benefit you and your plans. (May work with groups too :D)

    Basic Rules:

    - You may be any gender you like and any kind of person you like.

    - She doesn't know you outside of being friends with you casually, she has never dated you and you have never seen her in anything less than casual attire that covers most of her body, sometimes with a little cleavage but... your average females clothing that is meant for mild attention and looks good. This Includes what you have planned, all she knows is you have wanted to buy the ENTIRE LOT from her.

    - You do not know she had any fetishes or anything... well up till you come home and see her from your deck.

    - She is Rich...

    - Do you may do as you like, as will I :D

    We'll say for the sake of time she looks like this, but with bluish hair, when dressed normally.... or up till this RP has started.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.